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My LGBTQ+ Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Heather Has Two Mummies (£6.38) | Two Moms Mug (£8.82) | Ask Your Other Mum Sleep Mask (£14.11) | LGBTQ+ Mum Card (£2.50) | Mommy, Mama and Me (£5.18) | Donovan’s Big Day (£11.99)

I’m having fun creating these gift guides for Mother’s Day! Today I’m focusing on the LGBTQ side and celebrating families who have two mums who need to be loved. I was so impressed with my local library (it’s a teeny one) for having LGBTQ books on their children shelves. Only 3 but, compared to a few years ago, that’s a lot! Fingers crossed that they start stocking more. I’ve already suggested a few titles for them to check out.

Heather Has Two Mummies

This book was one of the few that I found at my library and it’s so cute! The illustrations are beautiful and the words really would make a child think.

Ms Molly looks at all the pictures. “It doesn’t matter how many mummies or how many daddies your family has,” Ms Molly says. “It doesn’t matter if your family has sisters or brothers or cousins or grandmas or grandpas or uncles or aunts. Each family is special. The most important thing about a family is that all the people in it love one another.”

Mommy, Mama and Me

This is all about how a toddler spends the day with his mummies! I’m all for educating kids early about LGBTQ even if you don’t go into crazy amounts of detail. Just enough to teach them that it’s perfectly okay for people of the same sex to love each other. I think it would stop kids thinking that it’s strange and bully any kids who have same sex parents.


What’s the best kind of gift for Mother’s Day? Mugs! Yeah, I know they’re probably boring and I’m sounding old before my time but I’d love to get a mug for a special occasion! I love cups of tea and you should see my cupboard full of fandom mugs! It’s amazing!

Ask Your Other Mom Sleep Masks

I don’t know why but these made me giggle! If these don’t cry parents, I don’t know what does! My mum and dad always told me to ask the other. For Mother’s Day, I think you’d better let both mums to relax for the day or at least less chaos!

Two Mums Mother’s Day Card

So sweet! Etsy is incredible for people designing these kinds of cards! You could literally look at pages! I chose this one because it was so cringy yet oh so sweet! You need to gush over your mums at least one day a year.

Donovan’s Big Day

If any same-sex parents are planning to get married and want to introduce the idea to their young kids, then I reckon this book would be a winner! It’s following Donovan and how he feels during the wedding for his two mums. It shows how exciting the big day can be and how important their role would be too!

Do you think there should be more LGBTQ books helping kids to understand?

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