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New In Fandom | July 2019 (Harry Potter, Dr Who, RWBY…)


The Lion King: Animated Classics (Hardcover) (8th July – £10.99) | Toy Story 4: Alien (1st July – £9.99) | Harry Potter & Dobby Action Figure (8th July – £197.90) | Gryffindor and Slytherin Tiny Book Hardcover (29th July – £5.99 each) | Harry Potter 2019-2020 Weekly Planner (1st July – £16.99) | Harry Potter Hogwarts Coasters Book (25th July – £16.99) | Are You As Clever as The Doctor Puzzle Book (4th July – £5.99) | Harry Potter Origami (4th July – £8.99) | RWBY: After The Fall (1st July – £6.99) | Weiss Schnee Pop Vinyl (14th July – £9.99)

Hey guys and welcome back to another ‘What’s new in fandom’ post that nobody cares about! Yaaay! Haha! There are some amazing things coming out in July especially since so much is being released! Lots of Harry Potter as always with a sprinkling of Doctor Who and a dash of Disney and RWBY! Let’s get started!

The Lion King: Animated Classics

I think I must have seriously been under a rock to miss this series of Disney classics! I didn’t know they existed until I went on the Forbidden Planet website! Now I know and in perfect time for The Lion King! I cannot wait to see the story that I love accompanied with animator drawings next to it! The Simba and Mufasa moments get me in any form! *sniff*

You can get The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Dumbo, Aladdin and Sleeping Beauty as well!

Toy story 4 alien vinyl pop

The clawwww! Out of all the characters in Toy Story that I’ve watched over the years, my firm favourites have always been the aliens! They’re just fun and I always rewatch the moment in the claw machine when they think it’s the mothership there to take them hope. Even typing it is making me giggle. Do you have any favourite characters?

Harry Potter & Dobby Action Figure

Oof! The price on this! To be honest with you guys I wouldn’t pay nearly £200 for this figure. I can understand why some Potter fans would be but not me. That being said I still wanted to include it on my list because it looks so good!! The attention to detail is so good! Yes, I did squint at the Harry figure to see if he had green eyes but couldn’t tell on the picture. Let me know if you have better eyesight than me and see if they are green or blue!

The uniform looks so comfy, as do the robes! The fun thing you can do with Harry is you can change his hand positions with different hands! You also get little props to give him too such as The Marauders Map, a sock, his wand, Hedwig and the Monster Book of Monsters! Dobby looks just like the film version…whoooooa!


Gryffindor & Slytherin Tiny Book Hardcover

According to the Forbidden Planet website, these little books are all about the Harry Potter films and each House edition chats about the specific House with fun artwork and some behind-the-scenes. I could only see Gryffindor and Slytherin so hopefully we’ll get teeny Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw books as well! Fingers crossed!

Harry Potter 2019-2020 Weekly Planner

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, follow!), I shared a pic of the 2019 weekly planner I had bought from Waterstones! It’s such a gorgeous planner and perfect for this weird little Potter fan! When I saw that a new planner was coming out next month I knew that I had to add it to my buy list! I find planners so helpful for different things and the fact that it features the Marauders Map fits in perfectly with the Prisoner of Azkaban anniversary!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Coasters Book

Okay, this has to be the most random book ever created for Harry Potter but I’m still going to own it! As someone who has many cups of tea a day, you always need a coaster! I need Hufflepuff coasters in my life!

Are You As Clever As The Doctor Puzzle Book

Look! Something that isn’t Harry Potter!! It’s safe to say that I’m not as clever as The Doctor because she’s like how old now?! If you’re a Whovian who loves logic problems, riddles and pencil-and-paper games! This old brain could do with some puzzles to keep it working so let’s see what she has in store for me!

Harry Potter Origami

You know how I said the coasters were the most random book? Well, now we have origami! They really are pushing Harry Potter to all corners of the craft world, aren’t they? Haha! I’ve always loved the idea behind origami and the fact that you have specific paper to fold into Potter things!! We get to fold a Howler! YAY!

RWBY: After The Fall

You may not know this about me but I’m actually a pretty big RWBY fan! If you’ve never heard of RWBY, I’ll check the link so you can watch five of the volumes!! It’s so good! You may love this if you’re a fan of the Brothers Grimm! This book follows one of the teams from Beacon Academy (the school) called Team CFVY (Coffee)! I’ve always wanted to know so much more about this team and cannot wait to see what craziness they get up to! It’s probably best if you watch Volumes 1 to 3 before you read this since it has major spoilers!

Weiss Schee Vinyl Pop

Weiss is one of the main characters in RWBY (she’s the W in the name!) and is nicknamed ‘The Ice Queen’ by her friends. Watch the show and you’ll know why! I think she’s an amazing character who is very sassy, tries to hide that she cares through quick remarks but cracks around friends and has an amazing weapon! She is based off Snow White so Disney fans would love RWBY too!

Have you got anything else nerdy that you’re excited for in July?

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