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New In Fandom | May/June 2019

May June Fandom 2019

Calling All Witches (£9.99 – 1st June) | Prisoner of Azkaban: House Editions (£7.99 – 13th June) | Prisoner of Azkaban: House Hardback (13th June – £14.99) | Tardis Scarf (£12.99) | Captain Marvel Patch T-Shirt (£14.99 – 3rd May) | Captain Marvel Loungefly Bag (£67.99) | Avengers: Endgame Tech Suit Hoodie (£58.49 – 5th May) | The Princess, The Scoundrel and The Farm Boy (£5.99 – 23rd June)

Another month, another question of how on earth it has gone so quick! It’s almost May and so much is coming out in all the different fandoms I love! I decided to push together May and June because you can never go wrong with a 2 for 1 bundle like this! Between books and fashion, we’re going to be very spoiled!

Calling All Witches

I’ve been waiting for a book like this for a long time and wish it was longer than 96 pages! I’d always hoped that the ladies of Harry Potter would finally get more love and now they do! From Hermione Granger to Tina Goldstein, we’ll be getting a bunch of our favourite witches to fawn over!

Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban (House Editions)

You guys know that I’ve been adoring all of the House editions of the Potter books! I’ve gotten all the editions for Philosopher’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets so it’s no surprise that I’ve pre-ordered the Hufflepuff copies of Prisoner of Azkaban! Think we can get June here faster please?

Tardis Scarf

I used to adore buying scarves when I was younger but lost interest for a while since I could never find any others that went with what I chose to wear! That said, look at this Tardis scarf!! It’s the perfect blue and I adore all of the teeny Tardis scattered all over! It feels like it’s very space-themed too which fits Doctor Who perfectly.

Captain Marvel Patch T-Shirt

With Avengers: Endgame out in cinemas, I had to include some Captain Marvel items in what is coming out in the next couple of months! I don’t own as many fandom t-shirts as I’d like and I love the look of this one! It feels like very 90s band and everyone should fan over Carol purely because Brie Larson makes her very bad-ass!

Captain Marvel Loungefly Bag

Lately I’ve seen so much about the brand ‘Loungefly’ who creates these incredible nerdy bags that I wish I could own! A couple of my friends own some Disney ones and, when I saw this Captain Marvel one, I fell in love! Wouldn’t be able to afford almost £68 but I can still admire from afar! If you have the money and love this, can I share ownership? Haha!

Avengers: Endgame Tech Suit Hoodie

You don’t have to have seen Avengers: Endgame to what to own this comfy-looking hoodie! I won’t say why this tech suit is super important but I love any excuse to buy a nerdy hoodie! I’m actually hoping to buy a Hufflepuff one from the Studio Tour soon to keep myself all snug when the British weather goes a little psycho!

The Princess, The Scoundrel and The Farm Boy

I didn’t even know that this book was coming out and, now that I do, I need it on my book shelf! I love the meeting between Princess Leia, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker! It’s full of action, sass and the start of a beautiful trio! If this plot doesn’t get you interested, there is also Power of the Dark Side and So You Want To Be A Jedi!

What fandom items are you looking forward to in May and June?

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