The Original Youtubers That I Loved

original youtubers

Everyone has heard of Youtube and even have youtubers that they love watching. I’m throwing back, people!! I’m going all the way into the past to the original youtubers that I couldn’t wait to watch when I came home. Oh, it was a very different place to what it is now. There were less people to compare yourself to, you could do video responses and more cat videos! Haha! I’ve actually been on the site for around 11 years and have been one and off with it. Still loved watching so here are some Youtubers that I adored! Oh and thanks whereslugo for today’s picture!


Charlie! This was a Charlie long before ‘Charlie bit my finger’! This nerdy Brit is Charlie McDonnell aka charlieissocoollike! I can still remember his intro tune after all these years! I thought he was incredible! He was so funny, different and he came up with this most random content that I couldn’t help but smile at. There was another video that I watched which was my first ever one to watch but it’s not there anymore so here is the 2nd! Such a fun duet! He was even the first ever original Youtuber that got to 1 million subscribers!! He’s still making videos but he lives in Canada now and hasn’t uploaded in 7 months! *sniffle*

beckie0 | beckiejanebrown

I still love Beckie to this date!! She’s been vlogging for so many years and has developed so much! I started watching her when she was in her early teens and now I think she’s 25! It’s crazy! She did Doctor Who skits, vlogs about her life, twin editing (they were so cool!) and spoke bravely about her Trichotillomania. You can tell she tries to balance a life online with privacy but some trolls just don’t take the hint! If you love a Youtuber with a difference, Beckie would be great for you!


Why did these girls leave me?! *sob* I adored all 5 of these ladies and I’m still following Kristina, Hayley, Kayley and Lauren on social media! (Sorry Lianne!). They were everything the original youtubers stood for: being themselves, being funny, declaring what they loved to everyone and of course…awful camera/sound quality! I watched them every week back in 2009 and get so much nostalgia when I hear the old intro! Who else adored these girls?!

CTFXC (Charles Trippy and Allie)

Wow…has this guy been through a lot over the last 10+ years!

He literally vlogged every single day for 10 whole years! Not 1 break! Not even when he was having brain surgery! He got the surgery staff to film it! Charles is so real about what he’s thinking, very funny, has amazing dogs called Zoey, Marley and Diesel and a stunning wife! He’s doing chemotherapy at the minute and recently had another seizure (after almost a year without).

Which original youtubers did you used to watch back in the day?


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