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Gryffindor Lunch Bag (£16) | Mini Hogwarts School Trunk (£39) | Honeydukes Eraser Set (£17.99) | Hogwarts School Backpack (£18.95) | Deluxe Stationery Set (£7) | Hogwarts Flip-Top Bottle (£6) | Harry Potter Exercise Books (£4) | Harry Potter Travel Mug (£8)

It might still be the beginning of August but right now lots of kids and their parents are in the process of getting ready to go back to school/college/university! Even if I’m excited for this Back-To-School season purely because I’m addicted to stationery and there are so many incredible offers around during this time! Of course, on September 1st, everyone is heading back to Hogwarts from Kings Cross!

Cue Harry Potter school supply post!

Gryffindor Lunch Bag

You can’t have school without focusing on the time in your day…lunch!! I wish lunch bags like this had existed when I was at primary school but nope. I’m living through all the kids! This lunch bag has a carry handle, a zipped opening to keep things inside the bag and insulation inside to make sure your sandwiches are kept cool! There is only a Gryffindor bag on the website which is sad but you could get a Hogwarts one or a chibi Potter bag!

Mini Hogwarts School Trunk

This is like THE dream bag to own! Look at it! I’ve always wanted to own a Hogwarts school trunk with my initials on it but it was either only available in another country or too expensive! This is the closest I would get to owning one and it isn’t too much either! Not only would you get a trunk with your name on it but you’d get a personalised Hogwarts letter too!

Honeydukes Eraser Set

If you’ve ever wanted the sweets from Honeydukes to last whenever you’ve bought them or been given as a present, then you can’t go wrong with these erasers! These little erasers are so cute!! You get a mini Jelly Slug, Chocolate frog, Sugar skull and Cauldron cake! Perfect for any little Scorpius Malfoy out there!

Hogwarts School Backpack

School always means trying to find that perfect bag or backpack to carry all your books and stationery! My school never let us have crazy backpacks like this. We had to have plain and simple which was so boring! If only I could have had a Hogwarts one to take with me! Remember to carry too much in your bag or you’ll get shoulder/back ache!

Deluxe Stationery Set

Lately Sainsburys has been incredible with selling cheaper Harry Potter products! I never knew they did so much! You can’t jot down work or make it look cool without some stationery and who else wouldn’t love owning some deluxe Gringotts stationery! I imagine the goblins would be very happy to know that you own one!

Hogwarts Flip-Top Bottle

It’s so important to keep yourself hydrated when you’re at school! Whether it’s in class, during break/lunch or heading home. I know some primary schools have water taps that students can drink from or fill up their bottle but not sure about secondary! Still keep hydrated, big kids at college/university!!

Hogwarts Vintage Exercise Books (2pk)

If you watched Crimes of Grindewald then you will know that there were a few flashbacks into Newt and Leta’s time at Hogwarts! The genius people at Mina Lima created these vintage school books for the students and I love them so much! Simple yet classic! Those guys can never create anything wrong in my eyes. You can get these exercise books at Sainsburys right now! RUN!

Hogwarts Travel Mug

This mug is for all of you people who have to commute! Early mornings can be super hard especially when you have to catch a bus or get a train! It’s even harder when it’s winter! With a travel mug you can put your favourite hot drink to keep yourself awake during the morning! Plus it stops you having to buy a hot drink!

What do you love to buy during back to school season?

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