30 Page Ideas For Your Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal

One of my favourite things to do when I’m relaxing is to either attempt a page in my bullet journal or even watching Plan With Me videos on Youtube. I’m so creatively challenged when it comes to drawing or creating the amazing font designs I see other people making with their pens. I might even share some of my favourite journalling vloggers on my list!

If you haven’t the title of today’s post, I’m going to be helping anyone struggling with ideas on how to fill the pages of their bullet journal.

  • People tell me I’m good at… (any compliments you receive)
  • Ideas for Self Care (you can get some ideas from my last post! c;)
  • One Step at a Time (a daily steps you walk tracker)
  • Savings Thermometer
  • Netflix Show Ratings
  • When did I last… (jotting down dates of any daily/weekly/monthly habits)
  • The highlight of my day…
  • Things that make me happy
  • Annual Cleaning Schedule
  • Social media passwords
  • What’s for dinner (meal ideas in ingredients)
  • Packing List (for any upcoming or future holidays)
  • Habits to kill and habits to grow (things you want to stop/improve)
  • Sleep Log
  • Anxiety Log (jot down anything that triggered you)
  • My Morning Routine
  • Dream Holiday Wishlist
  • Health Tracker
  • To Read/Books Read
  • Washi Tape Gallery
  • Bullet Journal Routine
  • Favourite Quotes
  • Dream Journal
  • Life Achievements
  • School Supply List
  • Baby Name List
  • Pinterest Ideas (things you want to try)
  • Period Tracker (sorry, boys!)
  • Brain Dump (whatever is going on inside your head)
  • Favourite Vloggers List (like Boho Berry)

I might try some of these ideas myself! I might not be able to draw but I still have fun with my little pages and it’s my journal so there! Haha!

What other bullet journal page ideas would you use?

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