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Why I Prefer Getting Library Books Instead Of Buying


Ever since I’ve started reviewing books on here, part of me thought I would have to constantly buy books to keep things recent but no! I checked out the online catalog of my local library one day to see if it possibly had any new books in and they did!! You have to realise that my library is pretty small so to have any new anything is a big deal!

Anyone who is a lover of books will know how expensive books can be! I once saw quite a short-looking novel that I thought would be relatively cheap and it was actually £14.99! If you bought every single book you were interested in, you’d become broke very, vert quickly!

That is why I’ve been choosing more and more to forego buying books and instead supporting my library by taking out titles from them. Another reason why I’m using them is due to something I discovered last year. My local council announced that they wanted to close some of the smallest libraries, change run from paid librarians to volunteers and even give access to the bigger ones after-hours.

Why they thought that latter idea was a good one I have no clue!

People tried to petition against it but it’s happening in the next couple of months. I’ve been going to this library and our town branch since I was 8, thanks to my dad’s love for reading and it hasn’t changed that much at all! Other than the self-service checkouts and move around of the front desk, it is still the same and I love that! When so much changes in life, you kind of reach out towards the bits that don’t.

The ladies on the front desk remember your name, always offer you a smile, help you find books that you can’t seem to find and they don’t judge you when you constantly lose your library card (for the 13th time…yeah…I think mine end up with my lost socks!).

I also learned a new fact the other day from an author friend who told me that you can still support authors by getting their books from your library! If it proves popular, then they might get more of them into your district or sequels may happen. I never knew this was a thing but it was!

Do you prefer buying books or taking them out of a library?

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