Book Review | One Day In December (Josie Silver)

One Day In December

For my second book review of 2019 I bring to you One Day In December by Josie Silver. Before last month I hadn’t been  familiar with Josie’s work but I already have her next book The Two Lives of Lydia Bird on my ‘To Be Read’ list for later on this year.

I hadn’t read a grown-up book (yes, I like reading Young Adult and Kids more at 32! haha!) for a long time but, when I was walking around WHSmith before Christmas, I was immediately drawn to this cover. It was romantic, simple and I decided to have a quick glimpse of the first page to see if I should buy and…I did!

One Day In December follows the journeys of both Laurie and Jack, a couple who catch the eye of each other one day. One is standing at a bus stop and the other is on a waiting bus. You’d think that these two would instantly fall in love and everything ended beautifully but that would make a really short book, wouldn’t you think? Nope, both of them lose sight of each other and I can’t exactly spoil what happens between them.

I loved the friendship between Laurie and her best friend Sarah! They are like younger versions of Bridget Jones who drink wine, gossip with each other and try to survive the jobs that they’ve been given. Their friendship doesn’t always go smoothly and Laurie is tested along the way when she meets a wealthy man called Oscar. While he does care about her in his own way, he doesn’t stay in her life for the right reasons and I can imagine that I wouldn’t last as long as she does! I may struggle with the whole romance side of things but I love that Laurie is still really relatable and makes me all gooey in the inside!

Plus you can’t go wrong with One Day In December that is loved by Reese Witherspoon who said that people ‘will fall head over heels with this book’!

There are times when I thought I would get a little bored and sigh at how the romance is dished out, but that never happened while I read. It was like a roller-coaster that took me round and round and never failed to be fun! I laughed, I grinned and I winced for all the moments the two main characters struggled.

I’m really glad that I’ve started adding book reviews to my blog and I hope anyone that stumbles upon this enjoys this too!

Have any of you guys read One Day In December?



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