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What Are My Social Media Peeves?

social media

These days social media is a massive thing to a lot of people! It’s important to bloggers, our readers and companies alike! There are loads of different sites: you have Twitter, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, TikToc, Tumblr and more. Social media lets you reach so many people from all over the world and I do adore that but I do have a few peeves that make using it annoying sometimes.

the comparison factor

Ahh! This is one giant peeve! I compared myself to others long before social media was a thing but now it’s a big problem especially to children and teens. They see their favourite celebs/vloggers/bloggers posting what seems like such a perfect life and look that they can’t help but compare what their life looks like. They don’t always realise that what they’re seeing has been edited into such a way that it looks perfect. It can really play upon the mental health of kids and I hate that. I’m trying to not be as triggered by what I can’t be but focus on what I can.

Fake accounts/bots

Whoever started with the first ever fake account should’ve been banned for life! Fake accounts and bots are a nightmare to deal with! As a blogger you’re constantly trying to build your online presence and reach actual people who want to read/watch! However we get hassled by these fake accounts. You look at your follower count, get excited when you see it has gone up and then see it go down almost immediately. They ask follow for a follow, random comments that make actually no sense and are even sometimes gross porn accounts. Ew.

triggering images/videos

This is a sad peeve since it has actually involved me muting some friends in the past. I totally understand why people want to either want to share or comment on something that they feel passionate about, but I think they sometimes forget that they may trigger others.

I’ve seen pictures or clips online of some horrendous things such as animal abuse and they have sent me offline. Along with that you can also get posts where someone has added a trigger warning (which is greatly appreciated!) at the start but immediately get into the topic. This is usually around mental health. I love the fact that people are talking more openly about it but…yeah. I’ve now muted the words that trigger me in hopes I don’t see any of this.


I ask myself every day why not more is done to prevent these people being online. They are some of the worst types of people and they don’t care. The trolls that find one of your posts and immediately start bullying, leaving awful comments about the way you look, wishing you the most horrific death in detail and doing everything they can to push you over the edge for fun. You then have perverts. I’ve been doing my best to avoid these guys and it helps that I’m not interesting at all, but I’ve recently seen some of my friends being targeted such as HelloMissJordan and FromSarahLex!

I do have so many other social media peeves but I thought I’d let you leave before you have me ranting for hours. I’d love for you to share what annoys the heck out of you about social media whether it’s through working on it professionally, blogging or just in general!

What are your top peeves?


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