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What’s On My Birthday Wishlist?

birthday wishlist

Sarah Chapman: The Elixir Radiance Duo (£69) | Helga Hufflepuff Cup (£48) | La Vie Est Belle Happiness Design (£72) | Three Ouai Kit (£25) | Ted Baker Wrap Dress (£199) | Self Portrait Crochet Dress (£320) | Hufflepuff Hoodie (£41.99) | Hufflepuff Clutch (£41.99) | Olivia Burton Bracelet Watch (£160) | Padfoot Funko Pop (£9.99)

What is this? A birthday wishlist that isn’t all Harry Potter?! That is right, dear reader! I actually like other things as well as Potter! Even though I’m the plainest, most unfashionable girl around, I actually really love fashion and beauty. I’ve never experimented with makeup after having some bad reactions in the past, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love the idea of trying and watching makeup tutorials. As well as that, I love reading fashion bloggers and imagining myself in the outfits those bloggers create. Seeing as it is my birthday soon, I wanted to create this birthday wishlist. Obviously the majority of this list is what I wish I could have but there are a couple of items I’m saving up for!

sarah chapman radiance duo

Ever since I learnt about Sarah Chapman from some Fleur De Force videos, I’ve always wanted to try some of her products. I usually don’t like to spend a lot on myself seeing as I don’t earn much, but I do sometimes spend more for skincare. I figure that you have your skin for life and, as you age, it needs even more care. These elixirs help give you a great glow, smooth out any lines and just help you look more awake. You have one for morning and one for night! I’m not getting any younger so I need all the help I can get.


Okay, calm down. Here is a Harry Potter item! I haven’t completely gone off my blogging rails! I have had my eye on this cup for so long that I think it is time for it to come home! This Hufflepuff needs to protect my Founder’s thing! Where do you think would be a good place to put this when I get it? Noble Collection, I’m coming for you!

La Vie Est Belle Happiness Perfume

This! This is my favourite perfume ever! I’ve been using this for years and I’m still in love with it. It’s not too strong or too light. It makes me feel dressed up whenever I’m feeling rough. It has some great memories for me too which makes it perfect for when my mental health is playing up. I love the look of this limited edition design! It reminds me of a 70s theme but that could be just me!

Ouai Set

Another Fleur De Force recommendation! I’ve never tried this brand before but have heard some incredible things about what it does for your hair. Now that it’s winter my hair has gotten so dry and pretty lifeless. It has never truly behaved but I need something to bring it back to life. Have any of you guys tried Ouai products before?

Ted Baker Wrap Dress

Alright, this pick is Jordan’s fault!! She has worn some stunning Ted Baker dresses and tops that I needed to look more into what they have and I stumbled on this wrap dress. I’m in love! It’s not too short so I don’t have to worry about flashing anyone and it has long sleeves (to hide my hideous arms). The floral design is perfect for a gal called Daisy, don’t you think? Between the navy colour and the belt, I need this dress for my wardrobe.

Self Portrait Crotchet Dress

This is a bold choice for me! I wouldn’t normally look at dresses like this out of fear of looking horrendous but I can actually picture myself in this. I’m aiming to step out of my comfort zone in 2019 and take on my 30s with a new look. That’s what I love about New Year. You get reset your life and try to succeed where you failed the previous year! Maisie Williams wore something by Self Portrait a while back and it’s just been stuck in my mind ever since!

Hufflepuff Hoodie

I adore hoodies! They are the ultimate comfort-wear! Whenever I’m at home or my depression is hitting me with a vengeance, I grab a hoodie and hide myself away from the world. If anyone watches Thomas Sanders and his Sander Sides, there is a Side called Virgil/Anxiety who wears a hoodie to feel safe in. This Hufflepuff one is brilliant! It looks so cosy and we all know that I’m a Hogwarts alumni!

Hufflepuff Clutch

More Hufflepuff! What better way to show you love for your House and look trendy than with a Hufflepuff clutch! Perfect for me whenever I have a night out…at home…on my own. Psh, I can come up with an excuse to use this!

Olivia Burton Watch

Another brand I’ve loved but never bought from. I’ve recently started to get irritated with my phone. I always have to dive inside my bag or my pocket to find my phone to then discover that my battery has died and I can’t see the time. I’m just going to go back to before technology and get myself a watch!  I chose this one as it’s rose gold (adore!) and has a beautiful quartz design in the middle.

Padfoot Funko Pop

Ending with this adore Padfoot Funko Pop!! It looks so adorable that I want him to follow me home! The funny thing is that Forbidden Planet has him labelled as ‘Sirius As Dog’. Erm…he has a name and that name is Padfoot!

What is on your birthday wishlist?

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