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House of Windows

Hey guys, another book review to take a glimpse at!

Today I’m going to be reviewing House of Windows by Alexia Casale. I wasn’t sure what to expect after seeing the cover but as soon as I read the back I knew I wanted to read more:

Nick hates it when people call him a genius. Sure, he’s going to Cambridge University aged 15, but he says that’s just because he works hard. And, secretly, he only works hard to get some kind of attention from his workaholic father.

Not that his strategy is working.

When he arrives at Cambridge, he finds the work hard and socialising even harder. Until, that is, he starts to cox for the college rowing crew and all hell breaks loose…

Having had a couple of friends who have gone to Cambridge, I thankfully had an idea of some of the terminology that students use! I was actually proud of myself for understanding! If you didn’t, then there were plenty of explanations to help get your head around it. What I love about learning the different words used was that it made me feel as if I was a first year student along with Nick and that we were taking the journey together.

My first thoughts on Nick?


He is socially awkward to the point where he seems rude, he’s not interested in going out with people or taking part in clubs, is beyond smart (but is not a genius, according to him) and was bullied brutally at school. All the signs are there!

At first I wasn’t so sure about him as a character. He was moody, didn’t seem to care about people trying to help him and wanted to be better than everyone else. Tends to put you off a person! However that all changed when you discover what stuff he has to go through alongside being the youngest at the university. Bullying, family problems, lack of confidence, struggling to understand the people around him…sounds a lot like me to be honest!

What else did I love?

I adored Alexia’s range of characters from Michael (the workaholic dad), Tim (adopted-against-his-will-and-is-too-young-to-be-a-dad dad), Ange (the most colourful, friendliest girl that I wish was real so we can be friends) and so many more!!

House of Windows is so relatable if you have social awkwardness and been to/starting university. I ended up going on a rollercoaster with this book from being frustrated at Michael, Nick and their situation, really happy for the people who ended up in Nick’s life and I actually cried during one particular moment since it reminded me of what happened to my mum.

Have any of you read House of Windows? If not, do you think you would love?


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