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6 Tactics I Use To Get Out Of Bed Each Morning

There are many moments that you struggle with when you suffer with mental health. You can be struck at any time of day or night. When I’m at a particularly low mood or sometimes get overwhelmed by something negative, I find it nearly impossible to get myself out of bed in the morning.


You don’t just get affected mentally but sometimes also physically. At the time I’m writing this (on the Sunday prior), I’ve had one of those mornings so I thought it would be therapeutic to chat about how I get myself up out of bed when I’m really struggling. My little tactics are what work for me personally (not all the time but most of the time) since everyone is different, but maybe they can help you create some of your own.

My 6 Morning Tactics On Low Mental Health Days

think about my parents:

This is a right hook to the feels for my brain! My parents are vital to my life even if they are no longer here. They fought for me when I was born 3 months premature and was told I might not survive at 2lbs but they knew I would! Both of them worked nearly their whole lives and, even though every life is different, I still use them as an example to get me up. It’s almost impossible but I do.

Have an emergency back-up:

What I mean by an emergency back-up is something special that you love to do but don’t do too often. It could be going to see a film you’ve been excited for, going for afternoon tea somewhere local or, for me, it’s visiting my nearby cat cafe! Cats always have a way to cheer me up because they just slump next to you and just chill without expecting much fuss! An added bonus is that the people who run it understand mental health so don’t push me to chat.

Force yourself:

Tough love! This is something I use on my medium low days when my brain is really getting me to stay in bed and I have an appointment to get to. This tactic doesn’t always work because it sometimes ends up making me feel worse but, if I do feel an inkling of stubbornness, then I force my legs and body right up!

Write a to-do list:

I’m all about lists! I don’t know what it is about writing them that I love so much but it just makes me feel productive even if I don’t tick all the points off! My days don’t tend to have much routine (even if I desperately wish it did) so I have to give myself chores to do each day to get me out. I’ve been adoring my bullet journal for this lately and I usually get an inkling the night before if I’m going to have a low day. I don’t so much give myself a day off because sitting in my flat with my noisy neighbours makes it all worse but I’m a little more relaxed if I don’t tick off every single point.

Drink a lot of water:

Okay…this point is a bit of a crazy one but it works. If I drink a lot of water either the night before or during the night then you know what will end up happening. Nature likes to help me kick mental health up the tush!

Have a friend text you:

You don’t have to go out on these low days. If the weather is bad and you know that your mental health will be made worse surrounded by people then socialise a different way! Have a friend who you will be honest with about how you’re really feeling text you. You might not be able to cope with strangers but there is something nice about having someone care. I usually leave my phone next to me in bed so I can chat with gifs and improve my mood enough to get up.

If you struggle to get out of bed on low days, what are your tactics to get out of bed
or do you give yourself that low day?

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