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Tracking My Anxiety Triggers Through A Week

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Oh boy…the last few days everything has triggered my anxiety and left me sometimes a sobbing, trembling wreck. It’s a nightmare! If you suffer from anxiety too, there may be a few triggers mentioned so this is a little warning for you just in case. They shouldn’t be too bad since they’re my own personal triggers but you never know!

This post was actually inspired by Career Girl Daily who wrote about tracking your mood and the things that work and don’t work in your day. I thought I’d put my own swing on things and try to track some of my triggers last week to see if I can figure out what I can change or just learn to deal with!

Periods/pmt/lady time/hell

Ooooof! Excuse me while I rant at Eve for causing ladies to have this chaos every month. Every girl deals with her lady time differently. Some have it light, some heavy, some not at all. We all have hell! I seriously get triggered every few weeks by my period starting and it feels like it heightens my anxiety x100. I cry, I hate the way I feel bloated, my skin looks terrible and my mental health just takes the worst rollercoaster ever!

I would love if any of you ladies have got tips you’ve found helped you during this time.


The UK is known for its freaky weather. One minute it could be glorious sunshine and the next, it’s the ice age! You literally can get 4 types of weather in one day! Right now I think Mother Nature is having her lady time because it keeps going hot and then cold and then extra hot. Nothing nastier than feeling icky at night and not knowing what to do with yourself. I hate being sweaty and never have the right night-clothes for the job! I have tried to drink more water and sleep with a sheet on top but I can’t control the weather.

*mumbles* Stupid weather ruining my life…

Social media

To be honest, the only social media I use consistently is Twitter and that site can be bloody awful sometimes! In the last week I’ve had people I follow either tweet or like tweets that have been extremely triggering especially one with a cat being kicked. WHY?! Why does that need to be a thing online?! That actually started a very low night for me and lasted for 3 straight days. It doesn’t take much to trigger someone so please:

  • Be mindful of what you comment on or like especially if it shows a form of abuse.
  • Be respectful if someone asks you to delete a tweet. They aren’t forming a vendetta on you personally but may be triggered by what you’ve typed.


Not everyone has noisy neighbours or idiots that visit them but the last week has been crazy for one of my neighbours. She constantly has people coming back and forth to her flat at 2am revving their car, full headlights on, laughing loudly or even yelling at each other. This could happen at least 2/3 times every other night. I chose the flat I have now because it was quiet and made it easy for my Aspergers but AHHHHH! I was actually triggered today because I was told that a rat has been seen near her property.

Anxiety attacks are NOT fun. Thankfully one of my elderly neighbours saw me, brought me into her bungalow, gave me some tea and let me listen to music while I calmed down. She’s a godsend!

What are your anxiety triggers? Have you found things that help?

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