11 Booktubers You Might Be Missing Out On


It’s almost been a full month since I started reviewing more books on my blog and I’ve enjoyed it so much! You can thank these lovely people above for pushing me to talk more about my love for books! I’ve watched most of them for what seems like forever so it’s time I shared some booktubers who you might be missing out on!

Books With Chloe

I’ve only been subscribed to Chloe for a little bit but I utterly adore her! She seems so fun and she’s from Australia!! People love the British accent and I think the Australian one is awesome! Haha! Some of my favourite vlogs of hers have to be her weekly reading vlogs (I love weekly videos in general but add books to it and I love even more!) and her reading journal! Oh and I really want her bookcase because of all the random stuff she has them along with her books!


How Emma only has 100k subscribers (yeah, I know that is still a massive number) I have no clue! I think she deserves more but hey! If you haven’t guessed, this lovely lady is Emma and she’s from New York! I honestly need to visit that city for so many reasons! My reasons for subscribing to her is purely because she seems just as quirky as me and, of course, she loves Harry Potter so score!

Hailey In Bookland

I’m slowly starting to realise that a lot of my favourite booktubers are girls but that just makes them even more relatable for me! Here we have Hailey! If you like someone who is not just books, then she is your person to watch! She scatters her content with other vlogs including her recent one where she chats about her mental health! That definitely is something I understand and I find that I don’t always get triggered by these personal journeys.

A Clockwork Reader

Would you believe that I only just subscribed to Hannah yesterday? I’ve had a bit of a binge of her videos so knew I had to add her to my list of people! There is something about her vlogs that just seem so clean cut to me especially her thumbnails which makes my little weird heart happy! One of her videos I love was her reading playlist! I love listening to music when I’m writing or reading so this was great for music ideas to add to my own!

Jesse The Reader

Jesse! Jesse was one of the first booktubers that I subscribed to and the only guy on my list! What is awesome about his vlogging style is that he’s hilarious! He really uses comedy to make his videos about books effectively and I honestly love them!! Though his crazy thumbnails lately have me on edge!

Peruse Project

Another new person that I’ve subscribed to and that is Regan! She’s been around for around 5 years and I’ve only just stumbled onto her! I do have the excuse of not knowing that a whole community of booktubers existed so I’m just doing a lot of catching up with people. She is adorable and I actually find her vlogs really relaxing to watch. I’m sorry! I know that’s weird but I do!


You can blame my friend Lisa for me subscribing to Tasha! She told me all about her one visit and I just had to subscribe! Her videos are so fun, she chats about beauty which is cool since I am a disaster with makeup and she fangirls a whole bunch!


Sasha is brilliant! She just seems so colourful and vibrant and her hair is to die for! I love the variety of book content that she has from personal to utterly unique and, when you have a lot of people who love books out there, being unique is key! Or at least I think so!

Little Book Owl

Remember when I said I love the Australian accent? Yeah, here is another amazing booktuber from the land of Oz! This is Caz and her style is gorgeous! You can easily grab a cup of tea, a cosy blanket and just watch her vlogs through the evening!


How could I not have Sanne on my list of booktubers?! She was THE first one I ever subscribed to after coming to hear about her through John Green! She has a gorgeous accent, a way with words that makes you want to sit and listen to more and she literally left her home country to come to work in London in the publishing industry! She is amazing! One day I hope to meet her and just say thanks!


Lucy knows how much I love her and her channel since I kind of tweet her a lot! (Sorry, Lucy! Hehe!). She is one of the few booktubers who chat about the classics especially about the Brontes which is brilliant! It makes me feel smart just watching one of her videos and, if you’re a new book blogger and are looking for a Twitter chat to join, then check out the #UKYAChat! It’s amazing!

What booktubers are you in love with? (Share so I can subscribe to more!)

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