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Wow, so many people that I know were so happy to see the back of January. It’s the same every year to be honest but I actually didn’t have a bad month for a change. Well, as good as you can when you have depression.

It was good in the fact that I found my way back to my love for reading and, in doing so, supporting my local library by getting newer books from them. My county is going through a bit of a crisis lately where they’re shutting down small libraries and having volunteers run the bigger ones to save money. Makes my bookworm blood boil just thinking about it.

I found some incredible books at the Young Adult section (though the first book was something I bought ages ago and never got the chance to read!) so here I am, sharing my thoughts on these. Maybe I can point you in the direction of some great titles!

The house with chicken legs (sophie anderson)

Can’t go wrong starting January with a book based on Slavic fairy tales! I was recommended this book by a bookseller at Waterstones (and it came with a free badge too!). I’ll admit that I had passed this on a couple of occasions because it wasn’t a book I’d usually pick up, but after listening to what it was actually about, I immediately got Studio Ghibli vibes. It’s all about a young girl called Marinka who wants a normal life like others but the house she lives in has…you guessed it…chicken legs that sometimes to choose to get up randomly and walk somewhere new. She also lives with her grandmother Baba who decides what they do. I loved how much Marinka wanted to take control of her life and her journey of self-discovery!

Extraordinary Means (robyn schneider)

I also got recommended by someone! I like to get book ideas from people! Haha. If you loved The Fault In Our Stars and Paper Towns, you’ll love this book! A smart kid called Lane who is aiming high in education suddenly develops TB which gets him sent to Latham House to recover and ends up meeting a girl called Sadie. It’s full of dark humour, teenage angst and Robyn definitely did a great job!

The Upside Unrequited (Becky Albertalli)

It’s no secret that I’m a massive fan of Becky’s work having loved Simon Vs The Homo Sapien Agenda and her latest book, What If It’s Us! As soon as I finished reading that, I moved to The Upside Unrequited and was pretty excited that my library even had this stock! It follows her tried-and-tested genius with LGBTQ+ characters trying to find their way through puberty and love. I’m still trying to figure it out in my 30s! I loved Molly to pieces due to the fact that she was relatably confused about love and couldn’t figure how it even worked, even when she had it possibly staring in the face. I loved it and the fact that nerdy facts about Tolkien were thrown in too!

All About Mia (Lisa Williamson)

Okay, you know how I say I prefer to be honest on my blog? Well I have been honest with the above reviews and I’m carrying on with this book too. I didn’t really like it and I was gutted too! I’ve loved Lisa’s two other books and I was honestly wanting to love this too but I just couldn’t connect with it. I did like the characters and the clear Britishness about it…that was about it. I think it was because Mia and her friends were rather out there and I tend to like characters I can relate to. That and I already guessed the ending as soon as a certain thing happened in the book. *sigh* I tried!

House of Windows (Alexia Casale)

This book was another I’d passed on the shelf when I visited the library but I decided to give it a chance and I’m so glad I did! Nick (the main character) reminded me so much of the BBC version of Sherlock Holmes in the way that he is a genius, sarcastic and a bit prickly with people. I’m so glad that I follow Cambridge Uni vloggers and so know some of the lingo that they use or I’d have to ask a friend what the heck is being said!  It was more than just the obvious student at uni but also looked at family and belonging. So beautiful!

PS I Still Love You (Jenny Han)

If you haven’t read To All The Boys I Loved Before, you’ll have more than likely watched the film based on it on Netflix (it’s still on so go watch if you haven’t!). This is the sequel to that particular book and Lara Jean gets right under my skin all over again. She’s your typical teen but, just when you think she’s all sorted, another guy plops into her life and confuses everything. I wanted to shake her sometimes! Still loved it though! I would have given it 5 stars but ended a bit too quick for me but ah well…maybe we’ll get a sequel to the film too! Haha.

What books did you love in January?

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