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My Self-Care Beauty Routine

For the past couple of months I have actually been attempting to do a beauty routine every night as a form of self care. It’s taking me what feels like forever to create some sort of routine. If you don’t have mental health, there are days or even weeks where you can’t get yourself to do anything. Have a shower, get out of bed…you get the picture. I’ve found various things to use as self-care during the day but night-time wasn’t easy. That is when I really struggle with my depression and anxiety so all of these products have been a god-send to me!

Self Care

As a gift to myself, I bought some Lancome products (a brand that I utterly adore and never fails to make me feel great) knowing that they would be some of the best.

My Self Care Beauty Routine

Lancome Creme Mousse Confort (£18 at John Lewis, £23 in other stores)

Self Care

This is the first time I’ve ever used a cleanser! I have heard so many of my favourite beauty vloggers and bloggers using one in their skin routine so it was the right time to introduce it to my first. I’m going to sound like such a newbie (which I am) but I wasn’t entirely sure how to use a cleanser at first but I saw the word lather and got the idea eventually. It felt my skin feeling so clean and I love the smell of roses anyway so double win!

Garnier Skin Active: Soothing Botanical Toner with Rose Water (£1.74 in Boots)

Second product that I’ve never used before but will always continue to use in some form! I never knew how nice it was to wipe toner around your face. Just what I needed as self care! It was relaxing and suitable for getting ready for bed. After walking around outside with pollution (which is really gross), this toner soothes my skin since it’s been getting dry quicker because of the obvious and the winter weather.

Lancome Advanced Genifique Serum (30ml – £59)

Now that I’m slowly getting further into my 30s, I need all the anti-age products thrown at my face! I’m slowly getting the odd wrinkle at the corners of my eyes and under my eyes. Begone, foul wrinkles! I massage this serum over my forehead and then over the rest of face and neck before I put on the night cream. I heard that this serum helps the cream sink in better.

Lancome Hydra Zen Neurocalm Moisturizing Night Cream (£43)

Self Care

Say hello to the baby night cream I’d gotten in a gift set! I got a bunch of teeny Hydra Zen products (which I have loved for around 5 years now) and also say hello to the big mummy version in 50ml! Woo…that’s a doozy! When the product you’re using has the words ‘zen’ and ‘calm’ in it, you know it’s going to help you relax. I’d used the day version of this so was excited to use the night cream and I love it so much! It cools my skin and makes it feel fresh and full of moisture which is a brilliant thing for my dry, sensitive skin. I’ve just ran out of my baby version but hopefully I’ll be able to save up some money and grab the big one in the next few weeks.

I’m hoping to test other products eventually as I figure out how to do this!

What products do you use to help your self care?


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