Setting Blog Goals For 2019 And Beyond

It might be the beginning of February but we’re only 2 months into 2019 so we can still do these kinds of posts for a little while! This is usually the time of year where people tend to flood into the blogging universe, but for people who have been blogging for a bit, it’s a great time to look at blog goals.

Next month will mark 1 year since I came back to blogging.

It’s crazy how quickly time passes and I’ve been so happy to find my way back into this and being able to post what I want regardless of the trend. I have had a few little ideas on what I would love to happen over the next year; some of the goals are pretty achievable (I hope) and others are wishful thinking!

work with a brand

One of the cool things about being a blogger is that you get to sometimes work with a brand that you love/admire or discover through being contacted. Though my blog is still invisible, there is absolutely nothing wrong with with aiming high. There are so many brands that I would love to one day work with:

WB Studio Tour London
Bloomsbury (Childrens)
National Autistic Society

I know that it will take forever to even be looked at by some of these brands but, since I’m a huge fan of all of them anyway, this goal gives me the push to post about what I love. As you can tell, I have a love for different things such as Harry Potter (duh!), mental health and books. All three of these have a part in my life and blog so who knows!

reach 5k followers on twitter | 1k on instagram

The Twitter one is way more possible than the Instagram. I’m constantly on there and it is definitely my favourite social media platform to use. I can chat quickly, see news and use my gifs! I’m actually so close to hitting 5K which is a massive number for me so I really hope I get to see it some day this year. As for Instagram, ugh. I don’t see this really being a thing for me since it is constantly up and down by a couple of followers. It’s such an infuriating site to use and triggers me a lot with the ‘perfection/photo-shopped’ image. Still something to try for though.

attend a blog event

This is something I’m aiming towards in terms of my anxiety. I find it so easy to chat to different bloggers over the internet but when it comes to chatting to the same people in real life…yeah. I really want to push myself to be social in the blog community and be seen. One of the best ways has to be through a blog event. I’ve been to a couple in the past and they’re so much fun!

get a pipdig theme

If you’ve never heard of Pipdig, you need to check them out. Their themes are some of the best in the blog theme world!! I have used them at least twice over the last few years and have loved so much. Their work is stunning and really makes your blog look professional and easier for readers to use. The theme I have right now is just a default one from WordPress and, while it’s okay, I really want to change it.

work on my photography

This is a massive trigger for my mental health and it’s something I’ve only noticed in the last few months. As I mentioned above, photography is a big element when it comes to your blog. Whether you’re showing off products you’ve been loved or highlighting a topic, an image sometimes reads better than a bunch of words. I really struggle with creating photos and I’m really want to work this. I’m looking at you, Jordan, Katy and Kaye! TEACH ME YOUR WISDOM!!

What blog goals have you aimed for this year?

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