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Ever since my TV died after 19 years (take a moment to mourn…), I of course headed over to Netflix to keep me entertained! There are so many shows and films on there that you literally could never get bored! You’ve got your cheesy chic-flicks, your Korean dramas, your historical programmes and the kid section! Yes, I do spend quite a lot of time in the kid section because they have a load of incredible shows! That said, I thought I’d put my grown-up hat on and give you an idea of what I’ve been watching and loving!

Good Witch (S1-4)

This show! THIS SHOW!! I’ve loved the main character Cassie Nightingale ever since I watched the films! This whole idea came from a set of books which were turned into films and then into a Netflix show! Catherine Bell (who plays Cassie) is just perfect! It’s all about a woman called Cassie who isn’t quite what she seems. In other words, she’s a witch. She has a bed and breakfast called The Grey House where she lives with her daughter Grace (Bailee Madison) who happens to share the same gift. I don’t know how the writes do it but I’m always left with a warm, fuzzy feeling after every episode!

You might recognise Bailee from a film called The Bridge to Terebithia! She was the adorable little sister! If you love magic and warm fuzzies, you have to watch!

Glee (S1-6)

I have never been so happy to see a TV show on Netflix than I was when I heard Glee was being added! It’s been so long since I’ve had the chance to sit down and watch all the seasons! As a theatre girl, I adore all the singing and the choreography and Rachel Berry! Haha! There is a bunch to love about Glee so we get to sit back and be entertained by the New Directions!

I also love how Glee is able to represent so many different kinds of people from LGBTQ+ to disabilities. I adored Becky! She was a cheerleader with Down’s Syndrome and always helped the Coach with some of her schemes! Her attitude! Oof!

Life In The Dog-House

Okay…this isn’t a TV show as such but it is a documentary about how two gay men turned their house into a giant dog rescue and let 71 dogs live there! Just like they would in a normal home! No kennels…just love! I haven’t watched the entire thing but it was so lovely to watch and perfect for all the dog lovers out there!

Anne With A ‘E’

Here is one of the historical shows I love! The series is based off the book ‘Anne of Green Gables’ (a classic!) and follows a 13 year old girl called Anne Shirley! She is such a fiesty character who talks way too much and stands her ground. All that said, she just wants a home and doesn’t want to be sent back to the orphanage which she had lived. I actually follow Amybeth McNulty (Anne) on Instagram and she’s so funny! There are only 2 seasons right now but hopefully it will be picked up again by Netflix for more!

Heartland (S1-12)

I have an interesting relationship with this! Before it was ever a TV show, it was a book series that I loved growing up! I have adored horses for so many years and even took up riding for a while. This series had everything from drama to romance to the most beautiful settings and, of course, horses! The main character Amy is very passionate about horses and lives on a ranch called Heartland that is a sort of refuge for injured or traumatised horses. Quite a few things happen in the show so if you love everything equine (Daisy knows a smart term!), you need to watch!

Departures/Then came you

This film broke me. It broke me into tiny, itty bitty pieces and then crushed them under its foot. It’s hilarious and you know it would since it has Asa Butterfield (he was in Merlin and Sex Education) and Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones). It follows a guy called Calvin who is the biggest hypochondriac known to mankind. He literally thinks he has everything under the sun and is constantly at his doctors being checked out. That is until he meets a girl called Skye who he discovers has terminal cancer. I’ll let you watch the film because this plot does nothing to describe the awesomeness of the cast and the film!

What have you been watching on Netflix lately?

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