Bastet & Bee Stationery Review

Bastet & Bee

Being a relatively new blogger means I have worked with many companies yet I was kindly gifted a bunch of stationery from Bastet & Bee which is perfect with everyone getting ready to go back to school! I mean…how could I not be happy?! It’s stationery (which I adore) and all their products are black, yellow, white or both! Plus it’s a company from France, people!! They’re based in Bourges which was super cool to find out!

Basically made Hufflepuffs who love to write in different notebooks or if you love minimalist, simple designs on their stationery! I’ve never really tried designs like this before so it’s a nice difference!

*Seeds | Notebook (£10)

Look at this notebook! It’s like something you’d see in an art gallery! It looks simple but elegant at the same time! It’s more important what you use the notebook for! What I love about this is that the paper you get inside is some of the best quality so you don’t have to worry about bleed-through from pens! This notebook is definitely perfect who love notebooks that are different from the lined kind! This has a gorgeous print inside for you to jot notes!

*Identity | Notebook (£8)

This notebook is definitely Hufflepuff ready! It’s all the colours of yellow and I love it so much! The dots on the cover definitely remind me of a bullet journal but inside is full of blank pages. I think this would be perfect for either artists who don’t want to bring a massive sketchbook with them out or if you prefer to free-note with the lines! I personally prefer lines but I do like the idea of being able to be write everywhere and anywhere! You can lie this right down flat so awkward writing angles and you can clearly rip out the pages! No notebook deaths! Yay!

Bastet & Bee

Colour Block Pencils (Black/Yellow or Yellow/Black) (£2 each)

You can never go wrong with a pencil! If I’m writing notes down, whether it’s for a blog post or playing around with drawing, these pencils seem perfect for the job! I actually wrote notes for this post with one of the pencils and it was super light! I hate pencils that are just uncomfortable to write with or that break easily when you’re trying to take down notes quickly. It was so sturdy! Even with my weird fingers! Haha!

Bastet and Bee actually surprised me with a teeny black package along with the stationery! They included the most adorable little pin!! It looks like a little yellow balloon that says ‘Blow My Mind’! Thank you so much, guys!! It’s me in a pin!

What do you think of these Bastet & Bee notebooks and pencils? 
What would you use them for?

*This post contains gifted items but all opinions given are entirely my own.


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