Tips For Planning Your Fandom Staycation


Even though the UK has been pretty rainy the last week, it is Summer and that for some people means summer holidays! Woo! Whether you have kids to entertain, a partner or even just you then you are probably trying to come up with some reason to fill the time you have off with something. You wouldn’t be on my blog if you weren’t just a little nerdy so here are a few fun tips to plan for a fandom staycation!

think of a fandom/fandoms

Okay…you’ve decided to stay in the UK for the summer but still want a break away somewhere. First off: yay for breaks!! Everyone needs one especially if you’ve worked crazy hours and need a change of scenery for a little bit. The fun thing about having a staycation as a nerd is that you get to see certain areas of the UK in a whole new light. There are even a few places near where I live that have been in films and TV…even Harry Potter! You just have to choose whether you want to go somewhere your favourite fandom used or, if you’re going to a city like London, you can focus on a number of fandoms!


Being a fan isn’t cheap! Once we love for something then we want to buy everything! Even staying in the UK is sometimes expensive so you have to decide what your budget is. You could either have a day trip somewhere or you can have a few days away. It’s totally up to you! If you’re staying a few days then it’s best to look around for the best deals where you want to go for hotels and places to eat. You can’t stare in awe on an empty stomach!

plan, plan, plan

You want to be able to enjoy your staycation without any worries, don’t you? You have to plan. Plan how you’re going to get to your destination (car or public transport), where you’re staying, the easiest way to get to where you want to visit and the most important parts…the souvenir shop and the best spots to get decent photos! WB Studio Tour London has some of the best spots to take that perfect magical selfie!

check the weather

As we’ve seen this week the UK loves to be unpredictable when it comes to weather! We can literally have 4 different types in 1 day! It’s not as important if you’re visiting indoor places but it’s good to double-check what will be happening if you’re looking around outside. There are so many streets and the fronts of buildings that are used for TV/Film! I mean…look at Sherlock and New Gover Street near Euston Station being used for Baker Street!

alone or with company

This depends on you. Do you prefer your own company or do you not mind sharing memories with others? I’m 50/50. Majority of the time I prefer my own company and can easily go to the cinema and still have fun. However there is something somehow special about visiting nerdy places with friends who love the same fandom as you! You almost get double the excitement and have more memories to relive afterwards!

Are you planning a fandom staycation this year? If so, where are you going?!

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