Autumn Book Releases I’m Really Excited For


Pride and Prejudice (£8.99) | Emma (£8.99) | Mansfield Park (£8.99) | The Places I’ve Cried In Public (£7.99) | Full Disclosure (£7.99) | Letters from the What-Went-Before (£9.99) | Love, Secret Santa (£7.99) | North Child (£7.99) | White Bird (£20) | Lori and Max (£6.99) | War is Over (£6.99)

As we’re coming to the end of August and summer, we get to say hello to September and the start of Autumn! This is one of my favourite seasons along with Spring! I made an upcoming releases post a few months ago and it made me beyond excited for what is coming up in the next couple of months!

The ones I’m about to mention are only a handful of the titles coming out this Autumn but they are what excited me with their plots!

Pride and Prejudice | Emma | Mansfield Park (12th September)

You can never have too many copies of these Jane Austen books! They are the ultimate classics! I love how adorable these covers are and I think they’re perfect to curl up to during unpredictable autumn weather.

The Places I’ve Cried in Public (3rd October)

I adore Holly Bourne as an author! She has such an incredible way with words and creates characters that I want to know more about and also feel like I relate to. This title already has me nodding since I’ve definitely had a few moments in life when I’ve cried in public. Not the nicest feeling in the world but sometimes you just have to let go there and then. Cannot wait to buy this!

Full disclosure (31st october)

Something that I enjoy when picking books is finding plots that touch upon subjects that I personally feel needs more books about! For example: Full Disclosure! This is all about a girl called Simone who is HIV positive and is determined to make sure that her condition doesn’t define her as a person. You can tell this is going to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Letters from the What-Went-Before (28th November)

This is another one of the books where a tough topic is touched upon. This one is possibly a rather triggering one as it touches on child abuse. I tend to stay away from books that are too much drama since I don’t always feel comfortable reading them but there is something about ‘Letters from the What-Went-Before’ that has gotten me intrigued!

Love, Secret Santa (31st October)

Okay…who else has a number of friends who get into the Christmas spirit early? Raise your hand! Yep, me too but I’m also guilty of watching festive films and wanting to listen to my favourite Christmas songs such as Wizzard! This may be released on Halloween but that never made any difference to The Night Before Christmas, did it? I love how cute this book sounds so it is officially on my To-Be-Read list for Autumn!

North Child (31st October)

First off, look at the cover to North Child! Isn’t it gorgeous? I wouldn’t mind a bright yellow cloak like this! According to the synopsis, it’s all about a young girl called Rose who was born facing North. Apparently that means she will travel on a long and dangerous journey. I’ve actually discovered that North Child was first published back in 2003 so not sure how I missed this growing up!

White Bird (1st October)

If you’ve ever read the book ‘Wonder‘, White Bird is from the POV of Auggie’s bully Julian! Sometimes there is something really intriguing about hearing from characters that you sort of know but discover that you don’t know at all. This happens with ‘Simon VS The Homo-Sapiens Agenda‘ and ‘Leah On The Off-Beat‘. I don’t know Wonder as well as I should so will be re-reading the book before checking this out yet I’m still excited to read!

Lori and Max (5th September)

Harriet The Spy was always a big favourite to read and it had a brilliant film in the 90s! The reason I bring that up is because Lori and Max seems similar! Lori wants to be a detective and is always looking for a mystery to solve but that is until she finds an actual crime to solve. Mix in Harriet The Spy with Paper Towns and you might have this book!

War is Over (3rd October)

Lastly on my list is ‘War Is Over’! You all know my love for historical YA books and this is exactly that! It’s set in 1918 and follows a young boy called John trying to understand the grown-up world and World War I! It’s safe to say that even I have no clue and I’m a grown-up!

What books are you waiting to buy this Autumn?

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