My Honest Thoughts on Crimes of Grindelwald DVD

It’s been a couple of weeks since the Crimes of Grindelwald DVD was released and I tried to give people plenty of time to watch before I dropped any spoilers on the new added scenes to the film and some fun behind the scenes! I love those parts on a DVD where you can see how the cast and crew made the film and hear why they made changes!

If you haven’t watched this yet, feel free to check out my other Harry Potter posts (with some popcorn, of course!) until you watch! The post will still be here! Haha!


Okay, my lovely Potterheads…let me tell you what I thought!

I’ll be completely honest with you: I was pretty disappointed with the overall package. For an extended cut, I wouldn’t consider it extended at all. I appreciate the effort but between short scenes and the fact that a couple of the scenes were really important…*sighs*

You know I wouldn’t say about the Wizarding World unless I truly felt something had to be said. I don’t hate it by any means and really enjoyed some of the extras included but it just wasn’t enough to be considered extended. I mean…if you want to know extended, then look at the Lord of the Rings set! That said, here are some of the things that I loved about this new DVD:

Alternative Opening

Oof, this both made me so happy to see and frustrated that it wasn’t included in the original film! This opening shows Credence piecing himself back together (after he kind of exploded back in New York) and boarding a boat to Paris. This would have made so much sense to include because I was always confused about how he ended up in France in the first place. Though I was frustrated, I was just really happy to have Ezra starting at least this version!

Dumbledore chats more with Newt

It may not be a long scene but I see it as pretty darn important! It has the conversation on the tram that we saw in the film but it also has them hopping off, Dumbledore using his Deluminator (we should have had this!) and chatting about Ariana! Yes, Albus’ sister!! I reckon it does hint more to the fact that she was an Obscurial like Credence! I just need confirmation from Jo herself and then I’ll be a happy fangirl!

Credence x Nagini (Cregini)

I don’t know if this ship has a name but I’m calling it Cregini because I’m weird like that! Hehe! A couple of the deleted scenes were short but romantic moments between the two and it was so freaking adorable!! I already had the idea that they were more than just friends but there was something special about these two. One had Credence waking up next to Nagini while she was in mid-transformation back to her human form and another was Credence actually kissing her hand. It’s probably my fangirl talking…AWWWWWW!

The Featurettes

Other than the film itself, I love these featurettes! I loved hearing about Jo’s detailed process into screen-writing for the Fantastic Beasts franchise and even gave a hint that the end of this film may not be the same by the end of the next! What does that mean?! Part of me kind of wants Credence to see Grindelwald’s lies though I doubt that will happen so soon. Other parts I love was hearing more from Jude about what he thought about becoming Dumbledore and that he now knows absolutely everything about him! What I wouldn’t give to hear those secrets!

One of the best out of these had to be Wizards On Screen, Fans In Real Life! It had Ezra Miller and Evanna Lynch watching a few scenes from Crimes of Grindelwald and then being extra nerdy! I absolutely adore how much Ezra knows about the Potter-verse and how passionate he is!! Superfans to the end!

What were your thoughts about the DVD? Did you love or dislike and why?

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