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How Grown-Ups Can Enjoy World Book Day Too

World Book Day

Tomorrow is World Book Day in the UK and I have some amazing memories of celebrating this at school! It was so much fun when I was at primary school and could dress up as your favourite book character, though I’m still doing that to this day as you can see from my cosplay! Haha! I’ve saw a few kids in my local Tesco trying to pick out a costume to wear tomorrow but I love seeing all the adorable pictures on Twitter!

I’m here to tell you that grown-ups can enjoy World Book Day too!

dress up as well

There seems to be the sad thing that you can’t dress up as something once you have reached a certain age but this shouldn’t be the case! I’m not saying you have to dress head-to-toe in the wildest character outfit. You can try to create the outfit with clothes you already own or, if you work with kids or your workplace allows it), have fun and dress up! I’ll be putting on my Hogwarts robes as I walk around the shops tomorrow because I have an excuse!

Read your favourite book

You’ve probably doing this one already but here’s another poke to read it again or another book you love!

Teach children about the love for reading

This is one for my readers who have kids who are at the age for reading! If you even reading my blog and my book posts, I can guess that you have been doing your best to read to your little ones. It’s hard these days since everyone seems glued to a screen like a phone or an iPad but these kinds of days are perfect to encourage reading. If they get given a £1 book token from school, then they have a choice of some amazing books for all different ages.

Look for nearby events

Not all of the events for tomorrow are based at school. You can find some in bookshops like Waterstones. You can take part in a quiz, make a bookmark and more. If you want to know what’s going on on the day as well as throughout the year, check out this events page!

Re-read your favourite childhood books

I actually have a post coming up next week about my favourite childhood books, but do it! I have so many that I loved reading from my very first book ‘Spot’s Toy Box’ to where I am now! You can thank my dad for my love of reading!

What are your plans for World Book Day?

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