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3 Favourite Fictional Best Friends | #BestFriendsDay

Happy Best Friends Day!! This is a really late post for me (it’s almost 10pm…ah!) but I hadn’t realised what day it was today and what post I could write! I literally could write a mammoth post about all of my favourite fictional best friends but you guys are bored of my blog already. The 3 I’ve chosen are my favourites or, in other words, the only 3 Daisy could think of because it is nearly 10pm! Haha.

Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter

It’s no surprise that I’m a massive fan of these two boys from Cursed Child! You literally have to see the play to understand just how incredible they are as characters when they brought to life on stage. I can’t talk about all the big things I love about them because that would spoil the play but I’ll say what I can. They look out for each other, they defend one another when the world is against them and, even though they can fight or not understand sometimes, they remain the best of friends. They go through so much and come out stronger…and maybe more. *wink* Pleasemakethemcanon!

Harry potter, ron weasley and hermione granger

What a shock to see these 3 on my list (!) Come on…you can’t talk about best friends without talking about THE best friends. The golden trio! Throughout my childhood they taught me about friendship, how to survive the school bullies, how to apologise when you said something wrong and how to feel understood. I don’t make friends very easily due to not understanding people a lot but the friends I have made are all big nerds and it’s thanks to this group that I am as open as I am now! They’re even the reason why I blog!

My favourite moments are:

  • Ron sacrificing himself for Harry and Hermione on the giant chessboard.
  • Harry remembering his moments with Ron and Hermione when he possessed by Voldemort.
  • Them working together to figure out Nicholas Flamel.
  • Hermione being saved by Ron and Harry from the troll.

Rachel berry and kurt hummel

I bet you’re surprised that I have these on my list but I was so in love with the friendship between Rachel and Kurt!! They were so over the top with their fights to be the best and to be noticed but were always there for each other when things got too much. They pushed each other to reach their potential even when Kurt didn’t get accepted into drama school and Rachel did. They remind me a lot of some of my actor friends! Obviously not as crazy as them but you can’t have an acting course without some friendly competition!

My favourite moments are:

  • The talk Rachel and Kurt have in Rachel’s bedroom (6×01)
  • The fight both of them have yelling truths at each other (4×13)
  • Kurt giving Rachel a makeover (1×11)
  • Their epic Defying Gravity duet (1×11)

Who are your favourite fictional best friends?


My LGBTQ+ Book Picks | Pride Month 2019

LGBTQ Book PicksWe’re carrying with the LGBTQ+ content on my blog with some of my favourite book picks! There are so many out there these days and I love diving into their worlds to see their experiences and hoping it will teach others to respect and to accept! We’re got a lovely little mixture of YA, adult and some upcoming books for 2019! Ignore the horrendous graphic…I try to make things a little different and I’ve realised that I’m graphically challenged! Haha!

Yes, you are trans enough (mia violet)

AHHHH! I actually know this person!! I have had the honor to have many a chat with Mia through Twitter and she is seriously one of the loveliest ladies out there! It’s been amazing to see her journey transitioning from male to female. As you’ll see from her book, life has not been easy for her as it is unfortunately with a lot of trans people. Read Mia’s experience and then head over to her Twitter to gush at her!

proud (juno dawson)

I seriously need to get this book when I next get paid because I think it’s been stalking me every time I head into Waterstones! It stares at me from the shelf telling me to buy it! What I love about this book is that it’s an amazing assortment of various stories and poetry from some of the amazing LGBTQ+ writers out there! Some of my favourites are Alice Oseman and Alex Bertie!

mama’s boy (dustin lance black)

Does this name sound familiar? It should! This guy won an Oscar for his film ‘Milk’ back in 2008 and he’s also the sassy husband of Tom Daley (yep, the diver!!). I adore seeing Lance in Tom’s vlogs because his humour is just perfect and you can tell he’s not afraid to tell Tom what’s what so woo! I had absolutely clue that he’d written a book so when I saw this, I knew I had to include it in my post! You get to see Lance’s journey from his Mormon background to where he is now fighting for LGBTQ+ rights.

wayward son (rainbow rowell)

It’s official: this cover is now one of my favourites!! Look at it! If you adored Carry On, then you’ll need to pre-order this! IT’S THE SEQUEL!! You get to see what happens to Simon after he defeated the villain and what life has in store for him and Baz! You never know what Rainbow has created! That’s what I love!

heartstopper: vol 2 (alice oseman)

If graphic novels are your thing, then Alice’s series ‘Heartstopper’ needs to be in your life! I bought the first volume last year and I ended up melting at Nick and Charlie’s relationship! Sometimes they seem nothing more than best friends and then other moments they’re in love! Just like real life! Haha! The other thing that I adore is that Alice looks at mental health as well which I can imagine will be handed beautifully! This comes out next month (July 11th) so get buying!

gentleman jack (sally wainwright)

I’ve seen so many people gushing about Gentleman Jack since it’s currently on BBC 1! I’ll be honest with you…I haven’t read the book OR seen the episodes just yet because you know…life…but I’m planning to some time this week! From what I’ve seen of the trailer it looks amazing and I already know it’s incredible!! Look at the cast! Suranne Jones, Gemma Jones (MADAM POMFREY!), Timothy West and Stephanie Cole (Carolyn from Cabin Pressure!).

birthday (meredith russo)

I actually saw this today! Birthday follows Eric and Morgan who were born on the same day, the same place and at the same time. You’ve got Eric who has been offered a football scholarship but is seriously having second thoughts and then Morgan is fighting with herself and who she truly wants to be. Meredith’s last book ‘If I Was A Girl’ was heartbreaking and brilliant so I have no doubt that this will tear at my heart too!

yay! you’re gay! now what? (riyadh khalaf)

This title! Every time I see it I just giggle because it’s amazing! I’d never heard of Riyadh before today so I’m going to check out some of his videos when I’ve finished this. I included it in my picks is that it gives a personal guide for any guys who have discovered they’re gay! I don’t think any are in my demographics but you might have a brother or friend who might need some help.

sonny and me (ross sayers)

I don’t know too much about this book but I heard that it has some LGBTQ+ elements included and the synopsis sounds so good!!

Daughter and Sonny are two best friends just trying to get through fourth year at high school. But when their favourite teacher leaves unexpectedly, and no one will say why, the boys decide to start their own investigation. As they dig deeper into the staff at Battlefield High, they discover a dark secret which one person will kill to protect…

Will they uncover the truth without being expelled? Can their friendship survive when personal secrets are revealed? And will they manage to skive off double English?

queer heroes (arabelle sicardi)

Look at this book! Where has this been all my life?! This is actually in the children’s section! Progress at last!! This whole book showcases all the amazing LGBTQ+ heroes throughout the history and the present such as Freddie Mercury, Leonardo da Vinci and Oscar Wilde! So many historical figures that you may have not known was in the LGBTQ+ section!

What LGBTQ+ book picks have you gotten on your lists?

Mental Health

Tracking My Anxiety Triggers Through A Week

triggersPhoto by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

Oh boy…the last few days everything has triggered my anxiety and left me sometimes a sobbing, trembling wreck. It’s a nightmare! If you suffer from anxiety too, there may be a few triggers mentioned so this is a little warning for you just in case. They shouldn’t be too bad since they’re my own personal triggers but you never know!

This post was actually inspired by Career Girl Daily who wrote about tracking your mood and the things that work and don’t work in your day. I thought I’d put my own swing on things and try to track some of my triggers last week to see if I can figure out what I can change or just learn to deal with!

Periods/pmt/lady time/hell

Ooooof! Excuse me while I rant at Eve for causing ladies to have this chaos every month. Every girl deals with her lady time differently. Some have it light, some heavy, some not at all. We all have hell! I seriously get triggered every few weeks by my period starting and it feels like it heightens my anxiety x100. I cry, I hate the way I feel bloated, my skin looks terrible and my mental health just takes the worst rollercoaster ever!

I would love if any of you ladies have got tips you’ve found helped you during this time.


The UK is known for its freaky weather. One minute it could be glorious sunshine and the next, it’s the ice age! You literally can get 4 types of weather in one day! Right now I think Mother Nature is having her lady time because it keeps going hot and then cold and then extra hot. Nothing nastier than feeling icky at night and not knowing what to do with yourself. I hate being sweaty and never have the right night-clothes for the job! I have tried to drink more water and sleep with a sheet on top but I can’t control the weather.

*mumbles* Stupid weather ruining my life…

Social media

To be honest, the only social media I use consistently is Twitter and that site can be bloody awful sometimes! In the last week I’ve had people I follow either tweet or like tweets that have been extremely triggering especially one with a cat being kicked. WHY?! Why does that need to be a thing online?! That actually started a very low night for me and lasted for 3 straight days. It doesn’t take much to trigger someone so please:

  • Be mindful of what you comment on or like especially if it shows a form of abuse.
  • Be respectful if someone asks you to delete a tweet. They aren’t forming a vendetta on you personally but may be triggered by what you’ve typed.


Not everyone has noisy neighbours or idiots that visit them but the last week has been crazy for one of my neighbours. She constantly has people coming back and forth to her flat at 2am revving their car, full headlights on, laughing loudly or even yelling at each other. This could happen at least 2/3 times every other night. I chose the flat I have now because it was quiet and made it easy for my Aspergers but AHHHHH! I was actually triggered today because I was told that a rat has been seen near her property.

Anxiety attacks are NOT fun. Thankfully one of my elderly neighbours saw me, brought me into her bungalow, gave me some tea and let me listen to music while I calmed down. She’s a godsend!

What are your anxiety triggers? Have you found things that help?


Favourite LGBTQ+ Youtubers | Pride Month 2019


Happy June 1st which also means the start of Pride Month 2019!! *waves all the rainbow flags* I’ve been looking forward to having a week of colours and love and LGBTQ+! I’d do the whole month but I genuinely wouldn’t know what to write about her without having to say the same thing over and over again! Haha! Last year I did a post about my favourite LGBTQ+ youtubers and, since it’s been a whole 365 days since then, I’ve discovered more to love!


Let me introduce you to the epicness that is Dutchy aka Megan Dijkman! She is an amazing Aussie youtuber who is bi and proud! I always find myself leaning towards people who make me smile, don’t take themselves too seriously and just have a great sense of humour. That is all Dutchy! I wish I had discovered her a lot sooner but better late than never!


I love watching family vloggers! They allow you to see little bits of their day even though they may have kids to look after and life to carry on with! As an only child, I like to see big families having all this fun! I stumbled on Tara, Mandi and their three daughters! They are beyond adorable and don’t pretend to be something they’re not! If they’re struggling with their vlogs, they let you know!

Elle Mills

Need an hilarious youtuber to love who isn’t afraid to be serious too? You need Elle Mills! I discovered her through her coming out video and I’ve been subscribed to her ever since! Not regretted a single day! She makes some of the best comedy videos on Youtube and she doesn’t just target herself…she targets her friends and family too! You know it’s an Elle Mills video when you see the crazy thumbnail as well!

Jessie Paege

I’m starting to realise that a lot of the LGBTQ+ youtubers I follow are super colourful and I love it! Can’t say that I have a boring sub page! Haha! Jessie is one of the colourful youtubers that I love! I’ve actually been watching Jessie for a couple of years now after binge-watching a bunch of back-to-school videos and finding her through that. You would never miss her in a crowd since her hair is always some sort of bright colour! Just under a year ago, Jessie came out as bisexual and also demisexual!

Ameila Ace

I’ve seen so many saying that people who are asexual aren’t part of the LGBTQ+ community but they are! Love is shown in so many forms! I didn’t even know there were any Ace youtubers until I started researching for this post and discovered Ameila! She seems really informative, fun and willing to help people who are discovering that they might be Ace.

Michael Rizzi

Like Michael’s trailer says, he’s a 20-something, nutella-eating, boy-loving, clothing-obsessed guy who likes to talk to his camera! He’s not just LGBTQ+ content…he shows a lot about his fitness, vlogs and reacts to shows!

Tom Daley

I’ll admit that Tom was the first ever LGBTQ+ youtuber that I followed! I’d obviously been following his diving career and even seen him dive live in Sheffield a couple of times but I’d always wondered if he was gay. There was something there and I was so happy for him when he effectively came out and went all the way to marrying Lance and now having a son!! They are literally the cutest husbands on the internet!

Which LGBTQ+ youtubers do you love to watch?