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What I hope to achieve in July (goals and hopes)


Another month is coming to the end and that means we’re counting down the months until Christmas! Yes, I mentioned the C word! June might almost be over but that means one thing…it’s nearly Potter Month!! It’s not an official thing but, as the month when Harry, JK and Ali Caitrin were born (yes, they were all born on July 31st!),  I class it as Potter Month. I wish I could come up with 31 different posts to subject you all to every single day but I’m surprised if I can even post once a week sometimes. To get my head ready for July, I’ve decided to come up with a list of goals I want to hit!

June was quite a slow month both life and blog-wise but I’m still so impressed with myself for having kept up with any kind of blog post at all! My mental health was a fun little roller-coaster but I did take myself out of my flat a little bit more when the UK wasn’t getting drenched by Mother Nature.

Try to get 5100 followers on Twitter

You guys know that I’m constantly on Twitter! Whether it’s posting about my blog, chatting away with people using gifs and RTing/liking any fun tweets about fandom or cute animals! Since it’s my most active social media, I would love to get a nice round number before the end of July! I don’t usually set many follower goals because they go up and down so often. That said, I don’t think this is an impossible number to get since I’m already at 5057 followers. 31 days!

Try to get 850 followers on Instagram

Oof! Instagram…Instagram…Instagram! Why must you be so tricky? This is probably one of the hardest goals on my little list because we all know how unpredictable Instagram is at the minute. This time last year I was actually trying hard to get to 1000 followers but after a massive clear-out, I dropped all the way down to the low 800s. Frustrating or what! I could’ve tried to get 900 but that would never happen to me in a month! Not even in 5 months! I’m at 538 at the minute so I’m actually expecting to go down. Fingers crossed!

Visit some Potter locations in Oxford

This has been one of my dream goals to do ever since I watched the Potter films! I’ve always wanted to visit Oxford too so I’d be killing 2 birds with 1 stone. I’ve seen a few friends visiting over the last year and it’s about time that it’s mine! I’m hoping to spend a couple of days there so I don’t have to rush anything and enjoy the city! Have any of you guys visited the locations? If so, do you have any tips for me? Haha!

Read 10 books

One of the easiest goals on my list! I adore reading and there are so many books that I have left in my TBR pile. All YA and I’m looking forward to escaping into them! I could probably read 15 but if I keep a low number I might surprise myself!

Go to YALC at London Film and Comic Con

Carrying on with the bookish theme, I’m really hoping to attend YALC (a book convention for YA books) and it’s based inside London Film and Comic Con! I’ve heard of this convention for a year or two so I’m going to pray that my anxiety doesn’t get in the way of book lover ways and prevent me from going like it did to MCM Comic Con last month. There are so many of my favourite authors attending! Plus I’m going to head into LFCC as well to have a look there too so yay!

Buy an outfit out of my comfort zone and take a picture

This is one of the hardest goals for me. I have incredible anxiety when it comes to going into clothes shops. I appreciate the gorgeous clothes in them but I can’t go in. I’m planning what I want to buy and I’m hoping that if I buy online I can cut out the discomfort, get the clothes and then have an OOTD in them! I’m going to ask some advice from fashion blogger friends on what would suit me and hope for the best!

What are your goals for July?


What I Discovered In My Family Tree On Ancestry

Family Tree

After losing my mum a couple of years ago, the shock made me realise that I didn’t know that much about my family especially my dad’s side of the family. All of the men tended to have a thing where they hated having their photo taken so much so that I have no pictures with mt dad at all. I never knew how much I wish I had pushed him to take one with me until he was gone. Now that both parents are gone I wanted to learn more about them through their families and a family tree! I started with my dad because his side was actually easier to research so let’s see what I discovered!

Everyone meet my great-great grandad, Frank! He was born in 1878 and died in 1978 so he lived a really long life! What I love about Ancestry (not sponsored by the way!) is that you have access to censuses from so many years ago. I still haven’t figured out how far back they go but I managed to go back as far as 1881 for Frank. One of the incredible things I discovered about him was that at 23 years old he was a photographer!! A photographer in 1901! That is so cool! No wonder I love taking pictures. I would love to get some more information about this such as was he an amateur one or was he professional?

Family tree

These are 3 out of 5 of my great-great uncles: Walter, Victor and Albert (Jack). I don’t know if you can tell from the picture but this was actually taken from a super early copy of a newspaper. Unfortunately they weren’t in the paper for a good reason. In this family we had parents Frank and Clarissa, brothers Walter, Victor, Albert, Sidney, Herbert and Frank and a sister Florence. That’s 7 kids!! I think you can guess what happened to my uncles…they lost their lives fighting in World War I. Walter died in France on 28th November 1914 aged 34, Victor died in France on 13th November 1916 aged 28 and Albert died in France on 7th May 1917 aged 31.

Discovering that I had lost family on the 100th anniversary of World War I was a big thing for me and I was so glad that I was able to pay my respects to them for what they did.

Their brother Sidney had one of the coolest things for me to discover in my family tree..HE MOVED TO AMERICA!! He arrived in Canada in 1913 on the Laurentic, got married to my great-great aunt Dora and 10 years later they moved to Detroit, Michigan. Does that make me 1/4 American/Canadian? Haha!

family tree

Moving on the ladies on my mum’s side of the family and oh…my…days!! I never knew my ancestors were travellers like this! My great-great granda WIlliam and great-great nanny Jane had 11 KIDS!! Ooof! That must have been one cramp house!

My mum’s family (including mum) all came from Northern Ireland so that made researching them a little more tricky. The lady in the picture is my great-great aunt Jane. She was born in 1862 and at some point in her life she decided to move from Northern Ireland all the way to Otago (Omimi) in New Zealand!! I have family somewhere in New Zealand!! That is so cool! She wasn’t my only aunt to move there! My great-great aunt Elizabeth moved to Otago too (Dunedin). Their brother George moved to Texas!! Their sister Mary moved to Australia!  Clearly my mum’s family were adventurers!

I’m still scratching the surface of my family tree since these are only a handful of people I’ve researched into. If you’re interested in researching into your own family tree, then definitely check out Ancestry UK! It is super simple to use and has so much info about everything from birth, death and marriage certificates to immigration to other countries! Again, not sponsored but if they wanted to…haha.

Have you ever researched your family tree? If yes, what did you find? If not, would you?


Brands I Would Love To Work With In Future


Thanks to  Christin Hume on Unsplash for this incredible picture for today’s post! Now that I’ve been blogging for just over a year and getting a couple more comments than before, I got thinking about brands. I have a long, long way to go until I’ll be able to work with a brand but that doesn’t mean that I can’t have a small wishlist of who I’d love to collab with one day!

wb studio london

How could I not have these guys on my list?! They’re all about Harry Potter!! I’ve seen so many of my blogger friends and my favourite Youtubers working with them that I can’t help but wish that, if I work hard enough, I’ll be able to as well. I’ve visited the tour around 3 times now and every time I’ve visited it’s like I’m stepping into the book and into the big screen! Seeing The Great Hall in person is an incredible experience! WB Studio London also hold a bunch of events for press and people with tickets to see openings of new exhibits like the Forbidden Forest and the new Gringotts Bank!


Who wouldn’t want to work one of the biggest book publishers in the UK? They brought Harry Potter to us and so many amazing books! They have such a great social media presence and whoever creates all the marketing for books is a genius! Everything I see, I want! I’m a book lover…it’s what I do! I never thought about working with them until I started doing book posts on here and now it’s become a goal!


You guys know that mental health is no stranger to my blog. I looked at a few brands when I was first diagnosed and Mind stuck out! That’s both a good thing and a bad thing. Bad because no-one should have battle with their mental health but good because I can help. Even if I only help one person a year I’ll still be happy! Mind has helped so many struggling people understand what their diagnosis means, who they can ask for help and lots of fundraising opportunities! They even have an awards ceremony for those who champion! Let’s see what happens…maybe it’ll happen!

Autism UK

After watching some brilliant youtubers who are on the spectrum, I wondered whether if I could be involved one day. Like all the others it’s going to take a long time since I’m still incredibly new to the whole autism thing, but I still would love the chance to spread awareness especially to adults my age! So many have probably had an inking that they could have ASD but been too scared of waiting times or being ignored. I’m definitely inspired by Connor Ward to help others understand.

What brands would you like to work with?


15 Ways To Enjoy The Longest Day Of The Year

Longest day of the year

Happy June 21st! Today is apparently the longest day of the year and people call it the ‘Summer Solstice! There are usually crowds around Stonehenge to celebrate the sunrise! That sounds such a cool thing to do and maybe I’ll add that to my bucket list! You sometimes have those who moan that they don’t want a longer day at work/school but there are so many things you can do to enjoy the longest day of the year! (By the way, I’m so pleased with this picture I took!!)

  1. Go for a walk since we have more daytime to enjoy today!
  2. Download Wizards Unite and help the Wizarding World with your friends!
  3. Have a BBQ! The rain has disappeared for a teeny bit so grab those BBQs and have something yummy!
  4. Read a book (the daylight may give you the motivation to carry on reading into the evening!)
  5. Learn about the Summer Solstice
  6. Do some summer shopping (today officially marks the start of Summer!)
  7. Get all those annoying chores done
  8. Sit outside and try some mindfulness techniques
  9. Go for a run (more daylight, more of a chance to enjoy while you’re in agony! haha!)
  10. Write out a list of what you want to do on your free days
  11. Create some summer related pages in a bullet journal
  12. Go on a short trip to somewhere new
  13. Create a summer OOTD (outfit of the day) and do a mini shoot
  14. Enjoy the sunshine (we all need that vitamin D!)
  15. Create a scrapbook page documenting your longest day of the year

There are so many things you can do on this day that my mind has gone blank with the possibilities! You know what you love to do and what better day to try new things than today! I’m going to spending today getting to grips with Wizards Unite (not sponsored) and seeing if I can get my levels up! Pray that I don’t suddenly get a thunderstorm or something!

What are your plans for today?

Harry Potter

Reacting To #WizardsUnite Trailer | Daisy Reacts

Wizards UniteGraphic belongs to WB Games

It’s almost here!! After what seems like literally forever, WB Games/Portkey Games are finally about to release the incredible new Harry Potter app Wizards Unite! I’ve been following these guys since the early days and I have been chomping at the bit to get started with this! Yesterday we were treated to a trailer that literally felt like it was part of the films! I actually want a TV show with the guys in it because they were awesome! It’s only right that I react to the trailer and give you my honest opinions…like the Potterhead I am!

Okay…we start off with a news broadcast and see a woman frantically sticking stuff to her flat! I immediately got Sherlock vibes from this where he would have a crime and stick stuff up so he can look for patterns and connections to different things! I love it! There’s a great newspaper cutout that says ‘Escaped platypus runs amok in coastal town’! That poor Niffler…being misunderstood by the muggles! The woman has to be a witch since she knew what he really was!

There’s a massive bang and we see a snitch hovering outside the window! Where is Harry and Draco to go chase down that snitch?! We then see black smoke trails and, if you know Potter, you know those trails mean Deatheaters! Oh heck!

DEMENTORS?! IN THE MUGGLE WORLD?! They’re chasing someone too!! RUNNNN!

I’m so going to bring a wand with me with my phone so I can look this epic!! I wonder what wand type this lady has! The Ollivander in me is curious! Haha.

The guy who uses his wand to float a flake onto his icecream is mood!! You have to admit that you’d probably do the same if you had magic!


I love how the two guys are all psyched up to take on these deatheaters and the young lady is like ‘noooo! I know magic but I don’t want to fight those!’. Seeing the guys as possible Gryffindors and the girl…Ravenclaw? What do you think?

The wand fights!! I missed those even if it’s only been a few months since Crimes of Grindewald! They look so cool! I definitely want to see these guys doing more stuff! Please can we have a Wizards Unite show with them or at least know their names!

Woo!! The boot porkey saves the day!!

Merlin’s beard!! She’s actually using Hagrid’s umbrella wand! That has to be the best prop ever!

Awww! Cute little moment with the Niffler! Just randomly collecting its gold while everything us going crazy and icy around it. Newt would be questioning everything right there.

As soon as I saw that the Dementor was giving the Dementor’s Kiss, I immediately wanted to find a way to help him because that is one nasty way to go! It reminded me a lot of Harry being targeted in Order of the Phoenix!

Oooo!! She did Expecto Patronum (though she said a little weird at the end)…I wonder what her Patronus was?


So most of these thoughts for Wizards Unite probably don’t make any sense at all because I was freaking out as I watched the trailer. It honestly felt more like a TV promo for a new show on Netflix or something. I would totally go for that because TV needs more Wizarding World on it! The app will be released this Friday (21st June) so get ready! I’m going to find a way to battle with you guys!

What are your thoughts on the Wizards Unite app trailer?



Fandom Lifestyle

My 5 Favourite Voice Actors (Anime/Cartoons)

Voice Actors

You know how I seem to be a fan of a lot of nerdy things? Well…I have another thing that I love to fan over and that is anime! I’ve been watching animes/dubbed cartoons since the 90s so I’ve brought myself up on different voice actors! Once you hear a voice and fall in love with it, you tend to recognise it in other shows. One of my friends calls me a weeb but I think being an actress makes me appreciate how much work voice actors have to do with warm-ups and roles.

Some of the voice actors I love to fangirl over you may know and others you may have never heard of unless you’re in my head. Haha! That said, I bet that even if you don’t know them by name you’ll know them by voice!

Veronica Taylor

voice actors

Oof! Veronica has to be the first voice actor who I loved to hear! If you don’t know her name then you might recognise the character that she is most famous for…Ash Ketchum from Pokemon! Yep, she voiced Ash for so many years and introduced me to how awesome shows like this could be. Not only has she voiced Ash in Pokemon, she also did Sailor Pluto in Sailor Moon among other voices in other shows! So many!! Such a legend!

Josh Grelle

Josh is definitely in my top 3! This guy can literally do every kind of voice role and I always get excited when I hear that he’s in an anime I haven’t watched yet! If you love anime then you might know him as Armin in Attack On Titan, Zen in Snow White With The Red Hair,  Fumikage Tokoyami in My Hero Academia and Tyrian in RWBY. So different but all of them are so cool! My favourite is actually Tyrian because he’s so crazy and psychotic that you can’t help but love it. He had the first swear in RWBY!

Caitlin Glass

There is nothing more awesome than hearing incredible female voice actors! They’re so inspiring even if my voice sounds nothing more than nails on a chalkboard! I can still appreciate, okay?! Another of my favourite actresses happens to be Caitlin Glass and she has voiced some of the strongest ladies in anime from Winry in Fullmetal Alchemist and Haruhi in Ouran High School Host Club! I love how she can sound powerful in one moment and then utterly broken in another.

She’s also an ADR (automatic dialog replacement) director that helps replace the original Japanese voices with the English voice actors!

Aaron Dismuke

I almost met Aaron a few weeks ago! He actually came to MCM Comic Con in London with some other My Hero Academia people and was due to meet him and have a picture with him! However I got my travel all messed up so couldn’t afford to change! Ah well…maybe next time! Aaron was actually one of the young voice actors at one point when he debuted as a couple of characters in the original Fruit Baskets! His cousin was a voice actor too so what an epic way to start!!

I remember him being Alphonse in Fullmetal Alchemist and he actually broke me a fair few times during the show when he had to be emotional! It was like with the Potter cast…I grew up with him! He’s got an incredible voice and one of my favourite characters is Oscar Pine from RWBY! Look at him! He’s adorable!!

tara strong

All hail the queen!! Well, she is my eyes but seriously think of a big cartoon character and I bet you Tara has voiced either the main character or someone really important in it! If you hadn’t guessed it, she was Bubbles in Powerpuff Girls! I love how adorable Bubbles sounded but could be seriously fiesty when she wanted to be! She also voiced Timmy Turner in Fairy Odd Parents, Raven in Teen Titans, Ben in Ben 10, Twilight Sparkle in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and so many other incredible characters! She has literally been my childhood!

There are literally so many voice actors that I love that I’m probably going to come and add to this post over the few days with the likes of Vincent Tong, Alejandro Saab, Luci Christian, Cristina Vee and a few others!

Which voice actors do you love listening out for in animes/cartoons?



Tips For Planning Your Fandom Staycation


Even though the UK has been pretty rainy the last week, it is Summer and that for some people means summer holidays! Woo! Whether you have kids to entertain, a partner or even just you then you are probably trying to come up with some reason to fill the time you have off with something. You wouldn’t be on my blog if you weren’t just a little nerdy so here are a few fun tips to plan for a fandom staycation!

think of a fandom/fandoms

Okay…you’ve decided to stay in the UK for the summer but still want a break away somewhere. First off: yay for breaks!! Everyone needs one especially if you’ve worked crazy hours and need a change of scenery for a little bit. The fun thing about having a staycation as a nerd is that you get to see certain areas of the UK in a whole new light. There are even a few places near where I live that have been in films and TV…even Harry Potter! You just have to choose whether you want to go somewhere your favourite fandom used or, if you’re going to a city like London, you can focus on a number of fandoms!


Being a fan isn’t cheap! Once we love for something then we want to buy everything! Even staying in the UK is sometimes expensive so you have to decide what your budget is. You could either have a day trip somewhere or you can have a few days away. It’s totally up to you! If you’re staying a few days then it’s best to look around for the best deals where you want to go for hotels and places to eat. You can’t stare in awe on an empty stomach!

plan, plan, plan

You want to be able to enjoy your staycation without any worries, don’t you? You have to plan. Plan how you’re going to get to your destination (car or public transport), where you’re staying, the easiest way to get to where you want to visit and the most important parts…the souvenir shop and the best spots to get decent photos! WB Studio Tour London has some of the best spots to take that perfect magical selfie!

check the weather

As we’ve seen this week the UK loves to be unpredictable when it comes to weather! We can literally have 4 different types in 1 day! It’s not as important if you’re visiting indoor places but it’s good to double-check what will be happening if you’re looking around outside. There are so many streets and the fronts of buildings that are used for TV/Film! I mean…look at Sherlock and New Gover Street near Euston Station being used for Baker Street!

alone or with company

This depends on you. Do you prefer your own company or do you not mind sharing memories with others? I’m 50/50. Majority of the time I prefer my own company and can easily go to the cinema and still have fun. However there is something somehow special about visiting nerdy places with friends who love the same fandom as you! You almost get double the excitement and have more memories to relive afterwards!

Are you planning a fandom staycation this year? If so, where are you going?!


Review | The Butterfly Circus by Francesca Armour-Chelu

The Butterfly Circus

The day has happened, everybody! TheDeeWhoLived received their first ever gifted item! I know the term ‘gifted’ isn’t the right lingo but it’s still super exciting! It’s actually thanks to the author Francesca Armour-Chelu that I received this so thank you!! I was really interested in The Butterfly Circus when I saw it advertised on the Walker Books twitter since you guys know I love a bit of fantasy in my life!

Sisters Tansy and Belle are the stars of the circus, soaring through the air on trapezes like shimmering butterflies…until one night, Tansy falls. Now terrified of heights, all Tansy can do is watch from the ring below while Belle shines above. But when Belle mysteriously vanishes and Tansy’s shadow miraculously comes to life, Tansy discovers that the courage she needs to rescue her sister may have been inside her all along.

RATING: ★★★★

First off, can we just take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous front cover?! It’s so cute! The trapeze helps make up a butterfly and then you have lots of teeny circus things inside the wings. Beautiful work! You open the book and you actually get a map of the world it is set in which is drawn by Francesca herself! Reminded me a lot of Chronicles of Narnia!

One of the things that you will notice at the beginning of each chapter is that you get a definition for an odd word that is important inside the chapter. For example; at the start of Chapter One, we get ‘Corde lisse’. What is that I hear you say? You’ll have to either buy the book or just check Google. Haha!

I adored Tansy and Belle as characters! They seemed both in-sync and polar opposite at the same time! You have Tansy, who narrates the story, who is super-pale with red hair while Belle has curly black hair. Tansy is the flyer and Belle is the catcher! Reading these moments made me wish that I was anyway flexible! I can’t even touch my toes. Though I may be tempted to see if there are any circus classes nearby to me that I can try! You then have Mrs Fratellini with her thick accent that I tried to speak aloud as I read…you try it! It’s a lot of fun! She is the ring mistress who doesn’t seem to particularly care about health and safety.

There are so many characters through the book that really added to the whole magical feel especially when were introduced to Tansy’s shadow. I always said I’d be honest in my reviews and I’ll admit that I did get a little lost during part of the book but found myself again when Belle was found and everything really kicked off!

Overall I really enjoyed The Butterfly Circus and you guys really need to check it out! Thanks again to Walker Books for gifting me this book!

Have any of you wished you could do some circus tricks?

*This post contains a gifted item but all opinions given are entirely my own. 

Doctor Who Fandom Harry Potter

New In Fandom | July 2019 (Harry Potter, Dr Who, RWBY…)


The Lion King: Animated Classics (Hardcover) (8th July – £10.99) | Toy Story 4: Alien (1st July – £9.99) | Harry Potter & Dobby Action Figure (8th July – £197.90) | Gryffindor and Slytherin Tiny Book Hardcover (29th July – £5.99 each) | Harry Potter 2019-2020 Weekly Planner (1st July – £16.99) | Harry Potter Hogwarts Coasters Book (25th July – £16.99) | Are You As Clever as The Doctor Puzzle Book (4th July – £5.99) | Harry Potter Origami (4th July – £8.99) | RWBY: After The Fall (1st July – £6.99) | Weiss Schnee Pop Vinyl (14th July – £9.99)

Hey guys and welcome back to another ‘What’s new in fandom’ post that nobody cares about! Yaaay! Haha! There are some amazing things coming out in July especially since so much is being released! Lots of Harry Potter as always with a sprinkling of Doctor Who and a dash of Disney and RWBY! Let’s get started!

The Lion King: Animated Classics

I think I must have seriously been under a rock to miss this series of Disney classics! I didn’t know they existed until I went on the Forbidden Planet website! Now I know and in perfect time for The Lion King! I cannot wait to see the story that I love accompanied with animator drawings next to it! The Simba and Mufasa moments get me in any form! *sniff*

You can get The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Dumbo, Aladdin and Sleeping Beauty as well!

Toy story 4 alien vinyl pop

The clawwww! Out of all the characters in Toy Story that I’ve watched over the years, my firm favourites have always been the aliens! They’re just fun and I always rewatch the moment in the claw machine when they think it’s the mothership there to take them hope. Even typing it is making me giggle. Do you have any favourite characters?

Harry Potter & Dobby Action Figure

Oof! The price on this! To be honest with you guys I wouldn’t pay nearly £200 for this figure. I can understand why some Potter fans would be but not me. That being said I still wanted to include it on my list because it looks so good!! The attention to detail is so good! Yes, I did squint at the Harry figure to see if he had green eyes but couldn’t tell on the picture. Let me know if you have better eyesight than me and see if they are green or blue!

The uniform looks so comfy, as do the robes! The fun thing you can do with Harry is you can change his hand positions with different hands! You also get little props to give him too such as The Marauders Map, a sock, his wand, Hedwig and the Monster Book of Monsters! Dobby looks just like the film version…whoooooa!


Gryffindor & Slytherin Tiny Book Hardcover

According to the Forbidden Planet website, these little books are all about the Harry Potter films and each House edition chats about the specific House with fun artwork and some behind-the-scenes. I could only see Gryffindor and Slytherin so hopefully we’ll get teeny Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw books as well! Fingers crossed!

Harry Potter 2019-2020 Weekly Planner

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, follow!), I shared a pic of the 2019 weekly planner I had bought from Waterstones! It’s such a gorgeous planner and perfect for this weird little Potter fan! When I saw that a new planner was coming out next month I knew that I had to add it to my buy list! I find planners so helpful for different things and the fact that it features the Marauders Map fits in perfectly with the Prisoner of Azkaban anniversary!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Coasters Book

Okay, this has to be the most random book ever created for Harry Potter but I’m still going to own it! As someone who has many cups of tea a day, you always need a coaster! I need Hufflepuff coasters in my life!

Are You As Clever As The Doctor Puzzle Book

Look! Something that isn’t Harry Potter!! It’s safe to say that I’m not as clever as The Doctor because she’s like how old now?! If you’re a Whovian who loves logic problems, riddles and pencil-and-paper games! This old brain could do with some puzzles to keep it working so let’s see what she has in store for me!

Harry Potter Origami

You know how I said the coasters were the most random book? Well, now we have origami! They really are pushing Harry Potter to all corners of the craft world, aren’t they? Haha! I’ve always loved the idea behind origami and the fact that you have specific paper to fold into Potter things!! We get to fold a Howler! YAY!

RWBY: After The Fall

You may not know this about me but I’m actually a pretty big RWBY fan! If you’ve never heard of RWBY, I’ll check the link so you can watch five of the volumes!! It’s so good! You may love this if you’re a fan of the Brothers Grimm! This book follows one of the teams from Beacon Academy (the school) called Team CFVY (Coffee)! I’ve always wanted to know so much more about this team and cannot wait to see what craziness they get up to! It’s probably best if you watch Volumes 1 to 3 before you read this since it has major spoilers!

Weiss Schee Vinyl Pop

Weiss is one of the main characters in RWBY (she’s the W in the name!) and is nicknamed ‘The Ice Queen’ by her friends. Watch the show and you’ll know why! I think she’s an amazing character who is very sassy, tries to hide that she cares through quick remarks but cracks around friends and has an amazing weapon! She is based off Snow White so Disney fans would love RWBY too!

Have you got anything else nerdy that you’re excited for in July?


Review | The Paper & Hearts Society by Lucy Powrie

paper & hearts society

Rating: ★★★★★

If you hadn’t heard of Lucy Powrie aka LucyTheReader before today, then you certainly will over the next few days, weeks and months! She is an inspiring booktuber from the UK who not only vlogs about her love for reading but teaches others about classic authors such as the Bronte sisters! From the moment we found out that Lucy was writing her first ever book to the day it was published, I’d been super excited! I adored the plot and couldn’t wait to see Tabby, Henry, Ed, Cassie and Olivia on the pages of The Paper & Hearts Society.

Only a few pages in and we had some amazing book recommendations! It was like we were watching a video on the pages! Some of the titles that the characters suggested reading are:

  • The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
  • One Italian Summer by Keris Stainton
  • Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
  • Nimona by Noelle Stephenson

There are so many other books mentioned during the book that your TBR (to be read) list will be heaving by the end!

I loved that the plot wasn’t the stereotypical ‘new girl’ path. Tabby had so much on her plate with everything happening to her and then she meets a brand new group of people. They are so alike and yet so very different! My favourite characters had to be Ed and Olivia! They were so hyper and I adored it! Of course I had to love Ed because he’s a Hufflepuff and we Hufflepuffs fight to defend our friends even if we’re suffering! I think Tabby is one too so…Lucy, can we get a Tabby Sorting please? Haha!

As for Olivia…WHERE CAN I GET HER ENERGY FROM?! She’s so full of ideas and excitement over this book club and of getting her friends to love books as much as she does! I really want to make a scrapbook of things because of her now so thank you!

There are quite a few difficult subjects that the characters are subjected to that really test them as a person. A couple of those subjects I completely relate to. I wanted to hug each and every one of them when something happened to them. The Paper & Hearts Society really puts its main character Tabby Brown through one of the worst type of situations that a teen could go through at 15. As someone who went through something similar, I felt like Tabby at those moments and felt her anxiety.

Lucy is busy writing the second book of this series and it is perfect for LGBTQ+ and Pride Month! More Olivia! More Paper & Hearts Society! More book drama!

Have you read the book yet? Have you ever watched any of Lucy’s videos?