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My 5 Favourite Voice Actors (Anime/Cartoons)

Voice Actors

You know how I seem to be a fan of a lot of nerdy things? Well…I have another thing that I love to fan over and that is anime! I’ve been watching animes/dubbed cartoons since the 90s so I’ve brought myself up on different voice actors! Once you hear a voice and fall in love with it, you tend to recognise it in other shows. One of my friends calls me a weeb but I think being an actress makes me appreciate how much work voice actors have to do with warm-ups and roles.

Some of the voice actors I love to fangirl over you may know and others you may have never heard of unless you’re in my head. Haha! That said, I bet that even if you don’t know them by name you’ll know them by voice!

Veronica Taylor

voice actors

Oof! Veronica has to be the first voice actor who I loved to hear! If you don’t know her name then you might recognise the character that she is most famous for…Ash Ketchum from Pokemon! Yep, she voiced Ash for so many years and introduced me to how awesome shows like this could be. Not only has she voiced Ash in Pokemon, she also did Sailor Pluto in Sailor Moon among other voices in other shows! So many!! Such a legend!

Josh Grelle

Josh is definitely in my top 3! This guy can literally do every kind of voice role and I always get excited when I hear that he’s in an anime I haven’t watched yet! If you love anime then you might know him as Armin in Attack On Titan, Zen in Snow White With The Red Hair,  Fumikage Tokoyami in My Hero Academia and Tyrian in RWBY. So different but all of them are so cool! My favourite is actually Tyrian because he’s so crazy and psychotic that you can’t help but love it. He had the first swear in RWBY!

Caitlin Glass

There is nothing more awesome than hearing incredible female voice actors! They’re so inspiring even if my voice sounds nothing more than nails on a chalkboard! I can still appreciate, okay?! Another of my favourite actresses happens to be Caitlin Glass and she has voiced some of the strongest ladies in anime from Winry in Fullmetal Alchemist and Haruhi in Ouran High School Host Club! I love how she can sound powerful in one moment and then utterly broken in another.

She’s also an ADR (automatic dialog replacement) director that helps replace the original Japanese voices with the English voice actors!

Aaron Dismuke

I almost met Aaron a few weeks ago! He actually came to MCM Comic Con in London with some other My Hero Academia people and was due to meet him and have a picture with him! However I got my travel all messed up so couldn’t afford to change! Ah well…maybe next time! Aaron was actually one of the young voice actors at one point when he debuted as a couple of characters in the original Fruit Baskets! His cousin was a voice actor too so what an epic way to start!!

I remember him being Alphonse in Fullmetal Alchemist and he actually broke me a fair few times during the show when he had to be emotional! It was like with the Potter cast…I grew up with him! He’s got an incredible voice and one of my favourite characters is Oscar Pine from RWBY! Look at him! He’s adorable!!

tara strong

All hail the queen!! Well, she is my eyes but seriously think of a big cartoon character and I bet you Tara has voiced either the main character or someone really important in it! If you hadn’t guessed it, she was Bubbles in Powerpuff Girls! I love how adorable Bubbles sounded but could be seriously fiesty when she wanted to be! She also voiced Timmy Turner in Fairy Odd Parents, Raven in Teen Titans, Ben in Ben 10, Twilight Sparkle in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and so many other incredible characters! She has literally been my childhood!

There are literally so many voice actors that I love that I’m probably going to come and add to this post over the few days with the likes of Vincent Tong, Alejandro Saab, Luci Christian, Cristina Vee and a few others!

Which voice actors do you love listening out for in animes/cartoons?


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