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Hobbies I would love to try one day


When you get to the grand old age of 32 (*snicker*), you start to look back on the first couple of decades of your life. I’m one of those people who just thinks way too much about what I wish I could have done instead of what I can still do. It’s a habit I’ve been trying to stop but we’ll get there at some point. One of the topics I wonder about is hobbies.

As you can imagine I didn’t really do many hobbies as a kid. Not that I didn’t do any at all but not as many as other kids. Where my friends at school went out to do football, swimming or dance, I kind of stayed home and read. I know that reading is a hobby but not one outside the house unless you count the library!

Social hobbies are hard!

The two hobbies I did do as a kid were going to a local theatre school and Brownies/Guides! I actually loved doing these! I was able to feel like a proper actress at my theatre school because we did rehearsals, learned choreography and then performed on a professional stage. Being a Brownie and then moving up to being a Guide was an awesome experience. It got me outside of my comfort zone, taught me crafts and I’m still friends with my old Brown Owl!

All of that said I really want to take up some hobbies again that get me out of my flat (even if the thought makes me comfortable). These might sound out there but who the heck cares! Haha.


We’re starting out strong with fencing! Not many people would expect me to put this but I’ve actually loved the idea of doing these kind of sport for a long time. I started liking the idea thanks to both watching the Olympics with my mum and after watching a children’s TV show called Albert The Fifth Musketeer.

Fencing seemed so cool to watch especially seeing them wearing the protective headpiece, the way they fought and the fact that you get to see who scores with the beeps! There is a class a few miles away from me so maybe I’ll try a session at some point.


Time for me to be honest…I don’t know how to swim. My parents honestly tried when I was young to get me swimming with lessons and I managed to get to 10m! That was until one of my bullies pushed me into the deep end and now I’m terrified of drowning. The reason I want to learn is that it’s both really good exercise and also I want to be able to go on a water slide without fear of going underwater!

Problem: it’s super expensive for adult swimming lessons! It’s like £90 for 12 weeks!


I’m beginning to notice that all of the hobbies I want to try seem to be sports and it’s funny since I’m not an active person! I do love watching sports though! Archery can be blamed on the Disney version of Robin Hood! I don’t live too far away from Sherwood Forest and there’s nothing cooler than being able to shoot an arrow from a bow! I did try an archery lesson once at an event and it’s harder than it looks!

Learn to play an instrument

I miss trying to do music lessons! I loved doing them so much at school that I took it for GCSE and was part of the school choir. Singing is an instrument but I really want to learn how to play either the guitar or the piano.

Do yoga classes

You can now blame JennyInNeverland for me wanting to do yoga! I’ve been reading her posts so much lately that I want to try them again or at least find better classes! Not found any that don’t expect too much of me.

I’m going to try and look into doing one of these in the Autumn to try and get me being social more often. Fingers crossed!

What hobbies would you love to try?

Mental Health

4 Toys/Objects That Help Ease My Anxiety


Over the years I’ve tried and tested multiple ways to try and ease my anxiety especially when I’m in public. Some have worked and some have done nothing but, in the last year or so, I’ve discovered a few toys/objects that have really helped. They don’t just help with my anxiety but with my ASD too so woo!

4 toys/objects i’ve either tried or want

fidget cube:

Everyone has heard of a fidget spinner but I could never click with using that. It wasn’t until I saw this yellow and white fidget cube in a knick knack shop that I found what worked! I was always that annoying pen clicker or fidgeter in class purely because I couldn’t keep my hands still!

This fidget cube has something for everything! It has buttons to click, little wheel to roll your thumb over and clicks a little too, a smooth groove, a teeny light switch and a button thing you can roll around or push up and down!


This toy is a recent addition! I’d initally heard about these from watching a Youtuber called BeckieJaneBrown who used them for her Trichotillomania (hair pulling). They seemed such a fun way to keep my concentration so when I stumbled on this tangle in TheWorks, I was so happy!

They are perfect for anyone who gets distracted easily or needs a distraction, whether you have ADHD, autism or any other disorder. You can get them in a bunch of different colours, different sizes and with textures or smooth! They can be pulled apart and put together easily and they don’t make much noise!

If I’m in a class or on the bus I’ll usually pull this out to ease my anxiety!

Weighted Blanket:

Okay…so…I don’t actually own one of these BUT I have heard a bunch about them on the internet and a couple of bloggers! It seems like such an interesting concept and I hadn’t realised that it can really help. I don’t know what kind of magic these weighted blankets use but I do know they’re meant to be amazing for anxiety and for anyone who doesn’t sleep well!

Kids can use these blankets too!

One of the main reasons I don’t own one of these is mainly because they’re pretty expensive! They all seem to be £100+ but I think it would be a good investment! Maybe Santa will be generous this year!

Hand Therapy Stress Ball:

This final toy/object is another that I’ve heard about but this was from a fellow chronic pain sufferer. She had been using this ball to help ease pains and aches in the joints in her hands. She said that it was small enough to fit into the palm of her hand and she could squeeze it to help strengthen her joints too!

Definitely going to buy this to try! I’ll be sure to review it properly when it comes!

What toys do you use to help ease your anxiety?


Why more shops need to have an Autism Hour

autism hour

From October 5th to October 12th Autism Hour will be returning for another year!

If you don’t know what Autism Hour is, it’s basically an hour where a business can make their environment autism-friendly.

That means turning off their music to keep it quiet, turn their lights down and everything else they can do to make everything relaxed.

I’m speaking from personal experience when I say that some shops are an absolute nightmare. Autism affects everyone differently from kids on the lower end of the spectrum who need to wear ear protectors when they go shopping to people who on the higher end.

Even before I was diagnosed with ASD I struggled with noises. Whenever I went into a supermarket I would literally cringe at the beeps coming from the checkouts, the loud music that can be blared in some and babies crying.

I love kids but hearing a full-on tantrum throughout really sets me on edge.

I’ll admit that I didn’t know Autism Hour existed until I saw a BBC segment with Connor Ward and Andy from The Chapman Family. It was so interesting to learn about and it made so much sense to me. The only question it left me with was ‘Why aren’t more shops doing this?!’

Unfortunately not many places around me seem to consider doing something like this but I’m going to try and change their minds. The National Autistic Society gives you a chance to write a letter to a shop and lets you tell them the reasons why they should do an Autism Hour. You can do the same if you want to help out too!

There are a few shops that I know which do an hour of quiet so I’ll include them down below for anyone who is autistic or has someone that knows someone:

  • Morrisons has ‘Quiet Hour’ on Saturdays between 9am – 10am
  • The Entertainer holds ‘quiet hours’ on the first hour of every Saturday

I honestly think that not only do more stores need to include quiet times but they need to do them more than just once a week. Not everyone can get to a store early in the morning so it would be better if they included weekdays too. They could also do with keeping music low, beeps low and other little things.

It doesn’t take a lot to do these to make shopping accessible for people and it would really help families who might already be struggling.

Have you heard about Autism Hour before? What are your thoughts about it?



5 Disney Announcements At D23 Expo I Loved

DisneyPhoto by Elijah Chan on Unsplash

Disney fans all over the world have been diving into the annual D23 Expo which is like the ultimate fan event for anyone that loves Disney and other studios under it!

I’ve loved this company for many, many years from the animated pictures I watched as a kid to Disney Channel to Marvel and Star Wars joining!

What have I been looking forward to the most this year? All the Disney+ goodies!! I needed to know what they were going to be showing on it and there is everything!

Lizzie McGuire

If there was one show on the Disney Channel that I was utterly addicted to and still know the theme song to, it’s Lizzie McGuire! I already loved Hilary Duff from Casper Meets Wendy (such a good cheesy film!) but I really fell for her watching Lizzie McGuire! She was just so cool! I was 14 and at the same awkward age!

The friendship between Lizzie, Miranda and Gordo was brilliant and I may have squealed when my ship started to sail! Lordo forever! Haha!

Now we’re getting an adult Lizzie in New York! I’m 14 again, people!! I really hope they can get a few members of the original cast to be in it!

The villains

So many incredible announcements about the ‘villains’ of the Disney world! The two that immediately stick out for me has to be seeing the poster for Maleficent: Mistress of Evil and Cruella! First off, how amazing was the first Maleficent film?! It was just perfect and I still have Once Upon A Dream on my phone!

Really glad that we have Elle Fanning back as Aurora! She was just so magical!!

When I saw that Emma Stone was going to be the new generation’s Cruella De Ville…I may have freaked out! I’m a massive Emma fangirl as shown by my random selection of gifs!

She looks both freaky and everything in her Cruella picture! She actually reminds me a little of Helena Bonham Carter as the Queen of Hearts. Just with the hair and makeup! I’m beyond ready to see her play a bad guy like this.

Lady and the Tramp

The original Lady and the Tramp is in my Top 5 of favourite Disney films because it is so different and I can’t get Peggy Lee’s ‘He’s A Tramp’ out of my head! It was a little bit racist with the whole Siamese cat look but it was a different time and Disney are actually using real animals! That’s right…real dogs and everything! Plus we have Tessa Thompson voicing Lady so yes!!

Star Wars

In a convention far far away, a bunch of Star Wars news was released! We had the trailer to The Mandalorian and the first poster for Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker! It showed Rey and Ben/Kylo at it on a cliff edge with the giant ugly face of Palpaltine looming over them! Who knows what’s going to happen?! J.J Abrams said that Carrie Fisher is the heart of Rise of Skywalker (my heart!!) and apparently in the teaser footage Rey is seen in a Sith robe and with a dual-bladed red lightsaber!

Oh and Ewan McGregor is coming back as Obi-Wan Kenobi for a new Disney+ series!!


We all know that Marvel have a bunch of films coming out over the next few years and TV shows on Disney+! Some of the news that had me super excited were that Kat Dennings is going to be in Wandavision (she played Darcy in Thor 1 and 2! I’ve been waiting for the day she came back!), we’ve got confirmation that Loki’s show will have 6 1-hour long episodes!  IT’S LIKE SHERLOCK!

If you loved Sex Education then Kate Herron who directed the episodes will be directing Loki! Super excited to see what she creates with Tom and the rest of the cast!

So much that I’m ready for and one day I will find my way to D23 Expo! It’s a very magical place from what I’ve seen online! Ahhh!

What Disney news has gotten you super excited?!

Fandom Harry Potter

An Anxiety Guide To September 1st at King’s Cross

September 1st

For the last 5 years I’ve been going to Kings Cross every September 1st to celebrate when everyone goes back to Hogwarts. Do we care that it’s only a fictional event? Nope! Do we wish we could go back? Heck yes! I’m still waiting for that darn acceptance letter.

I loved the idea of being in an area full of other Harry Potter fans where you can meet new people, chat about theories and your Houses and get ready for when 11am hits. Kings Cross is an incredible place to be especially as they embrace ‘Back To Hogwarts’ with an announcement over the tannoy.

As the years have gone by the crowds have gotten bigger! Last year was a lot busier since Eddie Redmayne and Jude Law turned up. Everyone was super excited and I was gutted that I didn’t get a chance to be there earlier. My anxiety has increased with the crowds so I thought I’d try to create a bit of an anxiety guide.

get to the station early

If you’re able to then try to get to Kings Cross a bit earlier. It might still be a working station but that you can still find areas that are quiet like the food court or outside. You can take your time to relax and maybe even go to the Platform 9 3/4 shop to look around. They have this incredible mini trunk you can get with your initials on!

take a friend

One of my triggers is feeling overwhelmed and by myself. It’s kind of ironic I feel that way since I usually prefer being on my own. Busy situations tend to make me a little clingy so I try to take a friend or meet up with a friend each September 1st. I don’t feel alone with my anxiety if I have someone to chat to. Even if I chat with someone new and make a new friend that way!

try using bachs remedy

Bachs Rescue Remedy is a product I’ve been using for a few years whenever I’ve been out and about. I first used the drops which taste amazing but they were a bit too awkward to bring around with me. When I saw that I could get chewing gum or pastilles, it made my life much easier.  Whenever I feel my anxiety flaring I can chew on my gum and it helps. No-one needs anxiety getting in the way of their Potter time!

know when to leave

I know you’ll want to have as much fun as possible but you also need to know when the right time to leave is. It can be so frustrating to leave something early but you need to think about yourself. No fandom or event is worth triggering your mental health and causing you to have an attack. Whether you have to leave before 11am or immediately after…it’s okay.

Will you be going to September 1st this year? How do you cope with your anxiety?



Autumn Book Releases I’m Really Excited For


Pride and Prejudice (£8.99) | Emma (£8.99) | Mansfield Park (£8.99) | The Places I’ve Cried In Public (£7.99) | Full Disclosure (£7.99) | Letters from the What-Went-Before (£9.99) | Love, Secret Santa (£7.99) | North Child (£7.99) | White Bird (£20) | Lori and Max (£6.99) | War is Over (£6.99)

As we’re coming to the end of August and summer, we get to say hello to September and the start of Autumn! This is one of my favourite seasons along with Spring! I made an upcoming releases post a few months ago and it made me beyond excited for what is coming up in the next couple of months!

The ones I’m about to mention are only a handful of the titles coming out this Autumn but they are what excited me with their plots!

Pride and Prejudice | Emma | Mansfield Park (12th September)

You can never have too many copies of these Jane Austen books! They are the ultimate classics! I love how adorable these covers are and I think they’re perfect to curl up to during unpredictable autumn weather.

The Places I’ve Cried in Public (3rd October)

I adore Holly Bourne as an author! She has such an incredible way with words and creates characters that I want to know more about and also feel like I relate to. This title already has me nodding since I’ve definitely had a few moments in life when I’ve cried in public. Not the nicest feeling in the world but sometimes you just have to let go there and then. Cannot wait to buy this!

Full disclosure (31st october)

Something that I enjoy when picking books is finding plots that touch upon subjects that I personally feel needs more books about! For example: Full Disclosure! This is all about a girl called Simone who is HIV positive and is determined to make sure that her condition doesn’t define her as a person. You can tell this is going to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Letters from the What-Went-Before (28th November)

This is another one of the books where a tough topic is touched upon. This one is possibly a rather triggering one as it touches on child abuse. I tend to stay away from books that are too much drama since I don’t always feel comfortable reading them but there is something about ‘Letters from the What-Went-Before’ that has gotten me intrigued!

Love, Secret Santa (31st October)

Okay…who else has a number of friends who get into the Christmas spirit early? Raise your hand! Yep, me too but I’m also guilty of watching festive films and wanting to listen to my favourite Christmas songs such as Wizzard! This may be released on Halloween but that never made any difference to The Night Before Christmas, did it? I love how cute this book sounds so it is officially on my To-Be-Read list for Autumn!

North Child (31st October)

First off, look at the cover to North Child! Isn’t it gorgeous? I wouldn’t mind a bright yellow cloak like this! According to the synopsis, it’s all about a young girl called Rose who was born facing North. Apparently that means she will travel on a long and dangerous journey. I’ve actually discovered that North Child was first published back in 2003 so not sure how I missed this growing up!

White Bird (1st October)

If you’ve ever read the book ‘Wonder‘, White Bird is from the POV of Auggie’s bully Julian! Sometimes there is something really intriguing about hearing from characters that you sort of know but discover that you don’t know at all. This happens with ‘Simon VS The Homo-Sapiens Agenda‘ and ‘Leah On The Off-Beat‘. I don’t know Wonder as well as I should so will be re-reading the book before checking this out yet I’m still excited to read!

Lori and Max (5th September)

Harriet The Spy was always a big favourite to read and it had a brilliant film in the 90s! The reason I bring that up is because Lori and Max seems similar! Lori wants to be a detective and is always looking for a mystery to solve but that is until she finds an actual crime to solve. Mix in Harriet The Spy with Paper Towns and you might have this book!

War is Over (3rd October)

Lastly on my list is ‘War Is Over’! You all know my love for historical YA books and this is exactly that! It’s set in 1918 and follows a young boy called John trying to understand the grown-up world and World War I! It’s safe to say that even I have no clue and I’m a grown-up!

What books are you waiting to buy this Autumn?


Mistakes I’ve Made With My Blog And How To Avoid Them


Like with everything in life people make mistakes. Whether it’s with what they buy, say or do but the same things can happen in blogging. No blogger is perfect even when they edit and I am definitely not at all. I’ve made a few mistakes over my year of blogging so here are some of the ones I’ve made and how you can avoid them.

mistake 1: writing blog posts late at night

Ooof, do I make this mistake often! I don’t wake up with the intention of writing blog posts late or on the spur of the moment (I’m actually writing this at 6pm so yeaaaah), but things happen. My most common reason for writing late is my mental health. If the weather is nasty outside, I tend to be pretty low or things may happen that trigger me.

For example: it has been raining non-stop for two days so it has really affected my mood and my motivation. This in turn feeds my self-doubt and barrel rolls into no post.

SOLUTION: Plan posts in advance (if possible)! You’re more like to create a post you like without the stress if you plan what you want to write and then can schedule in advance. No matter what your mind is telling you, don’t blog late as you’ll be tired and probably won’t even finish typing.

mistake 2: comparing your blog to others

My biggest mistake! I’m forever comparing myself to bloggers who have been at this for years and worked extremely hard to get where they are now. Like I said, no-one is perfect and they have probably spent a lot of time figuring out what works for their blog in terms of engagement and views. I still compare though! Grr!

SOLUTION: I could easily say just don’t compare but that is easier said than done. Try talking to the bloggers you compare yourself to and ask for their advice. They might be able to give you some really helpful tips! You could even join Vix Meldrew’s Grow & Glow to help you learn how to find your own blogging voice!

mistake 3: writing topics that make you feel uncomfortable

Mental health is something I want to write about. It’s not an easy topic to share and sometimes may trigger readers (unless you have a trigger warning which I always do). I choose to write because if it helps even one person feel understood or find help it’s worth it. That said, I don’t always choose the right time to write these topics.

One post that I ended up triggering myself with recently is where I’m talking about tactics to getting myself out of bed when I’m low. I’d been on a shaky path that day and couldn’t actually read the post after I published. Whoops!

SOLUTION: If you ever feel uncomfortable about writing a topic and are trying to push through for others, stop. You are a priority and you don’t need to ever feel uncomfortable. If you still want to write this after you feel stronger, then do it but please wait.

mistake 4: force yourself to post often

We all started blogging because we had something we loved to chat about and of course we want to chat about it as often as we can! It’s good that you want to post but that doesn’t mean you have to post every single day especially you have a full-time job or a family. Your readers aren’t expecting you to spread yourself thin for them.

I tried a week of posts at the wrong time and it became more of a chore in the long run!

SOLUTION: Try to come up with a schedule of days that fit for you. It could be one day a week or could be 3 times a week! Whatever suits you!

What mistakes have you made as a blogger and how did you overcome them?

Lifestyle Mental Health

How To Make Yourself A Priority


So many people these days put other people before themselves. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing since sometimes it shows a great sense of character to help others and think how you impact on people around you.

Charities and volunteering are great examples of this!

However, you can become so focus on others that you forget about looking after yourself as well! I’m beyond guilty of this! I love the idea of helping friends with their problems that I tend to ignore the fact that their problem could be triggering until it was too late. I find it easier to help them and forget what should be the priority.

Here are a few ways I’ve thought of overcoming that forgetfulness and allowing you to make yourself the priority and not feel guilty about it:

Meditate when you wake up

This is something I want to start doing every morning to try and ease any residual anxiety from either the day before or during the night. You get the chance to calm yourself for the day ahead, say some positive affirmations and not trigger your mind by looking straight at social media.

Don’t be afraid to stay home

It’s great if you can be social. Some people find it easy and others struggle. Regardless of how you are, it’s good to be around friends you can chat with or others who challenge you positively. That said if you don’t feel like yourself, whether you’re sick or having a low day, or the weather isn’t amazing…stay home! No errands? Stay home! You don’t have to always go out and face the world.

Take a social media break

Social media and blogging have a way of taking over our lives! You find yourself checking your phone every few minutes if you get a notification, constantly seeing how many likes your Instagram is getting or whether you’ve gotten any comments on your latest blog post. As hard as it might feel doing this step away. You don’t have to delete any accounts or anything that drastic but keep your phone turned off or do something else. Go for that walk on a nice day, read a book…whatever you’ve been putting off.

treat yourself

Okay…we probably treat ourselves every day in some way but there’s nothing wrong with your treat being something small or a bit bigger. If you did something you struggle with, have that favourite snack or put a mask on. If you got a promotion, buy that bag or coat you’ve had your eye on for months. You’ve worked so you’ve earned it!

Say no

This is such a difficult word to say. Like I mentioned earlier you always want to help people if they’re struggling but there are some people who like to take advantage of your kindness. They find ways to get you to help them or do work for them because they know you will help. This is when you have to say no. That person might not like it but you are more important than they are at that moment.

If a person’s struggle is genuine and they don’t normally ask for help, say yes all you like. Just know when to say no. You could say no if you don’t go out or you don’t feel like having a certain meal.

How do you plan on making yourself a priority?

Harry Potter

Hogwarts Stationery & Supply Ideas | Back To School


Gryffindor Lunch Bag (£16) | Mini Hogwarts School Trunk (£39) | Honeydukes Eraser Set (£17.99) | Hogwarts School Backpack (£18.95) | Deluxe Stationery Set (£7) | Hogwarts Flip-Top Bottle (£6) | Harry Potter Exercise Books (£4) | Harry Potter Travel Mug (£8)

It might still be the beginning of August but right now lots of kids and their parents are in the process of getting ready to go back to school/college/university! Even if I’m excited for this Back-To-School season purely because I’m addicted to stationery and there are so many incredible offers around during this time! Of course, on September 1st, everyone is heading back to Hogwarts from Kings Cross!

Cue Harry Potter school supply post!

Gryffindor Lunch Bag

You can’t have school without focusing on the time in your day…lunch!! I wish lunch bags like this had existed when I was at primary school but nope. I’m living through all the kids! This lunch bag has a carry handle, a zipped opening to keep things inside the bag and insulation inside to make sure your sandwiches are kept cool! There is only a Gryffindor bag on the website which is sad but you could get a Hogwarts one or a chibi Potter bag!

Mini Hogwarts School Trunk

This is like THE dream bag to own! Look at it! I’ve always wanted to own a Hogwarts school trunk with my initials on it but it was either only available in another country or too expensive! This is the closest I would get to owning one and it isn’t too much either! Not only would you get a trunk with your name on it but you’d get a personalised Hogwarts letter too!

Honeydukes Eraser Set

If you’ve ever wanted the sweets from Honeydukes to last whenever you’ve bought them or been given as a present, then you can’t go wrong with these erasers! These little erasers are so cute!! You get a mini Jelly Slug, Chocolate frog, Sugar skull and Cauldron cake! Perfect for any little Scorpius Malfoy out there!

Hogwarts School Backpack

School always means trying to find that perfect bag or backpack to carry all your books and stationery! My school never let us have crazy backpacks like this. We had to have plain and simple which was so boring! If only I could have had a Hogwarts one to take with me! Remember to carry too much in your bag or you’ll get shoulder/back ache!

Deluxe Stationery Set

Lately Sainsburys has been incredible with selling cheaper Harry Potter products! I never knew they did so much! You can’t jot down work or make it look cool without some stationery and who else wouldn’t love owning some deluxe Gringotts stationery! I imagine the goblins would be very happy to know that you own one!

Hogwarts Flip-Top Bottle

It’s so important to keep yourself hydrated when you’re at school! Whether it’s in class, during break/lunch or heading home. I know some primary schools have water taps that students can drink from or fill up their bottle but not sure about secondary! Still keep hydrated, big kids at college/university!!

Hogwarts Vintage Exercise Books (2pk)

If you watched Crimes of Grindewald then you will know that there were a few flashbacks into Newt and Leta’s time at Hogwarts! The genius people at Mina Lima created these vintage school books for the students and I love them so much! Simple yet classic! Those guys can never create anything wrong in my eyes. You can get these exercise books at Sainsburys right now! RUN!

Hogwarts Travel Mug

This mug is for all of you people who have to commute! Early mornings can be super hard especially when you have to catch a bus or get a train! It’s even harder when it’s winter! With a travel mug you can put your favourite hot drink to keep yourself awake during the morning! Plus it stops you having to buy a hot drink!

What do you love to buy during back to school season?


Bastet & Bee Stationery Review

Bastet & Bee

Being a relatively new blogger means I have worked with many companies yet I was kindly gifted a bunch of stationery from Bastet & Bee which is perfect with everyone getting ready to go back to school! I mean…how could I not be happy?! It’s stationery (which I adore) and all their products are black, yellow, white or both! Plus it’s a company from France, people!! They’re based in Bourges which was super cool to find out!

Basically made Hufflepuffs who love to write in different notebooks or if you love minimalist, simple designs on their stationery! I’ve never really tried designs like this before so it’s a nice difference!

*Seeds | Notebook (£10)

Look at this notebook! It’s like something you’d see in an art gallery! It looks simple but elegant at the same time! It’s more important what you use the notebook for! What I love about this is that the paper you get inside is some of the best quality so you don’t have to worry about bleed-through from pens! This notebook is definitely perfect who love notebooks that are different from the lined kind! This has a gorgeous print inside for you to jot notes!

*Identity | Notebook (£8)

This notebook is definitely Hufflepuff ready! It’s all the colours of yellow and I love it so much! The dots on the cover definitely remind me of a bullet journal but inside is full of blank pages. I think this would be perfect for either artists who don’t want to bring a massive sketchbook with them out or if you prefer to free-note with the lines! I personally prefer lines but I do like the idea of being able to be write everywhere and anywhere! You can lie this right down flat so awkward writing angles and you can clearly rip out the pages! No notebook deaths! Yay!

Bastet & Bee

Colour Block Pencils (Black/Yellow or Yellow/Black) (£2 each)

You can never go wrong with a pencil! If I’m writing notes down, whether it’s for a blog post or playing around with drawing, these pencils seem perfect for the job! I actually wrote notes for this post with one of the pencils and it was super light! I hate pencils that are just uncomfortable to write with or that break easily when you’re trying to take down notes quickly. It was so sturdy! Even with my weird fingers! Haha!

Bastet and Bee actually surprised me with a teeny black package along with the stationery! They included the most adorable little pin!! It looks like a little yellow balloon that says ‘Blow My Mind’! Thank you so much, guys!! It’s me in a pin!

What do you think of these Bastet & Bee notebooks and pencils? 
What would you use them for?

*This post contains gifted items but all opinions given are entirely my own.