What I Discovered In My Family Tree On Ancestry

Family Tree

After losing my mum a couple of years ago, the shock made me realise that I didn’t know that much about my family especially my dad’s side of the family. All of the men tended to have a thing where they hated having their photo taken so much so that I have no pictures with mt dad at all. I never knew how much I wish I had pushed him to take one with me until he was gone. Now that both parents are gone I wanted to learn more about them through their families and a family tree! I started with my dad because his side was actually easier to research so let’s see what I discovered!

Everyone meet my great-great grandad, Frank! He was born in 1878 and died in 1978 so he lived a really long life! What I love about Ancestry (not sponsored by the way!) is that you have access to censuses from so many years ago. I still haven’t figured out how far back they go but I managed to go back as far as 1881 for Frank. One of the incredible things I discovered about him was that at 23 years old he was a photographer!! A photographer in 1901! That is so cool! No wonder I love taking pictures. I would love to get some more information about this such as was he an amateur one or was he professional?

Family tree

These are 3 out of 5 of my great-great uncles: Walter, Victor and Albert (Jack). I don’t know if you can tell from the picture but this was actually taken from a super early copy of a newspaper. Unfortunately they weren’t in the paper for a good reason. In this family we had parents Frank and Clarissa, brothers Walter, Victor, Albert, Sidney, Herbert and Frank and a sister Florence. That’s 7 kids!! I think you can guess what happened to my uncles…they lost their lives fighting in World War I. Walter died in France on 28th November 1914 aged 34, Victor died in France on 13th November 1916 aged 28 and Albert died in France on 7th May 1917 aged 31.

Discovering that I had lost family on the 100th anniversary of World War I was a big thing for me and I was so glad that I was able to pay my respects to them for what they did.

Their brother Sidney had one of the coolest things for me to discover in my family tree..HE MOVED TO AMERICA!! He arrived in Canada in 1913 on the Laurentic, got married to my great-great aunt Dora and 10 years later they moved to Detroit, Michigan. Does that make me 1/4 American/Canadian? Haha!

family tree

Moving on the ladies on my mum’s side of the family and oh…my…days!! I never knew my ancestors were travellers like this! My great-great granda WIlliam and great-great nanny Jane had 11 KIDS!! Ooof! That must have been one cramp house!

My mum’s family (including mum) all came from Northern Ireland so that made researching them a little more tricky. The lady in the picture is my great-great aunt Jane. She was born in 1862 and at some point in her life she decided to move from Northern Ireland all the way to Otago (Omimi) in New Zealand!! I have family somewhere in New Zealand!! That is so cool! She wasn’t my only aunt to move there! My great-great aunt Elizabeth moved to Otago too (Dunedin). Their brother George moved to Texas!! Their sister Mary moved to Australia!  Clearly my mum’s family were adventurers!

I’m still scratching the surface of my family tree since these are only a handful of people I’ve researched into. If you’re interested in researching into your own family tree, then definitely check out Ancestry UK! It is super simple to use and has so much info about everything from birth, death and marriage certificates to immigration to other countries! Again, not sponsored but if they wanted to…haha.

Have you ever researched your family tree? If yes, what did you find? If not, would you?

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