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Why Mental Health Needs To Be Understood In Hospitals

If someone told me that I would start May being rushed into hospital and having emergency surgery, I probably would have snickered or rolled my eyes in disbelief. Well, that happened! I always suffer with a bunch of pains due to Fibromyaligia and IBS but the pain I got that Sunday was horrendous!

‘d tried taking my usual medication for IBS but nothing seemed to help it. I’d been to my out-of-hours GP with pain in my legs, stomach and back and was given an anti-inflammatory. Called 111 and they actually called for an ambulance.


I have the biggest respect for paramedics seeing as they dedicate every day to helping people who are sick or injured. However, one of the paramedics who I saw actually scolded me. I was finding it hard to explain everything (was in pain and a lot was happening) and all she could keep saying was “why didn’t you taking your pain meds if you were in pain?” over and over. Remember that this was at 2am, I was already in tears and this person had me feel ashamed for no reason.

You would think the fact that I’d already given her information about what I had taken 3 hours before and that I had anxiety and Aspergers, she would be a little more understanding. Nope. Not one question if I was okay. Just a sigh.

Even now it upsets me.

Thankfully her partner was a lot nicer and brought me a wheelchair when the other was trying to get me to walk into A&E. Apparently her cousin has a form of Autism so she kind of knew how to help.

Fast forward to the night before my surgery.

Cue absolute anxiety attack!

The tears, the sobs, the wanting to go home. The works.

I’m usually alright with hospitals since I was pretty much brought up near them with my parents being in the NHS, but it’s like someone switched me to a scared kid. I reckon anyone, regardless of whether they had mental health, would be scared of the idea of going under.

The nurses knew I was having a battle in my head, even the other ladies in my bay knew and they were suffering worse than me! One of the reasons my anxiety was up was that no-one was telling me at the time whether I was having surgery or not.

None of the doctors came to see me, I asked the nurses if they had an idea so they went to go ask and never came back and the hours of this just piled up. Part of me wishes that I could have been dramatic about all that…

My GP has told me about a disability health passport that you could use whenever you go into hospital and I had the form sent off but never thought I’d go in as soon as I did. If you have Aspergers or any other ASD, check out here for the form I used!

Have you had any experiences like this in hospital? What do you think they could change?


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