A Fan’s Guide To Surviving Award Ceremonies

award ceremonies

This post is currently being written as I wait to hear the results for the Golden Globe Awards. If you haven’t read my winner predictions, click here to read! There is nothing else that makes a fan proud than hearing their favourite show and/or favourite actor winning an award for their role. Everyone wonders about the nerves the people nominated, but think about the fans!

I decided to make a guide to help my fellow fangirls and fanboys survive the award ceremonies with their emotions still in tact.

Watch the red carpet and stare at all the gorgeous fashion choices

For as long as I can remember, I’ve drooled over the different trends that actresses wear for the red carpet. If you have SKY (or maybe Freeview/Virgin Media…not sure if it’s on either of these), then you should check out E! It has the best livestream of all the big award ceremonies. They have so many great interviews with Ryan and Giuliana who talk films and, of course, the fashion! I may be unfashionable but I do love fashion!

Make sure you have friends with you during award ceremonies

I’d never spoken with people during award ceremonies until watching the Oscars last year and I love staying up into the early hours to watch the ceremony or finding out the next day with them on who won. There is something so powerful and so special about celebrating your fandom together. You can laugh, cry, scream, almost pee yourselves. You go through so emotions during the award ceremonies that it really helps to be with someone so you can be held over the internet.

Remember to get food/drink, go to the toilet and lock yourself away before the show starts

You don’t realise how locked down on your seat you become until the ceremony starts. You literally become frozen in front of the TV/laptop during it so forget about all human needs! If you want to survive, get everything you’ll need because you might be stuck where you are for a good few hours! The only times you’ll get to move are during the breaks/intervals so take advantage of these! Run as quick as you can, gather everything into your arms, do what nature intended you to do and tweet everyone that cares about your thoughts! It doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks because you’re in a fan bubble!

Grab some tissues because you will cry

You never thought that you’d cry during an awards ceremony but you do! It suddenly hits you as soon as you hear the name you’ve been crossing your fingers for since nominations were announced is called. You become a sobbing mess and it’s totally worth it! As soon as you hear that name, your phone is summoned to your hand with a silent Accio and you start tweeting and texting all of your friends!

Don’t just tweet your friends! If your favourite actor/actress/show has a Twitter account, then tweet them! There is nothing like tweeting them your congratulations and getting a tweet back with a thank you! It makes you feel so proud! Almost like your part of their massive extended family! That said, don’t get too crazy with them! Their minds will be as blown already by winning! Haha!

Enjoy the ceremony

Whether you’re having to stay up till silly o’clock to watch the ceremonies happening in the US on TV or listening to it on the radio, enjoy yourself! There is so much to love! All those crazy moments on the red carpet, interviews with different people, the speeches that the winners give as quickly as they can….so much! You might not be there but you, in a way, helped them to get where they are so give yourselves a big pat on the back!

How do you guys survive during award ceremonies?

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