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Mental health is a big part of my life and my blog even though I wished it wasn’t. I’m constantly battling against the anxiety building up inside me or my depression dragging me into the dark. I love the fact that some mental health sufferers refer to themselves as ‘warriors’ and it’s so true! We battle against the enemy within out minds so no wonder we’re always exhausted by the time we’ve finished work, done our errands or even just taking that first step out of bed.

It’s why everyone needs a little self care in their lives and, after being inspired by Paula’s gift guide, it was only right that I created my own!

Whether you suffer with mental health or are someone who wants to help a friend/family member to discover self care, then I really hope that these little items give you some ideas. Though the one free thing you can give them is a comforting presence. It’s not easy for people to sit and hear that it’s ‘going to be okay’. Simply being there with them, being that shoulder to cry on, that little listening here. It’s the best gift you give!

Slip Silk Eye Mask

This is something I need to add to my own self care. When there are days when everything is too much such as noises and light from my window, I always tug under the duvet to ease everything. It makes such a difference to have that option to block out the world around you until you’re ready to see it. Sleep is something that a lot of people struggle with (me included) but this mask and a few other things can help!

Ren & Now To Sleep Pillow Spray

Like the eye mask above, this Sleep Pillow spray is amazing!! I managed to get a small sample of it from a friend and the gorgeous smell that took over my pillow was perfect for night-time. My anxiety hits me so much harder before bed (super annoying) so I will literally try everything to get to sleep earlier!

This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak

Where is the best place to relax? A lot of people would say the bathroom where you can dim the lights, maybe put up a candle, play something from Spotify and relax. It won’t be just me who has awful aches through my body from the tension especially around my shoulders and neck. I wish I could get a massage but a relaxing soak would help too! Haha.

Pomegranate Noir Travel Candle

What better candle to use in your self care relaxation than to burn a Jo Malone candle! They do get pretty expensive but this mini travel candle is definitely more affordable! You can burn this while you’re in the bath or burn it while you’re reading.

The calm app

I’ve been using this app to help me sleep for a few months now and I’m actually loving it! Can’t afford the premium but I still love being able to close my eyes and listen to relaxing music or birdsong! My mind goes extra crazy at bedtime and, if it’s too quiet, then it takes advantage! Thanks for the help, Calm!

Owning It: Your Bulls**t-Free Guide To Living With Anxiety

The last thing on my gift guide is this amazing book! Even when you are really struggling with your anxiety, sometimes you just need to not take yourself seriously and Caroline Foran’s book is perfect! It does what other mental health books do in terms of explaining what anxiety is and ways you can help it, but she does it with style! She has the kind of humour you can’t help but smile at and that smile means it works!

What self care gifts would you give to someone struggling?

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