My Visit To Los Angeles And One Last Memory

Los Angeles

If you’re new to my blog then you won’t know that around 3 years ago I had the chance to go on holiday to Los Angeles!! It had been on my wishlist for so many years and when I was told that we were going, you can imagine my excitement! What I didn’t know was that this would be my last ever holiday with my mum and the last chance for us to be ‘normal’. Since it’ll have been 3 years this Monday, I thought I’d share some of the random photos I took!

As you can guess, this post will be pretty photo-heavy so I hope you’re ready for my awful photography!

We were going to Los Angeles for about 10 days and staying at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. If you don’t know where that is, it’s actually in Beverly Hills and right opposite Rodeo Drive! I can already hear my fashion friends going slightly nuts! It was as gorgeous as you can imagine and dogs…lots of little dogs!

We flew with Virgin Atlantic and, since we were going over on my mum’s birthday, I decided to treat her to a surprise. Virgin lets you do something called a ‘First Class’ experience where you get to use the Upper Class Lounge for around £50! As well as that you get to get driven from your hotel to the upper class entrance, get whisked through security and basically get pampered!

I think deep down Mum knew something was happening with her because she literally put everything into this holiday including letting us fly Premium Economy! Not quite Economy/Coach and not as high as First Class but in the middle. You get more room, proper cutlery to use and a drink before take-off. To me, that is luxury! The picture above was taken by my mum and you can just see her in the reflection of my glasses! I never realised she had held my camera is such a weird way! Haha! Oh and LOOK AT THIS TEENY ICE LOLLY!!

Los Angeles

I’ll be honest with you…I was actually a little scared of staying in this part of Los Angeles. Not that I thought it was dangerous or anything but purely because I felt too ugly and plain to be seen walking around there. We’ve all seen the big celebs with their security and bags on arm walking from Chanel or Gucci. Can you really picture me in any of those high-end stores?! I could but only for a second. It made my first day on holiday a little awkward since I was expecting the whole ‘Pretty Woman’ stuck-up nose treatment. In reality, people were SUPER friendly! I didn’t get bad looks. I was told where to go to find Sephora and the girls in Burberry and Chanel were so nice.

Can you guess what the picture down below is?

This, my dear reader, is their take on afternoon tea! First off…look at the size!! I literally stared at everything! You had cranberry scones on the bottom, cakes in the middle, tarts and every teeny dessert that you could ask for! We got some tea (they brought honey to put in) and a glass of champagne. There was something quite powerful about being able to sit in front of your hotel with all these people, not knowing if you were sitting next to an actor or a producer! (Fun fact: I did get to sit next to a producer of the Big Bang Theory! Haha!)

The Beverly Wilshire was everything we had been expected and more! Nothing was a bother to the staff and they made us feel really welcome. It felt as if we were visiting family! They chatted to us about the most random things, gave us helpful tips on where to go and what to try, gave Mum amazing assistance when they knew she was disabled and that it was her birthday and so much more! They had a complimentary driver who drove you wherever you wanted to go for free and, if you rang, they would come and pick you up. It was a true red carpet experience! The rooms were super comfortable with their massive beds, a balcony where you could see the Hollywood sign and dressing gowns you could use!

Los Angeles

I think I may have almost cried when I saw this right in front of me! For anyone that doesn’t know, the Dolby Theatre is where the Academy Awards are based! I didn’t care if I couldn’t get inside or anything. Being able to be there was enough and I got to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame too! There were quite a few names that I had never heard of but I guessed that they were from old Hollywood!

I got to be one of those tourists you see on the bus with their camera out going ooh…ahh! It was a lot of fun but couldn’t sit up on the top. It was way too hot!! On a few of the days there it was 42 degrees! It was bad enough that the people of LA had to see a sweaty Daisy but they didn’t need to see a crispy one too!

As an actress who is really interested in the film industry and how things work behind the scenes, I knew I had to visit one of the studios! It was Hollywood! I couldn’t not! Between Mum and I, we chose to visit Warner Bros Hollywood! These guys brought the Harry Potter films to life and so many other films and TV shows! You were given the chance to get into a golf cart and were taking around some of the sets that have been used and past some studios that still get used! I went by where they had filmed Friends (the place even has a plaque to remember!) and I got to look around the place where Ellen is filmed!

This was such an incredible experience! Seeing everything around me was so surreal and the guide that took us round was really friendly and you could tell how passionate she was about film. I remember she loved the fact that we were British and we actually got chatting about Harry Potter! I’ve just seen that the tour has a Wizarding World experience where you can see some of the costumes from the films and even pretend to get sorted with the actual Sorting Hat! As well as that they have Fantastic Beasts too!

It might come as surprise but one of the reasons I took this picture of The Viper Room was because of Jemma (Dorkface)! I can’t even remember why but I do remember that she was a reason! The other was because I’d heard so many stories of a film actor called River Phoenix who had passed away there. It was such a famous spot and I was quite proud of myself for taking this from a moving tour bus!

The tour took us around the hills of Beverly Hills showing us all the famous spots, some of the houses of celebs such as Reese Witherspoon, Gwen Stefani and even the old houses of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe!

I really want to go back to Los Angeles in the next couple of years so I can relive some of these memories, visit Universal Studios and see the Wizarding World! Nothing wrong with seeing one in Orlando and LA, right? If I win the lottery, I’ll let you know! I’m so glad that I got to experience all of these memories with Mum especially since she seemed to really enjoy the chance to relax, get looked after and sample bits of the high life! We loved the Cheesecake Factory and made friends with one of the staff who even bought me a lip gloss that she had been wearing and I’d admired!

Have you ever visited Los Angeles? What would you love to see when you’re there?

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