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Why I Haven’t Posted On Youtube In 6 Months


If you’re new to my blog then you probably won’t know that I have a Youtube channel. It’s like my blog in terms of Harry Potter with a dash of lifestyle and mental health! The only difference is that you can see and hear me! I’ve been on there for a year and a bit but as you can see from the title, I haven’t posted in 6 months. There are so many reasons why I haven’t posted anything so I thought I’d choose a handful so you can see what is going on inside my head.

i hate the way i sound and look

Yeaaaah. This is definitely one of the very top reasons why I haven’t posted. I have no problem chatting to the camera! That is something I find a lot of fun especially when I can be a little more creative or I’m chatting about something I’m excited about. It’s when I get to editing my video that I have to listen to myself talk and I hate it. I’ve always hated the way I sounded ever since I was a child. I sound super nasally which I have tried to have rectified over 10 years ago through a septoplasty, but nope…no change. I do sound clearer than I did thanks to doing acting over the years but not enough for me to like.

As for the way I look, that is a major issue I’m hoping to come to terms with in therapy. A lot of body issues right there especially with my smile!

my neighbours are noisy

I moved into my flat just over a year ago and what you don’t know is that I’ve had a few little issues with my neighbours. Don’t get me wrong…they are really friendly and I can chat to them whenever I see them. However, the neighbours below me are alcoholics and love to blare their music extra loud during all hours of the day and sometimes late into the night and the ones near them love to chat super loud outside, play the car radio super loud and yell at each other. All of these factors make filming awkward.

It doesn’t help that the walls are pretty thin so you can every little thing and I find it a little difficult to be as energetic as I want to be in case they hear me. Maybe I’ll find the confidence to be me but we’ll see.

i’m too boring to watch

That annoying comparison demon loves to hit me! I always think ‘Why would anyone watch me compared to that person? I’m so boring!’. I have images of what I wish my videos ended up like but they either never turn out that way or I don’t have the means to make them like I want. More and more Potter Youtubers have been joining and I see them doing so much better. Their content is really good but they also seem to have a bit more money than me so can buy merch to do unboxings and things! I hate how whiney I sound yet I want to be completely open and honest with you on how I feel.

my camera hates me

Alright so it isn’t so much that my camera hates me or at least I don’t think it does, but I can only film 2 minutes before my camera stops recording. When you’re trying to film a 5-minute video, it makes you lose the will to record anything. I could be chatting away like crazy or actually like what I just did and then I realised that I’ve been cut off. Gah!

I’m going to add to my July goals by saying I’m going to try and film at least one video this month. I will be extremely rusty so, if I do, please don’t judge!

Have you subscribed to me on Youtube? If you have, which video did you enjoy? If you haven’t, what would make you subscribe?

Fandom Harry Potter

11 Magical Harry Potter Gift Ideas For Witches & Wizards

gift ideas

I know it’s not Christmas but there are so many opportunities to get gifts for different occasions such as birthdays, graduations, new babies…you name it, there is someone who needs a gift. I’m going to pick 20 gifts for that special witch or wizard in your life!

for the little witches & wizards

“When In Doubt, Go To The Library” Onesie Set (£38.92)

This set is adorable!! For any parents that end up calling their daughter Hermione or have a little one that may grow up to love books, this set would be amazing! I found this on Etsy and fell in love with it! With the set you get a onesie with the quote on the front, a Quidditch beanie, a Quidditch pair of leggings and some headbands! The onesie is organic so should be good for anyone who worries. The onesie has some built-in mittens, the leggings have a yoga-type waistband so it isn’t uncomfortable for a newborn, the hat has a hidden seam inside so it doesn’t rub on your baby’s head and the headband actually stretches as they grow!

I Roar For Gryffindor Sleepsuit and Bib Set (£4.95)

For any teeny Gryffindors out there, I think they would love this set. They get to show off their House colours at bed-time or around their home and have a bib to keep everything all nice and tidy! The bib does say ‘Future Wizard’ but I’m sure a little girl would love the sleepsuit to show off what a brave little girl she is! It’s actually been reduced from £14 to £4.95 so yay bargains!

Honeydukes T-Shirt (£10)

What I wouldn’t give for this t-shirt to come in adult size! It’s so cute! I have one major sweet tooth and don’t think I’d have many teeth left if I had magical sweets. It has sugar quills, chocolate frogs, Bertie Botts and other sweets sticking out of the pocket and over the t-shirt!

Hogwarts Boy PJs with shorts (£10)

No kid likes to be hot at night so, for any wizards from 5-6 years all the way to 12-13 years, I bet they would love! What is really cool about the PJ top is the design on front. Hogwarts is all designed and connected like constellations and it’s stunning. I think a Scorpius Malfoy would have liked this as a kid.

For the guys

Deathly Hallows Men’s T-Shirt (£14.99)

Something I’m always jealous of the guys for having and that is that they have amazing nerdy t-shirts! They’re so cool and creative! Look how cool this Deathly Hallows t-shirt is. It’s obviously the shape but it’s made out of words of the 3 elements that make it: the Invisibility Cloak, the Elder Wand and the Resurrection Stone. Together they make the Master of Death. So simple but amazing!

Charms Men’s T-Shirt (£14.99)

Another brilliant t-shirt! It is black with rainbow writing that labels some of the spells and charms used in Harry Potter along with the wand movements too! I’d probably get arrested for staring too much at a guy’s chest and trying to copy the wand movements too much.

Deathly Hallows Wallet (£13.45)

Every time a guy and he pays for something, he has a wallet so why not gift your special man with this beautiful Deathly Hallows wallet. I promise there are tons of men products that aren’t just this symbol…I just think it looks cool! It has the main Deathly Hallows in the middle but it also has tons of teeny ones engraved into the fabric!

For the ladies

Harry Potter Wand Necklace (£25)

This is something on my Christmas wishlist or birthday wishlist! I’ve been meaning to treat myself to it for so long and, if I do well with my mental health in the next few months, I’m going to get it. This is a silver-plated replica of Harry’s wand that you can get from WB Studio Tour London! As well as Harry’s, you can get Dumbledore’s and Hermione’s wands! A little sad that Ron has been left out again but maybe he’ll be added at a later date? Please?

Wingardium Leviosa Kit (£10)

One of my favourite scenes in the Harry Potter films has to be the moment Hermione is trying to teach Ron how to perform Wingardium Leviosa! This special set actually lets you levitate a feather just like Hermione. You even get her wand to do it with her. Maybe you’ll have the magic touch that will have Hogwarts contacting you!

Marauder’s Map Shoes (£32.99)

If the Vans x Harry Potter collection is too expensive for you right now, then you can pick out these Marauder’s Map shoes from EMP as a gift! They are just as cool-looking and it has the little shoeprints wandering around them! So cute and only half the price!

Loungefly Magical Creatures Purse (£32.99)

You can’t have a Harry Potter gift ideas list without something from Loungefly! This is another brand I would like to work with one day because they have such beautiful purses and other fandom items such as bags, lunch-boxes, tablet cares and more! I love all the little details on this purse showing different magical creatures from the series like Fawkes, a thestral and Hedwig!

What would be on your Potter gift ideas list?