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4 Toys/Objects That Help Ease My Anxiety


Over the years I’ve tried and tested multiple ways to try and ease my anxiety especially when I’m in public. Some have worked and some have done nothing but, in the last year or so, I’ve discovered a few toys/objects that have really helped. They don’t just help with my anxiety but with my ASD too so woo!

4 toys/objects i’ve either tried or want

fidget cube:

Everyone has heard of a fidget spinner but I could never click with using that. It wasn’t until I saw this yellow and white fidget cube in a knick knack shop that I found what worked! I was always that annoying pen clicker or fidgeter in class purely because I couldn’t keep my hands still!

This fidget cube has something for everything! It has buttons to click, little wheel to roll your thumb over and clicks a little too, a smooth groove, a teeny light switch and a button thing you can roll around or push up and down!


This toy is a recent addition! I’d initally heard about these from watching a Youtuber called BeckieJaneBrown who used them for her Trichotillomania (hair pulling). They seemed such a fun way to keep my concentration so when I stumbled on this tangle in TheWorks, I was so happy!

They are perfect for anyone who gets distracted easily or needs a distraction, whether you have ADHD, autism or any other disorder. You can get them in a bunch of different colours, different sizes and with textures or smooth! They can be pulled apart and put together easily and they don’t make much noise!

If I’m in a class or on the bus I’ll usually pull this out to ease my anxiety!

Weighted Blanket:

Okay…so…I don’t actually own one of these BUT I have heard a bunch about them on the internet and a couple of bloggers! It seems like such an interesting concept and I hadn’t realised that it can really help. I don’t know what kind of magic these weighted blankets use but I do know they’re meant to be amazing for anxiety and for anyone who doesn’t sleep well!

Kids can use these blankets too!

One of the main reasons I don’t own one of these is mainly because they’re pretty expensive! They all seem to be £100+ but I think it would be a good investment! Maybe Santa will be generous this year!

Hand Therapy Stress Ball:

This final toy/object is another that I’ve heard about but this was from a fellow chronic pain sufferer. She had been using this ball to help ease pains and aches in the joints in her hands. She said that it was small enough to fit into the palm of her hand and she could squeeze it to help strengthen her joints too!

Definitely going to buy this to try! I’ll be sure to review it properly when it comes!

What toys do you use to help ease your anxiety?

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