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Book Review | Quiet by Fearne Cotton


I’m going to be showing my age now but when I think of Fearne Cotton, I don’t automatically think author or even DJ. I remember her presenting Childrens’ TV such as Diggit and EurekaTV. Yep, definitely old. I tended to see Fearne popping up on shows as the years went by and really enjoyed her sense of humour. However it wasn’t until I read Quiet and learned about her battle with mental health when I really started to relate more to her.

Quiet had my internet even before I turned the cover page!

Fell instantly in love with the pastel rainbow colours of the birds flying and the description ‘Silencing the brain chatter and believing that you’re good enough’. If there is anything that I wish I could figure out, it is shutting up my head! I think that’s the same need for anyone that suffers with any type of mental health!

The first thing you see when you open up the book is a rainbow-blended brain which I adored. It was an interactive part of the book which you fill in whenever you see the brain symbol shown throughout so you can jot down any negative thoughts.

“We forget how capable we are, how strong we can be and how deep we have dug before. There is confidence there even if it’s hidden; there is courage, beauty, wisdom and belief – we just need some quiet to notice it.”

I love the chapter ‘Quiet Self-Love’ because that is something that I struggle with a bunch. There is a tiny section called ‘How To Talk To Yourself’ which starts with one of the best sentences “Hands up who often talks to themselves like a piece of s**t (Me, me, me!!!!)”. I have long since forgotten how to talk nicely to myself. I think the last time I honestly spoke about myself truthfully and positively were the years before I turned 10. I hadn’t  yet experienced all the bullying I was subjected to and still had both my parents.

Amazing what life can do to change the view on yourself.

Unlike other self-care books that are out there in the market, Fearne makes me feel as if she is sitting right next to me sharing her experiences, her fears and not forcing me to listen. I can step away from a page if I’m feeling triggered and can return when I feel strong enough to listen to what she has to say.

Not only has it got her own personal experiences with her ‘mind chatter’ but she also has interviews with different people such as Dustin Lance Black (Tom Daley’s husband), Billie Piper and specialists. That is really cool to read especially from Dustin and Billie since I never really knew about that part of their lives.

If you want to read more of Fearne’s books on mental health, we have Calm, Happy, Happy The Journal and she even has a Happy Vegan Recipe book coming out in October!

Have you read any of her books before?

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