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25 Nerdy Things To Do When You’re Trying To Ignore The Rain


If there is anything known worldwide about UK, it’s that our little island loves rain! We don’t but it does. Well, it loves throwing a bunch of different weather at us all in one day. Rain just happens to be the most common!

Since it feels like forever since I’ve done a fandom post, I felt like sharing a few nerdy things you can do on a rainy day!

  1. Watch your favourite DVDs
  2. Watch some Marvel films/box-sets
  3. Read books based on your favourite fandom or comics
  4. Write your own blog post about something nerdy
  5. Write a fanfiction on your favourite fandom in the rain
  6. Try to create a recipe inspired by a fandom
  7. Have a nerdy conversation with friends
  8. Create a wishlist of items you wish you owned
  9. Draw (or attempt to draw in my case) one of your favourite characters
  10. Attempt to convince friends why you ship your favourite fandom couple(s)
  11. Create a playlist of music inspired by your fandom
  12. Learn to play a song from the TV show/film on an instrument
  13. Pretend to be a character for the entire day
  14. Watch nerdy vloggers while ignoring the rain outside
  15. Sort yourself (or resort yourself) into a Hogwarts House on Pottermore
  16. Sort different fandom characters into Hogwarts Houses
  17. Tweet the cast of a TV show/film
  18. Create a fan blog for something
  19. Create a dance inspired by a scene
  20. Create a cosplay out of what you have in your wardrobe
  21. Subscribe to a fandom subscription box
  22. Purchase some funko pops
  23. Have a debate with your family about why it’s cool to be a fangirl/fanboy
  24. Attempt a fandom-inspired workout
  25. Repeat

What things do you love to do to ignore the rain?


How Acting Gave Me The Confidence To Live

You might not know this about me if you’ve only just discovered my blog, but I actually studied acting at university. I have adored acting for what seems like a long time ever since I watched my first play in Birmingham as a kid. I loved seeing all the people on stage pretending to be someone completely different, wear amazing costumes and sometimes make people laugh/cry.

Though when I told people like my teachers that I wanted to be an actress, I was told that acting wasn’t a proper profession to go into and to look at something else.


That was the same phrase I heard over and over during my childhood: “Acting isn’t a real job.” “You want to pretend to be a tree on stage?” “Acting is only for rich people!”


I hate that people don’t see it as a real profession because there are plenty of my favourite actors who are doing just that! It’s an extremely difficult one to get into properly and I was even told by my lecturer that only 1% will succeed at it. I don’t do acting to become famous (like that would ever happen!). I do it because it’s the only job I can see myself doing and it’s what I love even when it’s at its most challenging!

Like a lot of people, acting gave me something back.

It gave me the chance to be more social with people like making friends who I still chat with to this day, gave me confidence to step on stage and lose myself into a character and it is sooo much fun!! I have had the chance to play a bunch of different characters such as Miranda in The Tempest, Lara in Pulse and Talthybia in Welcome To Thebes!


As someone who is pretty much a social outcast, you would think that acting would be the absolute worst thing for me to do. What with having to be part of a cast, rehearsals, bright lights, loud sounds and having to perform in front of audiences. I ADORE all of these!

When you have rehearsals for a show, you quickly become family with the rest of the cast! Of course I struggle initially since they are completely new to me but, since we have to work together to make the show the best it can be, you have to use those struggles to get closer. We’re all there to help each other especially when we struggle and I have some amazing memories of being in hysterics in changing rooms and watching films on Netflix in between shows.

I’m not crippled by my anxiety when I stand on that stage and it makes me feel stronger! If any of you have done any acting, you’ll understand the buzz you get!

It’s been quite a while since I last did any acting but it was one of my resolutions to find my way back into it. Even if it’s just taking a class again!

What has given you confidence to be you?


My Honest Thoughts on Crimes of Grindelwald DVD

It’s been a couple of weeks since the Crimes of Grindelwald DVD was released and I tried to give people plenty of time to watch before I dropped any spoilers on the new added scenes to the film and some fun behind the scenes! I love those parts on a DVD where you can see how the cast and crew made the film and hear why they made changes!

If you haven’t watched this yet, feel free to check out my other Harry Potter posts (with some popcorn, of course!) until you watch! The post will still be here! Haha!


Okay, my lovely Potterheads…let me tell you what I thought!

I’ll be completely honest with you: I was pretty disappointed with the overall package. For an extended cut, I wouldn’t consider it extended at all. I appreciate the effort but between short scenes and the fact that a couple of the scenes were really important…*sighs*

You know I wouldn’t say about the Wizarding World unless I truly felt something had to be said. I don’t hate it by any means and really enjoyed some of the extras included but it just wasn’t enough to be considered extended. I mean…if you want to know extended, then look at the Lord of the Rings set! That said, here are some of the things that I loved about this new DVD:

Alternative Opening

Oof, this both made me so happy to see and frustrated that it wasn’t included in the original film! This opening shows Credence piecing himself back together (after he kind of exploded back in New York) and boarding a boat to Paris. This would have made so much sense to include because I was always confused about how he ended up in France in the first place. Though I was frustrated, I was just really happy to have Ezra starting at least this version!

Dumbledore chats more with Newt

It may not be a long scene but I see it as pretty darn important! It has the conversation on the tram that we saw in the film but it also has them hopping off, Dumbledore using his Deluminator (we should have had this!) and chatting about Ariana! Yes, Albus’ sister!! I reckon it does hint more to the fact that she was an Obscurial like Credence! I just need confirmation from Jo herself and then I’ll be a happy fangirl!

Credence x Nagini (Cregini)

I don’t know if this ship has a name but I’m calling it Cregini because I’m weird like that! Hehe! A couple of the deleted scenes were short but romantic moments between the two and it was so freaking adorable!! I already had the idea that they were more than just friends but there was something special about these two. One had Credence waking up next to Nagini while she was in mid-transformation back to her human form and another was Credence actually kissing her hand. It’s probably my fangirl talking…AWWWWWW!

The Featurettes

Other than the film itself, I love these featurettes! I loved hearing about Jo’s detailed process into screen-writing for the Fantastic Beasts franchise and even gave a hint that the end of this film may not be the same by the end of the next! What does that mean?! Part of me kind of wants Credence to see Grindelwald’s lies though I doubt that will happen so soon. Other parts I love was hearing more from Jude about what he thought about becoming Dumbledore and that he now knows absolutely everything about him! What I wouldn’t give to hear those secrets!

One of the best out of these had to be Wizards On Screen, Fans In Real Life! It had Ezra Miller and Evanna Lynch watching a few scenes from Crimes of Grindelwald and then being extra nerdy! I absolutely adore how much Ezra knows about the Potter-verse and how passionate he is!! Superfans to the end!

What were your thoughts about the DVD? Did you love or dislike and why?

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My Visit To Katie Abey’s Punnydukes


You guys know how much I love Harry Potter and, if you’ve seen a few of my gift guides, you’ll know I love trying to show off some of my favourite Etsy finds. I love how talented people can be so when I heard that there was going to be a Harry Potter shop called Punnydukes opening in Matlock…I had to go there!

I first heard of Katie Abey through her hilarious designs on Etsy and literally fell in love with them! They always brought a smile to my face especially with her sarcastic quotes such as her ‘I Love You More Than Cats‘ card or her Hufflepugs!

Literally had no clue that she was opening a specific fandom shop until I saw a few of my Harry Potter friends being invited to a VIP event. Unfortunately I couldn’t go (I did get an invite!) so I waited until I knew I would have plenty of time to go.

That day was this week and I literally in awe from the very first step through the Dumbledoor! (One of her puns hence why it’s called Punnydukes! Haha!)

The first person I met was Natalie (who was the sweetest and most patient person to put up with this weird little fangirl) and the Lord of the Rings music! Yes, this shop literally plays different nerdy music such as Disney, Harry Potter and more!



What is super cool about this shop (other than the fact that it has cool music and makes you feel as if you’ve somehow walked into Luna Lovegood’s mind) is that it sells designs and merchandise from other Etsy people! What a brilliant way of discovering artists! I saw so many fandom prints, pins, mugs and everything else you could think! It’s safe to say that my bank will be broken soon when I go back to visit and buy everything possible!

Oh oh oh! If you spend over £10 in the shop, then you get given a gem to put into your House hourglass (just like Hogwarts). Not to be a big-headed Hufflepuff but we’ve won twice so bring it on everyone! Punnydukes knows what we like!




Have a bit of a potty mouth and like designs with a few rude words? Head into the little room with a lot of Katie’s fun designs! My favourites have to be the Honest Rainbow Cats and the Bohemian Catsody!

If you want more of Katie’s designs and you can’t visit Derbyshire right now, then you have her Etsy shop at the beginning and she also has a few of books you can buy: We Eat Bananas and We Wear Pants!



Have you ever visited an independent Harry Potter shop? If not, tell me your best fandom pun!

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My LGBTQ+ Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Heather Has Two Mummies (£6.38) | Two Moms Mug (£8.82) | Ask Your Other Mum Sleep Mask (£14.11) | LGBTQ+ Mum Card (£2.50) | Mommy, Mama and Me (£5.18) | Donovan’s Big Day (£11.99)

I’m having fun creating these gift guides for Mother’s Day! Today I’m focusing on the LGBTQ side and celebrating families who have two mums who need to be loved. I was so impressed with my local library (it’s a teeny one) for having LGBTQ books on their children shelves. Only 3 but, compared to a few years ago, that’s a lot! Fingers crossed that they start stocking more. I’ve already suggested a few titles for them to check out.

Heather Has Two Mummies

This book was one of the few that I found at my library and it’s so cute! The illustrations are beautiful and the words really would make a child think.

Ms Molly looks at all the pictures. “It doesn’t matter how many mummies or how many daddies your family has,” Ms Molly says. “It doesn’t matter if your family has sisters or brothers or cousins or grandmas or grandpas or uncles or aunts. Each family is special. The most important thing about a family is that all the people in it love one another.”

Mommy, Mama and Me

This is all about how a toddler spends the day with his mummies! I’m all for educating kids early about LGBTQ even if you don’t go into crazy amounts of detail. Just enough to teach them that it’s perfectly okay for people of the same sex to love each other. I think it would stop kids thinking that it’s strange and bully any kids who have same sex parents.


What’s the best kind of gift for Mother’s Day? Mugs! Yeah, I know they’re probably boring and I’m sounding old before my time but I’d love to get a mug for a special occasion! I love cups of tea and you should see my cupboard full of fandom mugs! It’s amazing!

Ask Your Other Mom Sleep Masks

I don’t know why but these made me giggle! If these don’t cry parents, I don’t know what does! My mum and dad always told me to ask the other. For Mother’s Day, I think you’d better let both mums to relax for the day or at least less chaos!

Two Mums Mother’s Day Card

So sweet! Etsy is incredible for people designing these kinds of cards! You could literally look at pages! I chose this one because it was so cringy yet oh so sweet! You need to gush over your mums at least one day a year.

Donovan’s Big Day

If any same-sex parents are planning to get married and want to introduce the idea to their young kids, then I reckon this book would be a winner! It’s following Donovan and how he feels during the wedding for his two mums. It shows how exciting the big day can be and how important their role would be too!

Do you think there should be more LGBTQ books helping kids to understand?

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide For Nerdy Ladies

Mother's Day

Love Potion Necklace (£110) | Mrs Jumbo & Dumbo (£30.99) | Mary Poppins Card (£2.99) | The Force Is Strong With This Mom T-Shirt (£15.63) | Beauty and The Beast Book Clutch ($99.99) | Wonder Woman Spa Set ($47.67) | Game of Thrones Maternity Shirt (£22.50) | Molly Weasley’s Wand (£27)

If you haven’t guessed from the title of today’s post, I’ve put together a little gift guide for Mother’s Day! Mums can be nerdy too! To be honest, I reckon parents are even nerdier than their kids so don’t be surprised. I find Mother’s Day particularly hard seeing as my own mum isn’t here to celebrate with but that doesn’t mind I can’t help you find the perfect gift!

Love potion necklace

I chose this stunning silver necklace from WB Studio Tour because what else do you want to give to your mum, your grandma, your aunt or your step-mum on a day like this? Love! Love is a massive thing and I think it’s fun to have them wear a little thing from Harry Potter too! Haha!

Mrs Jumbo & Dumbo

The most adorable mum and baby in Disney, but also the pair that broke my heart over and over! It’s been so long since I’ve sat down properly and watched Dumbo from start to finish, but with the new film coming out next month, it seems right to! Looking past the fact that they do have a really sad moment, you can’t deny how adorable they are! Even remembering Mrs Jumbo rocking Dumbo in her trunk through the bars is making me tear up! I’ve heard a lot of good things about Disney Tradition items so enjoy!

Mary Poppins Mother’s Day Card

You can’t have the day go by without giving a card! You don’t always have to get your mum a present but a card is still amazing to receive!  You wouldn’t believe how long I spent on Etsy looking at fandom cards and I wish I could buy every single one! I might even make a post all about the ones you could buy! Mums or the women you see as a mum are incredible ladies and seem pretty perfect! I think Mary Poppins nails it with her saying!

The Force Is Strong With This Mom T-Shirt

I’m not even a mum and I want this t-shirt!! It’s so fun! Star Wars has some powerful women and I reckon Padmé could have been such a loving one to Luke and Leia! You can never go wrong with a fandom t-shirt to wear when you want to feel some empowerment!

Beauty and the Beast Clutch

I couldn’t resist having something from ThinkGeek on my gift guide. I know this clutch is pretty expensive but this could be a gift you could give as an adult or save up as something really special. I adore the detail of the stitching and how it looks elegant and vintage at the same time.

Wonder Woman Spa Set

This set is actually reduced by 40% so that is always a great sign, right? Haha! If there is one thing I would have called my mum, it would have been that she was a ‘wonder woman’ through and through! I mean…any mum who could put up with me as a kid had to be some kind of super hero! In this gorgeous tote, you have a beautiful robe, toe separators, slippers and a satin eye-mask! Sounds so relaxing and all mums deserve the chance to have a day of relaxation!

Game of Thrones Maternity T-Shirt

All mums need to be loved especially those mums-to-be! Bumps can give gifts too! Since we have the final season of Game of Thrones coming soon (so sad), I had to include this comfy-looking t-shirt! You can also get ‘Mother of Dragons’ somewhere too!

Molly Weasley’s Wand

I had to include Molly’s wand because if I could ever ask for any mum in a fandom, it would have to be Molly Weasley. She isn’t perfect (look at how she treated Hermione in Goblet of Fire) but she also created 7 incredible kids with Arthur. She raised them with so much love and practically Harry as soon as she saw him at Kings Cross. No-one can forget how she took on Bellatrix to protect Ginny!

What are you hoping to get your mum this Mother’s Day?



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Book Review | Quiet by Fearne Cotton


I’m going to be showing my age now but when I think of Fearne Cotton, I don’t automatically think author or even DJ. I remember her presenting Childrens’ TV such as Diggit and EurekaTV. Yep, definitely old. I tended to see Fearne popping up on shows as the years went by and really enjoyed her sense of humour. However it wasn’t until I read Quiet and learned about her battle with mental health when I really started to relate more to her.

Quiet had my internet even before I turned the cover page!

Fell instantly in love with the pastel rainbow colours of the birds flying and the description ‘Silencing the brain chatter and believing that you’re good enough’. If there is anything that I wish I could figure out, it is shutting up my head! I think that’s the same need for anyone that suffers with any type of mental health!

The first thing you see when you open up the book is a rainbow-blended brain which I adored. It was an interactive part of the book which you fill in whenever you see the brain symbol shown throughout so you can jot down any negative thoughts.

“We forget how capable we are, how strong we can be and how deep we have dug before. There is confidence there even if it’s hidden; there is courage, beauty, wisdom and belief – we just need some quiet to notice it.”

I love the chapter ‘Quiet Self-Love’ because that is something that I struggle with a bunch. There is a tiny section called ‘How To Talk To Yourself’ which starts with one of the best sentences “Hands up who often talks to themselves like a piece of s**t (Me, me, me!!!!)”. I have long since forgotten how to talk nicely to myself. I think the last time I honestly spoke about myself truthfully and positively were the years before I turned 10. I hadn’t  yet experienced all the bullying I was subjected to and still had both my parents.

Amazing what life can do to change the view on yourself.

Unlike other self-care books that are out there in the market, Fearne makes me feel as if she is sitting right next to me sharing her experiences, her fears and not forcing me to listen. I can step away from a page if I’m feeling triggered and can return when I feel strong enough to listen to what she has to say.

Not only has it got her own personal experiences with her ‘mind chatter’ but she also has interviews with different people such as Dustin Lance Black (Tom Daley’s husband), Billie Piper and specialists. That is really cool to read especially from Dustin and Billie since I never really knew about that part of their lives.

If you want to read more of Fearne’s books on mental health, we have Calm, Happy, Happy The Journal and she even has a Happy Vegan Recipe book coming out in October!

Have you read any of her books before?


Why I Started Blogging And How I’ve Changed

Why I Started Blogging

Next Monday marks my 1st blog birthday since I came back from my long hiatus! I can’t believe how quick a year went (though I’m glad it did because last year was no good) but, with that in mind, I felt like chatting about why I started blogging in the first place!

If you only recently discovered me through Jenny In Neverland’s blog, then hello there! If you randomly found me, again hi! Neither of you will know that I actually started blogging back in 2014 with a blog called promptsbydee. Back then it was all about theatre, the odd lifestyle and anything else that popped into my head. I’ve on and off ‘blogged’ for a good few years from using Livejournal or even in notebooks. I finally got my own domain and blogged ‘properly’ due to FleurDeForce! I love her blog so much and she always made fashion and beauty seem so much fun.

Like most bloggers when they first started, you don’t have any fancy equipment. I didn’t want to have to ask my mum and I couldn’t get a full-time job since I was caring for mum by this point. I didn’t let that stop me though! I simply used my phone for the pictures and the library to go and type my blog posts up. I did have a laptop but it was so slow that I think I would have stopped blogging after a week if I’d used it to upload. Thankfully the ladies at my local library had known me since I was 8 and actually brought me some water while I typed. Book lovers ftw!

If you want an idea of how my pictures looked back then, here you go:

I kind of cringe a little at how this looks now but, back then, this was the best I could do and I was actually proud of myself. The picture is way too small for a main picture and there is a orange tone since I probably did this under my kitchen light. Yeah…let’s just push this to the side so no-one can ever see it again.

I adored my first little blog but, when Mum’s health took a turn, I couldn’t blog anymore and I hated it. Blogging has always been a distraction for when life got tough and I had a place to rant. It’s taking a long time to know that I’ll never be like other bloggers or get over that slightly jealousy. No-one is perfect, not even the top-end bloggers. We all started at this new level in the beginning and, even though my photography is still awful, at least it’s better than back then.

Starting last year was lovely and terrifying.

I started blogging all over again but this time I at least had a better camera and a bit of experience.

Unfortunately I had to have a new domain and that meant losing the DA I’d worked on building upon.

Can you see improvement?! Haha.

The plus of starting afresh was having a new name (TheDeeWhoLived was born!) and finally figure out what I felt more comfortable blogging about. Over the year I’ve started to understand that I don’t have to post about Harry Potter all the time since that runs dry during the quiet times. I also discovered that I adore chatting about books! I’m a book-blogging, slightly odd nerd who hits publish and runs.

How were you when you started blogging? What have you liked from me over the last few year?


My Childhood Through Books That I Loved


Books have been a vital part of my life, thanks to my dad loving books and reading them to me through the early part of my childhood. There have been so many over the years such as Spot the Dog, Nancy Drew and more. I decided to choose the few books that made my heart warm and really kept me reading through really tough times.

Hairy Maclary From Donaldson’s Dairy (£3.49)

This book is AMAZING!! If you love books that you just have to do silly voices for and rhymes, you have to get this! It still makes me smile to this day. I vaguely remember hearing this being read on CBBC and I will definitely being reading this to any future children.

Alfie: Alfie and Mum (£6.99)

This is probably going to be to hear but I don’t remember this particular book for the story/words. I remember it for the illustrations and the detail in every single one. Don’t ask why I loved a picture book as a 10 year old but I did! Maybe it was to do with the really close relationship that I had with my own mum or maybe I developed my creative brain because of this. Who knows?

The Worst Witch (£2.99)

You can thank TV for this because I did the unthinkable: I watched the TV show before reading the book series. I honestly never knew they existed until I saw the show and adored it! It also has the best intro!! There was something about Mildred Hubble that I connected with and had me hooked. I think she was so awkward with people around her and with what she was learning that I saw me in her. Awkward should be my middle name!

Matilda (£7.74)

Another ‘watched before I read’ choice but everyone has to know about Matilda! It’s like the ultimate childhood film for me! Young girl grows up with a family that doesn’t care about her, she is really intelligent, learns to read and loves every book and suddenly develops powers. It’s like Hermione but American and a nasty family! I read a lot of Roald Dahl books as a kid because of my teachers and, of course, the different films and TV shows that were created.

Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone

I couldn’t find a link to the original copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone but there was no question about whether I should include Harry Potter! Look at my blog! It is part of me and it has helped me enormously over the years. Reading it back in 1997…I was transfixed by the world JK Rowling had conjured up like Hogwarts, the whole Wizarding World and the various characters that followed Harry through his time at school. After already loving things to do with magic, I happily read every single book and still absolutely love!

Darren Shan: Cirque Du Freak (£5.45)

Other than Goosebumps (forgot about that when doing my graphic but I LOVED THAT BOOK!), Darren Shan was the only other creepy childhood book that I read. It was all vampires and drama long before Twilight was a thing. Darren wrote his characters in such a way that you made pray that they survived the next chapter and this series must have meant a lot to me as I did some GCSE English coursework on the series! Haha!

Midnight for Charlie Bone (£6.99)

Yet another magic school book! Are you guys sensing a theme of my childhood yet? This could be considered even more sinister than Harry Potter in my eyes. There was always something creepy about this series (a good creepy!) and it constantly set out puzzles for you to figure out before Charlie gave you the answer.

Pig Heart Boy (£4.95)

So many Malorie Blackman books I could have chosen! I read so many as a teenager but this particular book got my attention. It could have been because my mum was a nurse and that meant I was constantly surrounded by hospitals that made me read this first, but the plot fascinated me. The idea of a boy getting a heart transplant is bad enough but the fact that it would be a pig’s heart and all the backlash and finger pointing he and his family would get during this was crazy. Read this and have your minds blown!

Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging (£6.99)

We can’t talk about teen books without having this book included! Oh my days did this series have me in giggle fits!! I never felt like a normal teen and I got the chance to be a normal one due to Georgia and her crazy life. Her parents were insane and her personality was infectious! I still can’t believe that Louise Rennison isn’t around anymore to write more but this series will forever live on in my heart!

Which childhood books do you still love?

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How Grown-Ups Can Enjoy World Book Day Too

World Book Day

Tomorrow is World Book Day in the UK and I have some amazing memories of celebrating this at school! It was so much fun when I was at primary school and could dress up as your favourite book character, though I’m still doing that to this day as you can see from my cosplay! Haha! I’ve saw a few kids in my local Tesco trying to pick out a costume to wear tomorrow but I love seeing all the adorable pictures on Twitter!

I’m here to tell you that grown-ups can enjoy World Book Day too!

dress up as well

There seems to be the sad thing that you can’t dress up as something once you have reached a certain age but this shouldn’t be the case! I’m not saying you have to dress head-to-toe in the wildest character outfit. You can try to create the outfit with clothes you already own or, if you work with kids or your workplace allows it), have fun and dress up! I’ll be putting on my Hogwarts robes as I walk around the shops tomorrow because I have an excuse!

Read your favourite book

You’ve probably doing this one already but here’s another poke to read it again or another book you love!

Teach children about the love for reading

This is one for my readers who have kids who are at the age for reading! If you even reading my blog and my book posts, I can guess that you have been doing your best to read to your little ones. It’s hard these days since everyone seems glued to a screen like a phone or an iPad but these kinds of days are perfect to encourage reading. If they get given a £1 book token from school, then they have a choice of some amazing books for all different ages.

Look for nearby events

Not all of the events for tomorrow are based at school. You can find some in bookshops like Waterstones. You can take part in a quiz, make a bookmark and more. If you want to know what’s going on on the day as well as throughout the year, check out this events page!

Re-read your favourite childhood books

I actually have a post coming up next week about my favourite childhood books, but do it! I have so many that I loved reading from my very first book ‘Spot’s Toy Box’ to where I am now! You can thank my dad for my love of reading!

What are your plans for World Book Day?