My Childhood Through Books That I Loved


Books have been a vital part of my life, thanks to my dad loving books and reading them to me through the early part of my childhood. There have been so many over the years such as Spot the Dog, Nancy Drew and more. I decided to choose the few books that made my heart warm and really kept me reading through really tough times.

Hairy Maclary From Donaldson’s Dairy (£3.49)

This book is AMAZING!! If you love books that you just have to do silly voices for and rhymes, you have to get this! It still makes me smile to this day. I vaguely remember hearing this being read on CBBC and I will definitely being reading this to any future children.

Alfie: Alfie and Mum (£6.99)

This is probably going to be to hear but I don’t remember this particular book for the story/words. I remember it for the illustrations and the detail in every single one. Don’t ask why I loved a picture book as a 10 year old but I did! Maybe it was to do with the really close relationship that I had with my own mum or maybe I developed my creative brain because of this. Who knows?

The Worst Witch (£2.99)

You can thank TV for this because I did the unthinkable: I watched the TV show before reading the book series. I honestly never knew they existed until I saw the show and adored it! It also has the best intro!! There was something about Mildred Hubble that I connected with and had me hooked. I think she was so awkward with people around her and with what she was learning that I saw me in her. Awkward should be my middle name!

Matilda (£7.74)

Another ‘watched before I read’ choice but everyone has to know about Matilda! It’s like the ultimate childhood film for me! Young girl grows up with a family that doesn’t care about her, she is really intelligent, learns to read and loves every book and suddenly develops powers. It’s like Hermione but American and a nasty family! I read a lot of Roald Dahl books as a kid because of my teachers and, of course, the different films and TV shows that were created.

Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone

I couldn’t find a link to the original copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone but there was no question about whether I should include Harry Potter! Look at my blog! It is part of me and it has helped me enormously over the years. Reading it back in 1997…I was transfixed by the world JK Rowling had conjured up like Hogwarts, the whole Wizarding World and the various characters that followed Harry through his time at school. After already loving things to do with magic, I happily read every single book and still absolutely love!

Darren Shan: Cirque Du Freak (£5.45)

Other than Goosebumps (forgot about that when doing my graphic but I LOVED THAT BOOK!), Darren Shan was the only other creepy childhood book that I read. It was all vampires and drama long before Twilight was a thing. Darren wrote his characters in such a way that you made pray that they survived the next chapter and this series must have meant a lot to me as I did some GCSE English coursework on the series! Haha!

Midnight for Charlie Bone (£6.99)

Yet another magic school book! Are you guys sensing a theme of my childhood yet? This could be considered even more sinister than Harry Potter in my eyes. There was always something creepy about this series (a good creepy!) and it constantly set out puzzles for you to figure out before Charlie gave you the answer.

Pig Heart Boy (£4.95)

So many Malorie Blackman books I could have chosen! I read so many as a teenager but this particular book got my attention. It could have been because my mum was a nurse and that meant I was constantly surrounded by hospitals that made me read this first, but the plot fascinated me. The idea of a boy getting a heart transplant is bad enough but the fact that it would be a pig’s heart and all the backlash and finger pointing he and his family would get during this was crazy. Read this and have your minds blown!

Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging (£6.99)

We can’t talk about teen books without having this book included! Oh my days did this series have me in giggle fits!! I never felt like a normal teen and I got the chance to be a normal one due to Georgia and her crazy life. Her parents were insane and her personality was infectious! I still can’t believe that Louise Rennison isn’t around anymore to write more but this series will forever live on in my heart!

Which childhood books do you still love?

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