Why It’s Okay To Stay In On New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year

New Year’s Eve!! The day we’ve been waiting for ever since January 1st 2018 and, blimey, did we need this year to be over! It has been one meh after another and I’m so ready to say kick this year up the bum and say goodbye in style. However, that doesn’t mean I’m going out! If you’re like me, you can find perfect ways to spend your New Year’s Eve at home and still have a bunch of fun.

Ready? Let’s do this!!

ONE. It’s warm: It’s winter, people! It’s freezing cold out there so why don’t you take advantage of your heating and possible hot chocolate and stay in. You can still watch all of the festivities on the TV like the fireworks and the music. You guys know I’ll be huddled under my blanket with some tea!

TWO: Your friends are still there with you: It might be weird for some people, but I love knowing I have friends only a tweet/snapchat away! You don’t always have to go out to be there with them. Your friends are your friends and they’ll totally accept you for staying. Plus, you can get them to send you lots of pics of the fireworks they’re at. If you really do feel like you’re missing out on New Year’s Eve, then plan to go with them next year.

THREE. You get to wear whatever you want: The best part of having friends like you are being able to invite them round to your place and you can literally just be in onesies, eating popcorn and cheering whenever the clock strikes midnight. If I went out, I’d have to find the right outfit to keep me snug but still look okay and probably my phone charger because, knowing how loud big groups can get, I wouldn’t stand a chance of being able to talk to people.

FOUR: You don’t have to drink: We all know drinks will be flowing all over the place at bars, clubs and events for New Year and I just don’t do that. I still like to chat and have a laugh but not when you have an odd bloke completely plastered and staring at you. With my meds, I can’t drink alcohol unless I time them just right and then I can have a small glass. Staying in means I can happily drink my tea, water, orange juice, hot chocolate…anything and it doesn’t matter.

FIVE: You have fun in or out: It doesn’t matter whether you’re outside or staying in, you are still going to be bringing in a fresh new year. Let’s tackle 2019 head-on!

Have a great New Year, you bunch! I LOVE YOU!!

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    31st December 2020 at 6:28 pm

    I used to make a point of going out for New Year’s Eve every year. However, as I grew older, I started to learn the benefits of staying in and celebrating here at home with my husband and our pets. This year, we’re going to spend some time on video chat with my mother and her boyfriend while playing Euchre with them online. Outside of that, it’s just a relaxing evening at home!

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    1st January 2021 at 9:09 pm

    I completely agree – I love staying in on NYE

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