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What I hope to achieve in July (goals and hopes)


Another month is coming to the end and that means we’re counting down the months until Christmas! Yes, I mentioned the C word! June might almost be over but that means one thing…it’s nearly Potter Month!! It’s not an official thing but, as the month when Harry, JK and Ali Caitrin were born (yes, they were all born on July 31st!),  I class it as Potter Month. I wish I could come up with 31 different posts to subject you all to every single day but I’m surprised if I can even post once a week sometimes. To get my head ready for July, I’ve decided to come up with a list of goals I want to hit!

June was quite a slow month both life and blog-wise but I’m still so impressed with myself for having kept up with any kind of blog post at all! My mental health was a fun little roller-coaster but I did take myself out of my flat a little bit more when the UK wasn’t getting drenched by Mother Nature.

Try to get 5100 followers on Twitter

You guys know that I’m constantly on Twitter! Whether it’s posting about my blog, chatting away with people using gifs and RTing/liking any fun tweets about fandom or cute animals! Since it’s my most active social media, I would love to get a nice round number before the end of July! I don’t usually set many follower goals because they go up and down so often. That said, I don’t think this is an impossible number to get since I’m already at 5057 followers. 31 days!

Try to get 850 followers on Instagram

Oof! Instagram…Instagram…Instagram! Why must you be so tricky? This is probably one of the hardest goals on my little list because we all know how unpredictable Instagram is at the minute. This time last year I was actually trying hard to get to 1000 followers but after a massive clear-out, I dropped all the way down to the low 800s. Frustrating or what! I could’ve tried to get 900 but that would never happen to me in a month! Not even in 5 months! I’m at 538 at the minute so I’m actually expecting to go down. Fingers crossed!

Visit some Potter locations in Oxford

This has been one of my dream goals to do ever since I watched the Potter films! I’ve always wanted to visit Oxford too so I’d be killing 2 birds with 1 stone. I’ve seen a few friends visiting over the last year and it’s about time that it’s mine! I’m hoping to spend a couple of days there so I don’t have to rush anything and enjoy the city! Have any of you guys visited the locations? If so, do you have any tips for me? Haha!

Read 10 books

One of the easiest goals on my list! I adore reading and there are so many books that I have left in my TBR pile. All YA and I’m looking forward to escaping into them! I could probably read 15 but if I keep a low number I might surprise myself!

Go to YALC at London Film and Comic Con

Carrying on with the bookish theme, I’m really hoping to attend YALC (a book convention for YA books) and it’s based inside London Film and Comic Con! I’ve heard of this convention for a year or two so I’m going to pray that my anxiety doesn’t get in the way of book lover ways and prevent me from going like it did to MCM Comic Con last month. There are so many of my favourite authors attending! Plus I’m going to head into LFCC as well to have a look there too so yay!

Buy an outfit out of my comfort zone and take a picture

This is one of the hardest goals for me. I have incredible anxiety when it comes to going into clothes shops. I appreciate the gorgeous clothes in them but I can’t go in. I’m planning what I want to buy and I’m hoping that if I buy online I can cut out the discomfort, get the clothes and then have an OOTD in them! I’m going to ask some advice from fashion blogger friends on what would suit me and hope for the best!

What are your goals for July?

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