How Acting Gave Me The Confidence To Live

You might not know this about me if you’ve only just discovered my blog, but I actually studied acting at university. I have adored acting for what seems like a long time ever since I watched my first play in Birmingham as a kid. I loved seeing all the people on stage pretending to be someone completely different, wear amazing costumes and sometimes make people laugh/cry.

Though when I told people like my teachers that I wanted to be an actress, I was told that acting wasn’t a proper profession to go into and to look at something else.


That was the same phrase I heard over and over during my childhood: “Acting isn’t a real job.” “You want to pretend to be a tree on stage?” “Acting is only for rich people!”


I hate that people don’t see it as a real profession because there are plenty of my favourite actors who are doing just that! It’s an extremely difficult one to get into properly and I was even told by my lecturer that only 1% will succeed at it. I don’t do acting to become famous (like that would ever happen!). I do it because it’s the only job I can see myself doing and it’s what I love even when it’s at its most challenging!

Like a lot of people, acting gave me something back.

It gave me the chance to be more social with people like making friends who I still chat with to this day, gave me confidence to step on stage and lose myself into a character and it is sooo much fun!! I have had the chance to play a bunch of different characters such as Miranda in The Tempest, Lara in Pulse and Talthybia in Welcome To Thebes!


As someone who is pretty much a social outcast, you would think that acting would be the absolute worst thing for me to do. What with having to be part of a cast, rehearsals, bright lights, loud sounds and having to perform in front of audiences. I ADORE all of these!

When you have rehearsals for a show, you quickly become family with the rest of the cast! Of course I struggle initially since they are completely new to me but, since we have to work together to make the show the best it can be, you have to use those struggles to get closer. We’re all there to help each other especially when we struggle and I have some amazing memories of being in hysterics in changing rooms and watching films on Netflix in between shows.

I’m not crippled by my anxiety when I stand on that stage and it makes me feel stronger! If any of you have done any acting, you’ll understand the buzz you get!

It’s been quite a while since I last did any acting but it was one of my resolutions to find my way back into it. Even if it’s just taking a class again!

What has given you confidence to be you?

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