What Is Important To Me About Easter

Happy Easter, everyone!! I hope you haven’t succumbed to any chocolate comas or been beaten badly during an amazing Easter egg hunt. As you can imagine, Easter means different things to different people. For Christians it’s the Resurrection of Christ and for Judaism it’s the start of Passover. It’s different for everyone!

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You might not know but I am a Christian. Not a very devout one since I don’t go to church too often but I still do believe that Jesus came back to life for a reason. Along with that, I happen to love chocolate! I definitely inherited my dad’s sweet tooth (which probably explained why he didn’t have any top teeth! haha)

I never really did anything with my family during Easter.

Maybe I did the odd egg hunt with my cousins but it wasn’t something that we focused on heavily since we’re a scattered family and pretty small.

It wasn’t until I was older that it started to have a different meaning along with Spring overall. I guess I see this time of year like I see New Year: a new beginning. A new season brings all the adorable baby animals, better weather and the chance to start fresh. At least in my eyes. I’m always looking for times when I can restart especially try to squash any bad habits I picked up over the winter.

Easter makes me think of what has happened in my life over the last 4 months; the good and the bad.

So far I’ve had a bit of a rough start to the year with my mental health preventing me from doing a number of things along with my fibromyalgia. I haven’t let them stop being doing everything and have been proud of myself for even taking myself out of my flat, to the library and even to Matlock last month. That was a big step on my part!

Next week I’m actually heading to the Warner Bro Tour London down in Watford with Ali and Emmie and I’m so freaking excited!! It’s been forever since I’ve been at the Tour and between the new Gringotts area to look at and just hanging out with my Potter sisters! It’s been way too long!

What do you find important about Easter?

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