Why I Choose Not To Drink Alcohol


You’ve read and heard multiple times how I’m socially awkward and very rarely go out with friends. Does that make me seem sad? Probably. Do I mind? Sometimes. That isn’t the reason why I choose to not to drink anything alcoholic. Before anyone says ‘how can you not want to drink if you’ve never drunk alcohol before?’, I have actually had it. I had a couple of drinks on my 18th and 21st. Had one on New Year’s Eve and that’s it.

When it was my 18th birthday, some of the people in my year kept asking why I didn’t go clubbing like the others and, when I did go to a party, why didn’t I drink?

There are a few reasons.

  1. I don’t always like the taste of alcohol
  2. Being the daughter of a nurse, you hear some crazy stories about drunk teens
  3. I don’t like the idea of getting to the point where I forget
  4. I don’t like the thought of being helpless to someone

The main reason?

I just don’t want to. It’s probably a boring reason but it’s an honest one.

I’ve never seen the appeal to drink to crazy levels just so I can have fun. If I’m going to have fun, it’ll be my own means and never normally what others think are fun. While others my age go out to bars or go on holidays and ‘let themselves go’, I prefer to stay at home in my PJs and watch Netflix! Even more so while it’s cold outside! Why should I go out on a freezing cold night when I’ve had to go out on a freezing cold day!

Both parents drank alcohol and they very rarely (if ever) got drunk.

My dad was the parent who would go out to ‘see a man about a dog’ and I always wondered why he never came up with a dog. Obviously this was when I was young and eventually found out that he just went to the pub. Even though my parents drank, they never let me go into a pub. It didn’t matter to them if other people brought their kids in. They didn’t see a pub as the right place to bring a child so they would tag team. Mum would stay outside to play with me and Dad would go in to get drinks and come out to be with us. I can remember one Bonfire Night where I sat outside on the stair outside drinking some Diet Coke just so I could talk to my dad.

I didn’t care. I still had fun in my own way!

A couple of years after my Dad passed away, I could tell that Mum was wanting to go out to have fun. When I say fun, she went out to our local miner’s welfare to play bingo and listen to music. This may make me sound like such a weak teen but I hated the idea of being home alone at night. I didn’t feel safe and I guess I always worried that I would lose another parent if I didn’t see her. I chose to go and stay with one of my old neighbours who let me listen to my Harry Potter audio cassettes and then I moved onto my dad’s old pub. I was at an age where it was okay for me to go in and even then I chose to stay in what was the child area. I was away from smoke and the alcohol. I brought a couple of books and read to any music that was playing. I even became comfortable enough to join in karaoke!

Maybe it’s because of my upbringing or maybe it’s because I’ve never seen the appeal but I just choose not to drink. These days I’ve added another reason to my list and that is because of my medication. Drinking with the pills I’m on would be  a horrendous idea especially with my anti-depressants.

Do you like to go out and drink alcohol? Do you prefer being tee-total?

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