5 Disney Announcements At D23 Expo I Loved

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Disney fans all over the world have been diving into the annual D23 Expo which is like the ultimate fan event for anyone that loves Disney and other studios under it!

I’ve loved this company for many, many years from the animated pictures I watched as a kid to Disney Channel to Marvel and Star Wars joining!

What have I been looking forward to the most this year? All the Disney+ goodies!! I needed to know what they were going to be showing on it and there is everything!

Lizzie McGuire

If there was one show on the Disney Channel that I was utterly addicted to and still know the theme song to, it’s Lizzie McGuire! I already loved Hilary Duff from Casper Meets Wendy (such a good cheesy film!) but I really fell for her watching Lizzie McGuire! She was just so cool! I was 14 and at the same awkward age!

The friendship between Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo was brilliant and I may have squealed when my ship started to sail! Lordo forever! Haha!

Now we’re getting an adult Lizzie in New York! I’m 14 again, people!! I really hope they can get a few members of the original cast to be in it!

The villains

So many incredible announcements about the ‘villains’ of the Disney world! The two that immediately stick out for me has to be seeing the poster for Maleficent: Mistress of Evil and Cruella! First off, how amazing was the first Maleficent film?! It was just perfect and I still have Once Upon A Dream on my phone!

Really glad that we have Elle Fanning back as Aurora! She was just so magical!!

When I saw that Emma Stone was going to be the new generation’s Cruella De Ville…I may have freaked out! I’m a massive Emma fangirl as shown by my random selection of gifs!

She looks both freaky and everything in her Cruella picture! She actually reminds me a little of Helena Bonham Carter as the Queen of Hearts. Just with the hair and makeup! I’m beyond ready to see her play a bad guy like this.

Lady and the Tramp

The original Lady and the Tramp is in my Top 5 of favourite Disney films because it is so different and I can’t get Peggy Lee’s ‘He’s A Tramp’ out of my head! It was a little bit racist with the whole Siamese cat look but it was a different time and Disney are actually using real animals! That’s right…real dogs and everything! Plus we have Tessa Thompson voicing Lady so yes!!

Star Wars

In a convention far far away, a bunch of Star Wars news was released! We had the trailer to The Mandalorian and the first poster for Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker! It showed Rey and Ben/Kylo at it on a cliff edge with the giant ugly face of Palpaltine looming over them! Who knows what’s going to happen?! J.J Abrams said that Carrie Fisher is the heart of Rise of Skywalker (my heart!!) and apparently in the teaser footage Rey is seen in a Sith robe and with a dual-bladed red lightsaber!

Oh and Ewan McGregor is coming back as Obi-Wan Kenobi for a new Disney+ series!!


We all know that Marvel have a bunch of films coming out over the next few years and TV shows on Disney+! Some of the news that had me super excited were that Kat Dennings is going to be in Wandavision (she played Darcy in Thor 1 and 2! I’ve been waiting for the day she came back!), we’ve got confirmation that Loki’s show will have 6 1-hour long episodes!  IT’S LIKE SHERLOCK!

If you loved Sex Education then Kate Herron who directed the episodes will be directing Loki! Super excited to see what she creates with Tom and the rest of the cast!

So much that I’m ready for and one day I will find my way to D23 Expo! It’s a very magical place from what I’ve seen online! Ahhh!

What Disney news has gotten you super excited?!

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