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An Anxiety Guide For Attending Blogger Events

Mental health can affect everyone, anywhere at any time but I discovered a couple of years ago that my anxiety came out massively when attending blogger events. You might be meeting up with blogger friends who you speak to every day online but, knowing you’ll be meeting new people too, your mind goes crazy! At least my mind does anywhere and it’s no fun, especially when you’re trying to enjoy yourself.

blogger events

Most of the thoughts flying around my head in the picture above is what I think whenever I go to an event. They are on the extreme side when I’m feeling really anxious but I do think about these to some degree. I hate when I see one of my friends or even one of you guys suffering because of their mental health and restrict yourself from going to blogger events.

Talk to the organiser

Even though it might seem embarrassing talking about your mental health to a brand/event organiser, you’d be surprised how understanding people are! If you know that the event is going to be particularly busy, ask the organiser if the venue has a quieter area to be able to go to in case you get overwhelmed. I’ve had to do this at least twice and, if they didn’t have a specific area, I just took myself off outside.

Tell any blogger friends who are attending

The same with the above! Blogger friends are some of the best people around and will literally bend over backwards to help someone if they need it. There is nothing wrong with making a plan in case you have an anxiety attack or even feel as if you can’t make it. I had one friend who even left an event early because everything got too much. There is no shame!

Find out everything about the event

One of the biggest thing that causes me the most anxiety is not knowing what is going to be happening at the event, where it is being held, how to get there and whether I need to get public transport to get there and back. Once you know where the event is being held, then try making an event book. In mine I write down cheap ways to get to the event (normally by train and then walking), look on Google Maps so you can physically see where the venue is and what is around it and, if you do have friends going, ask if you can walk there and back together!

Do all the little things you can think of to lessen your anxiety. I tend to take some Bach Rescue Remedy with me just in case so I can put some drops on my tongue and get me through.

Don’t let your thoughts stop you

Ugh! I have said no to so many cool blogger events because of my anxiety. My reasons for not going have been:

  • Not knowing anyone there
  • The event being held at night
  • The event going on until late
  • Not feeling fashionable enough to go
  • Not feeling good enough to blog about it
  • Fear of making a bad impression

So many stupid thoughts! None of them are true. If I don’t know anyone before I go, I can use Twitter to see who is going. Brands tend to use a hashtag to advertise everything on and you can usually see who is heading there so get chatting to these people. It might take me a while to get enough confidence for night events but one day. If you were a rubbish blogger, then the brand wouldn’t have invited you so get that thought out of your head. Unless you have the idea of smashing everything up, you won’t make bad impressions.

One of my goals is to attend a couple of blogger events this year so let’s see if any come my way. Haha!

Do any of you get anxious about attending events?

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