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Mother’s Day Gift Guide For Nerdy Ladies

Mother's Day

Love Potion Necklace (£110) | Mrs Jumbo & Dumbo (£30.99) | Mary Poppins Card (£2.99) | The Force Is Strong With This Mom T-Shirt (£15.63) | Beauty and The Beast Book Clutch ($99.99) | Wonder Woman Spa Set ($47.67) | Game of Thrones Maternity Shirt (£22.50) | Molly Weasley’s Wand (£27)

If you haven’t guessed from the title of today’s post, I’ve put together a little gift guide for Mother’s Day! Mums can be nerdy too! To be honest, I reckon parents are even nerdier than their kids so don’t be surprised. I find Mother’s Day particularly hard seeing as my own mum isn’t here to celebrate with but that doesn’t mind I can’t help you find the perfect gift!

Love potion necklace

I chose this stunning silver necklace from WB Studio Tour because what else do you want to give to your mum, your grandma, your aunt or your step-mum on a day like this? Love! Love is a massive thing and I think it’s fun to have them wear a little thing from Harry Potter too! Haha!

Mrs Jumbo & Dumbo

The most adorable mum and baby in Disney, but also the pair that broke my heart over and over! It’s been so long since I’ve sat down properly and watched Dumbo from start to finish, but with the new film coming out next month, it seems right to! Looking past the fact that they do have a really sad moment, you can’t deny how adorable they are! Even remembering Mrs Jumbo rocking Dumbo in her trunk through the bars is making me tear up! I’ve heard a lot of good things about Disney Tradition items so enjoy!

Mary Poppins Mother’s Day Card

You can’t have the day go by without giving a card! You don’t always have to get your mum a present but a card is still amazing to receive!  You wouldn’t believe how long I spent on Etsy looking at fandom cards and I wish I could buy every single one! I might even make a post all about the ones you could buy! Mums or the women you see as a mum are incredible ladies and seem pretty perfect! I think Mary Poppins nails it with her saying!

The Force Is Strong With This Mom T-Shirt

I’m not even a mum and I want this t-shirt!! It’s so fun! Star Wars has some powerful women and I reckon Padmé could have been such a loving one to Luke and Leia! You can never go wrong with a fandom t-shirt to wear when you want to feel some empowerment!

Beauty and the Beast Clutch

I couldn’t resist having something from ThinkGeek on my gift guide. I know this clutch is pretty expensive but this could be a gift you could give as an adult or save up as something really special. I adore the detail of the stitching and how it looks elegant and vintage at the same time.

Wonder Woman Spa Set

This set is actually reduced by 40% so that is always a great sign, right? Haha! If there is one thing I would have called my mum, it would have been that she was a ‘wonder woman’ through and through! I mean…any mum who could put up with me as a kid had to be some kind of super hero! In this gorgeous tote, you have a beautiful robe, toe separators, slippers and a satin eye-mask! Sounds so relaxing and all mums deserve the chance to have a day of relaxation!

Game of Thrones Maternity T-Shirt

All mums need to be loved especially those mums-to-be! Bumps can give gifts too! Since we have the final season of Game of Thrones coming soon (so sad), I had to include this comfy-looking t-shirt! You can also get ‘Mother of Dragons’ somewhere too!

Molly Weasley’s Wand

I had to include Molly’s wand because if I could ever ask for any mum in a fandom, it would have to be Molly Weasley. She isn’t perfect (look at how she treated Hermione in Goblet of Fire) but she also created 7 incredible kids with Arthur. She raised them with so much love and practically Harry as soon as she saw him at Kings Cross. No-one can forget how she took on Bellatrix to protect Ginny!

What are you hoping to get your mum this Mother’s Day?



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