Hobbies I would love to try one day


When you get to the grand old age of 32 (*snicker*), you start to look back on the first couple of decades of your life. I’m one of those people who just thinks way too much about what I wish I could have done instead of what I can still do. It’s a habit I’ve been trying to stop but we’ll get there at some point. One of the topics I wonder about is hobbies.

As you can imagine I didn’t really do many hobbies as a kid. Not that I didn’t do any at all but not as many as other kids. Where my friends at school went out to do football, swimming or dance, I kind of stayed home and read. I know that reading is a hobby but not one outside the house unless you count the library!

Social hobbies are hard!

The two hobbies I did do as a kid were going to a local theatre school and Brownies/Guides! I actually loved doing these! I was able to feel like a proper actress at my theatre school because we did rehearsals, learned choreography and then performed on a professional stage. Being a Brownie and then moving up to being a Guide was an awesome experience. It got me outside of my comfort zone, taught me crafts and I’m still friends with my old Brown Owl!

All of that said I really want to take up some hobbies again that get me out of my flat (even if the thought makes me comfortable). These might sound out there but who the heck cares! Haha.


We’re starting out strong with fencing! Not many people would expect me to put this but I’ve actually loved the idea of doing these kind of sport for a long time. I started liking the idea thanks to both watching the Olympics with my mum and after watching a children’s TV show called Albert The Fifth Musketeer.

Fencing seemed so cool to watch especially seeing them wearing the protective headpiece, the way they fought and the fact that you get to see who scores with the beeps! There is a class a few miles away from me so maybe I’ll try a session at some point.


Time for me to be honest…I don’t know how to swim. My parents honestly tried when I was young to get me swimming with lessons and I managed to get to 10m! That was until one of my bullies pushed me into the deep end and now I’m terrified of drowning. The reason I want to learn is that it’s both really good exercise and also I want to be able to go on a water slide without fear of going underwater!

Problem: it’s super expensive for adult swimming lessons! It’s like £90 for 12 weeks!


I’m beginning to notice that all of the hobbies I want to try seem to be sports and it’s funny since I’m not an active person! I do love watching sports though! Archery can be blamed on the Disney version of Robin Hood! I don’t live too far away from Sherwood Forest and there’s nothing cooler than being able to shoot an arrow from a bow! I did try an archery lesson once at an event and it’s harder than it looks!

Learn to play an instrument

I miss trying to do music lessons! I loved doing them so much at school that I took it for GCSE and was part of the school choir. Singing is an instrument but I really want to learn how to play either the guitar or the piano.

Do yoga classes

You can now blame JennyInNeverland for me wanting to do yoga! I’ve been reading her posts so much lately that I want to try them again or at least find better classes! Not found any that don’t expect too much of me.

I’m going to try and look into doing one of these in the Autumn to try and get me being social more often. Fingers crossed!

What hobbies would you love to try?

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