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Thank You BBC Three For Listening | Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

BBC Three

One channel that I have adored both on TV and now online has to be BBC Three. Like Channel 4, they are not afraid to look at the documentaries that target real life issues such as LGBTQ+ and mental health.

Carrying on with my mental health posts for this week, I’m going to look at some of the programmes/videos that have made me feel as if I’m not so abnormal. I’m going to put a trigger warning here because quite a lot of these may trigger you so don’t be afraid to click away or just read what I’ve written instead of watching.


BBC Three

Everyone knows how popular Youtube is these days with famous vloggers documenting beauty routines, what is new this month and a day in their life. That is why I loved watching this short but incredible series following a vlogger called Imogene who starts by vlogging her life and slowly starts noticing something so much more: anorexia. You are able to see it taking hold on her and hear all thoughts about herself and those around her. You wish you could help her but all you can do is watch.

This is actually based off a play by Eva O’Connor so, if you love theatre/reading play texts, check it out!

George Shelley: Learning To Grieve

I’ll be honest with you: I never listened to Union J. I knew who they were and sometimes caught their songs on the radio but they never really interested me. It wasn’t until I watched George Shelley on I’m A Celeb that I noticed him and heard the story of his mental health. Hearing about the death of his sister is awful and grief is something I’ve struggled with a lot in terms of losing my parents. There is something called survivor’s guilt that some people have to battle with where you feel intensely guilty for being alive when the person you lost has died. It feels like your life loses all meaning for a while and watching this documentary a year after losing my Mum really helped.

Things Not To Say

This little series on Youtube by BBC Three was the first mental health thing I watched by them! I adore all of these videos for being brutally honest, really funny and beyond relatable especially when the people talking suffer/are going through the same thing as you. You even get to see my friend and fellow blogger, Sarah, in one of these about wheelchair users! They look at so many subjects that other channels wouldn’t touch and one day, I will be on one of these chatting about something…BBC Three, call me! (Haha).

I’m gutted that BBC Three is no longer a TV channel because it was so different to the standard BBC that we know and it reached more eyes than it seems to online. That said, I just wanted to say thank you to the team and to the people who help create these programmes based on mental health of all different kinds and for making others aware of how much it can affect a person.

What programmes/videos have you watched on BBC Three?

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