Favourite LGBTQ+ Youtubers | Pride Month 2019


Happy June 1st which also means the start of Pride Month 2019!! *waves all the rainbow flags* I’ve been looking forward to having a week of colours and love and LGBTQ+! I’d do the whole month but I genuinely wouldn’t know what to write about her without having to say the same thing over and over again! Haha! Last year I did a post about my favourite LGBTQ+ youtubers and, since it’s been a whole 365 days since then, I’ve discovered more to love!


Let me introduce you to the epicness that is Dutchy aka Megan Dijkman! She is an amazing Aussie youtuber who is bi and proud! I always find myself leaning towards people who make me smile, don’t take themselves too seriously and just have a great sense of humour. That is all Dutchy! I wish I had discovered her a lot sooner but better late than never!


I love watching family vloggers! They allow you to see little bits of their day even though they may have kids to look after and life to carry on with! As an only child, I like to see big families having all this fun! I stumbled on Tara, Mandi and their three daughters! They are beyond adorable and don’t pretend to be something they’re not! If they’re struggling with their vlogs, they let you know!

Elle Mills

Need an hilarious youtuber to love who isn’t afraid to be serious too? You need Elle Mills! I discovered her through her coming out video and I’ve been subscribed to her ever since! Not regretted a single day! She makes some of the best comedy videos on Youtube and she doesn’t just target herself…she targets her friends and family too! You know it’s an Elle Mills video when you see the crazy thumbnail as well!

Jessie Paege

I’m starting to realise that a lot of the LGBTQ+ youtubers I follow are super colourful and I love it! Can’t say that I have a boring sub page! Haha! Jessie is one of the colourful youtubers that I love! I’ve actually been watching Jessie for a couple of years now after binge-watching a bunch of back-to-school videos and finding her through that. You would never miss her in a crowd since her hair is always some sort of bright colour! Just under a year ago, Jessie came out as bisexual and also demisexual!

Ameila Ace

I’ve seen so many saying that people who are asexual aren’t part of the LGBTQ+ community but they are! Love is shown in so many forms! I didn’t even know there were any Ace youtubers until I started researching for this post and discovered Ameila! She seems really informative, fun and willing to help people who are discovering that they might be Ace.

Michael Rizzi

Like Michael’s trailer says, he’s a 20-something, nutella-eating, boy-loving, clothing-obsessed guy who likes to talk to his camera! He’s not just LGBTQ+ content…he shows a lot about his fitness, vlogs and reacts to shows!

Tom Daley

I’ll admit that Tom was the first ever LGBTQ+ youtuber that I followed! I’d obviously been following his diving career and even seen him dive live in Sheffield a couple of times but I’d always wondered if he was gay. There was something there and I was so happy for him when he effectively came out and went all the way to marrying Lance and now having a son!! They are literally the cutest husbands on the internet!

Which LGBTQ+ youtubers do you love to watch?

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