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It’s almost here!! After what seems like literally forever, WB Games/Portkey Games are finally about to release the incredible new Harry Potter app Wizards Unite! I’ve been following these guys since the early days and I have been chomping at the bit to get started with this! Yesterday we were treated to a trailer that literally felt like it was part of the films! I actually want a TV show with the guys in it because they were awesome! It’s only right that I react to the trailer and give you my honest opinions…like the Potterhead I am!

Okay…we start off with a news broadcast and see a woman frantically sticking stuff to her flat! I immediately got Sherlock vibes from this where he would have a crime and stick stuff up so he can look for patterns and connections to different things! I love it! There’s a great newspaper cutout that says ‘Escaped platypus runs amok in coastal town’! That poor Niffler…being misunderstood by the muggles! The woman has to be a witch since she knew what he really was!

There’s a massive bang and we see a snitch hovering outside the window! Where is Harry and Draco to go chase down that snitch?! We then see black smoke trails and, if you know Potter, you know those trails mean Deatheaters! Oh heck!

DEMENTORS?! IN THE MUGGLE WORLD?! They’re chasing someone too!! RUNNNN!

I’m so going to bring a wand with me with my phone so I can look this epic!! I wonder what wand type this lady has! The Ollivander in me is curious! Haha.

The guy who uses his wand to float a flake onto his icecream is mood!! You have to admit that you’d probably do the same if you had magic!


I love how the two guys are all psyched up to take on these deatheaters and the young lady is like ‘noooo! I know magic but I don’t want to fight those!’. Seeing the guys as possible Gryffindors and the girl…Ravenclaw? What do you think?

The wand fights!! I missed those even if it’s only been a few months since Crimes of Grindewald! They look so cool! I definitely want to see these guys doing more stuff! Please can we have a Wizards Unite show with them or at least know their names!

Woo!! The boot porkey saves the day!!

Merlin’s beard!! She’s actually using Hagrid’s umbrella wand! That has to be the best prop ever!

Awww! Cute little moment with the Niffler! Just randomly collecting its gold while everything us going crazy and icy around it. Newt would be questioning everything right there.

As soon as I saw that the Dementor was giving the Dementor’s Kiss, I immediately wanted to find a way to help him because that is one nasty way to go! It reminded me a lot of Harry being targeted in Order of the Phoenix!

Oooo!! She did Expecto Patronum (though she said a little weird at the end)…I wonder what her Patronus was?


So most of these thoughts for Wizards Unite probably don’t make any sense at all because I was freaking out as I watched the trailer. It honestly felt more like a TV promo for a new show on Netflix or something. I would totally go for that because TV needs more Wizarding World on it! The app will be released this Friday (21st June) so get ready! I’m going to find a way to battle with you guys!

What are your thoughts on the Wizards Unite app trailer?



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