Why I Started Blogging And How I’ve Changed

Why I Started Blogging

Next Monday marks my 1st blog birthday since I came back from my long hiatus! I can’t believe how quick a year went (though I’m glad it did because last year was no good) but, with that in mind, I felt like chatting about why I started blogging in the first place!

If you only recently discovered me through Jenny In Neverland’s blog, then hello there! If you randomly found me, again hi! Neither of you will know that I actually started blogging back in 2014 with a blog called promptsbydee. Back then it was all about theatre, the odd lifestyle and anything else that popped into my head. I’ve on and off ‘blogged’ for a good few years from using Livejournal or even in notebooks. I finally got my own domain and blogged ‘properly’ due to FleurDeForce! I love her blog so much and she always made fashion and beauty seem so much fun.

Like most bloggers when they first started, you don’t have any fancy equipment. I didn’t want to have to ask my mum and I couldn’t get a full-time job since I was caring for mum by this point. I didn’t let that stop me though! I simply used my phone for the pictures and the library to go and type my blog posts up. I did have a laptop but it was so slow that I think I would have stopped blogging after a week if I’d used it to upload. Thankfully the ladies at my local library had known me since I was 8 and actually brought me some water while I typed. Book lovers ftw!

If you want an idea of how my pictures looked back then, here you go:

I kind of cringe a little at how this looks now but, back then, this was the best I could do and I was actually proud of myself. The picture is way too small for a main picture and there is a orange tone since I probably did this under my kitchen light. Yeah…let’s just push this to the side so no-one can ever see it again.

I adored my first little blog but, when Mum’s health took a turn, I couldn’t blog anymore and I hated it. Blogging has always been a distraction for when life got tough and I had a place to rant. It’s taking a long time to know that I’ll never be like other bloggers or get over that slightly jealousy. No-one is perfect, not even the top-end bloggers. We all started at this new level in the beginning and, even though my photography is still awful, at least it’s better than back then.

Starting last year was lovely and terrifying.

I started blogging all over again but this time I at least had a better camera and a bit of experience.

Unfortunately I had to have a new domain and that meant losing the DA I’d worked on building upon.

Can you see improvement?! Haha.

The plus of starting afresh was having a new name (TheDeeWhoLived was born!) and finally figure out what I felt more comfortable blogging about. Over the year I’ve started to understand that I don’t have to post about Harry Potter all the time since that runs dry during the quiet times. I also discovered that I adore chatting about books! I’m a book-blogging, slightly odd nerd who hits publish and runs.

How were you when you started blogging? What have you liked from me over the last few year?

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